An Evening with Wayne Dyer Gave Me More ME! Thank YOUs to Wayne!

LOVED an evening with Wayne Dyer…. FABulous ViBes and nuggets of wisdom shared and soaked up… Thank YOUS to Wayne 🙂 Let me share some ViBes with You here today 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥ … Continue reading

Making the Shift from Ambition to Meaning Returning to Source ❤

I had the recent pleasure of watching The Shift by Dr Wayne Dyer, it was the second time I had seen this Wonderful Movie which moved me SO much the first time around I just knew that it would awaken … Continue reading

Lets Make it Positive – The Universe is OneSong and You are Singing Your Part :)

UniVerse – Uni = One – Verse = Song…. Lets make it positive the universe is one song and you are singing your part, how exciting is that! 🙂 Help me Spread the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back … Continue reading

Network to Freedom – Detachment is the Only Vehicle Available to Take you from Striving to Arriving!

It filled me with great pleasure this morning to read what Dr Wayne Dyer wrote about Networking being a helpful means to detachment in his book You’ll See It When You Believe It.  Let me share more of this wonderful inspiration here … Continue reading

When You Believe It You Will See it & What You Believe In You Might Just See – Law of Attraction in Action

What you think about you bring about. What you put your energy attention and focus on grows. Your thoughts become things. When you believe it you will see it….  And what you believe you will see…. Whatever the IT is…. … Continue reading

Wealth Creation Money & Being a Prosperous Spiritual Being – How to Let the Flow In

I am here to say Wealth Creation, Money and Spirituality go well together. Wayne Dyer Agrees with me…. We are spiritual beings having a prosperous human experience that is when you let it in…. It’s ok to have loads of … Continue reading

Are You Holding Onto Blocks About Money? This Will Help….

The Law of Polarity – Everything has a polar opposite good or bad.   This is the Contrast and Clarity, when you know what you don’t want in turn you know what you do want.  Focus on the Good things you want … Continue reading

Are You a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience or a Human Being Having a Spiritual Experience?

I am currently working my way through an amazing book called Real Magic by a hero of mine Dr Wayne Dyer.  I just have to share Waynes summary of the spiritual dozen with you here today.  This is how you … Continue reading

How to Live an Inspired Life – Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling?

The dictionary meaning for Inspiration is – stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc., to special or unusual activity or creativity. Notice the two words Feelings and Special. When you are inspired you are in spirit, you are feeling … Continue reading

Making the Shift from Ambition to Meaning and Creating a Magnificent Life

Most people live their lives with strong ambition to be, do and have certain things.  I used to be the same, it can be pretty tiring striving to push forward towards your ambitions.    Having a gotta do, do, do, … Continue reading