Gratitude ,Tipping Points, Bends in the Road & LOTS & LOTS of VIBES :)

How does it get any better than this… What Else is Possible? I am sharing my gratitude, the tipping points are happening again…. Yipeeeeeeeeee :))) Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember to share the LoVe and … Continue reading

The Truth Within, Beliefs & Following Your True Path, Purpose & Passion

We all have our own truths what we believe within, when we know what we should be doing we have to go for it. To follow our true path purpose and passion in life 🙂 ❤ Thank you for stopping by, … Continue reading

Money Worries or Money MaGiC? How Do You Really Feel About Money?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. Money is just energy, its just a form of exchange which we have given such great value.   Money is here to be enjoyed, to help us live a more fulfilled … Continue reading

VX220 Turbo AkA The SuperSonic VoRteX – Driving Miss Daisy! LoL :)

LoVing Life in the “Kinda” fast lane 🙂 LoL 😉 Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember to share the LoVe and spread these vibes – click share…. For more about my MoJo AkA my Magic and … Continue reading

★ Life is Like a Trampoline, You Never Know What Your Going to Bounce to Next ★

Forest Gump Famously said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.  I agree with Forest, I also think that life is like a trampoline too… Just like we choose to eat a delicious … Continue reading

Your Dream Life, Your Desires, Your FREEDOM is Already Here for YoU! ❤

Feel LoVe for yourself – YoU are the most important person in YouR Life ❤ YoU are the leading edge of the UniVerse ❤ Your Dream Life, Your Desires, Your FREEDOM is Already Here for YoU! ❤ To watch more of … Continue reading

Journey of a Law of Attraction Believer – Shared from the Heart ❤

I am a Law of Attraction Believer – I believed I could follow my dreams and they would come true – They Are and I am SO Grateful… I recently shared my story on Law of Attraction Radio and would … Continue reading

Transitioning from “Just Life” to Dream Life – An Impossible or Possible Task?

Whilst updating my “partner up with Liz” page over the weekend I got to thinking about my Transition from J.O.B (Just Over Broke…. LoL) to J.O.B Free.  I still get the goosebumps when I think of this huge life transition. … Continue reading

Stop the Excuses! Stop Wishing Start Living – Say Yes! Follow Your Dreams :)

Stop Wishing STart Living – sometimes we just need to stop the excuses and go for it! Maybe now is your time to say YES YES YES and start following your dreams and passions no matter what 🙂 Join me … Continue reading

YOU are the Star in The Movie of Your Life – Hows Your Script for 2011 Looking?

You are the star, the hero, the number one.  This is the movie of your life…. If you had a chance to write any script for 2011 what would it be?  What are your wildest dreams?  What would you love … Continue reading