Recycle Refresh Realign & SHINE! New You New YOUniverse coaching packages

As I share this here today its the full moon energy of the blue moon in Aquarius as well as the beginning of the Mayan white planetary wizard year. Β This is a powerful time for stepping into our greatness, letting … Continue reading

Its Time to Choose Our Own Way In Life ❀

I’ve been looking into and reading about Camino de Santiago this last week or so ~ it’s a pilgrimage many people go to do…. Β I saw the film, The Way a few years back and intend to revisit since its … Continue reading

Do whatever brings relief in each moment ~ Yes that includes Crying or Getting Angry, Frustrated or Irritated!

I hope you are finding relief in each moment and feeling better & better! Sometimes when we feel strong emotions that we label as the “negatives” ~ sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, crying and generally feeling lower down the emotional scale … Continue reading

EFT tapping for negative irritating annoying people

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EFT tapping for abundance in ALL areas of your life

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EFT tapping for money ~ releasing limiting beliefs & allowing money to FLOW

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EFT tapping for relationship breakup ~ moving on & moving on UP

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EFT tapping to stop smoking ~be smoke free! Whoohooo!

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EFT tapping for weight loss & releasing your JELLY BELLY!

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Feeling Crap? TAP ~ A SUPERB Way to Change Your WHOLE Life with EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique

I am absolutely LOVING EFT AkA Emotional Freedom Technique ~ its one of the key “permission slips” I am using to support my healing from dis….ease flowing swiftly to ease and having lots of fun with it…. & how much … Continue reading