The Truth Within, Beliefs & Following Your True Path, Purpose & Passion

We all have our own truths what we believe within, when we know what we should be doing we have to go for it. To follow our true path purpose and passion in life πŸ™‚Β β€ Thank you for stopping by, … Continue reading

How to Live a Happy Life – Getting Aligned – Follow What Your Inner Voice Says β™₯

Want to know how to live a really happy life – let me share more here…. You need to get aligned with your inner self and follow your inner voice… Trust me – this works a treat! πŸ™‚ Vibe Spreading … Continue reading

Stop the Excuses! Stop Wishing Start Living – Say Yes! Follow Your Dreams :)

Stop Wishing STart Living – sometimes we just need to stop the excuses and go for it! Maybe now is your time to say YES YES YES and start following your dreams and passions no matter what πŸ™‚ Join me … Continue reading

Are You Wishing Your Life Away? Slaving & Saving…. Work Work Work….

Are you building a career rather than building a life?Β  Slaving and saving for your retirement?Β Β Are you working for what you think you want rather than what you truly want?Β  In case you haven’t had your wake up call yetΒ I … Continue reading

Changing the World One Person at a Time – Living the Dream!

Freedom & Choice, happiness, positive vibes, high energy & celebrations, this month marks the one year anniversary since I said “I’m Out!” and quit the corporate world, escaped the rat race and chose to follow my passions. Living the dream … Continue reading

Ellie Drake Inspiration Blossoming & Home Business Success

Ellie Drake Inspired me during a recent interview, her story similar to mine is about inspiring yourself, inspiring others and blossoming through home business success. When you are living your passions and moving towards your true purpose in life anything … Continue reading

How to Do the Impossible & Lift Mountains – Transform Your Life!

When you know about this you can lift mountains and do the impossible.. Guy Cabana inspired me SO much during a recent interview, his book will be released in english soon – I am very excited to get my hands … Continue reading

How to Get Over Fears and Follow Your Dreams and Passions in Life

Do you feel that fear is holding you back in life? Do you have dreams and passions you would like to follow but feel fearful that you may not succeed? Maybe you are working a job or business you are … Continue reading

Inspiration & Liberation – Go for it! Liberate Your Life!

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Feel Great About Life Follow Your Passions – One Life Live It!

Liz completes her Path of Wellness which finishes off in an amzing way talking about living your life the way you feel you should and letting your spirit and soul sore, feel the vibes coming through…… Also exciting news about … Continue reading