Liz of the Green – Law of Attraction Queen IS BACK! PERU was truly PERUfect and MaGicaL – Lots to share…….

Hello there my fellow Positive Thinkers :))))) It’s SO great to be checking back in with you guys, I have experienced such a life shifting experience I feel like I’ve been gone for years!  Yes I know its only a … Continue reading

♥ THANK YOU PERU! I LOVE Life I LOVE Me I LOVE You ♥ Rampage of Gratitude ♥

Ahhhhhhhhhh  Breathe in Life :)))))  After being at and returning from our recent event in Peru (aKa PERU-Fect) I am experiencing and have experienced HUGE life shifts which I am still processing on a personal level…. I am certain lots … Continue reading

Machu Picchu Positive ViBes & Emotions Bubbling up in the City in the Sky

sharing ViBes from the city in the sky machu picchu – dreams do come true…. This will stay with me forever! PERUfect! :)))) ♥ URPICHAY! ♥ ♥ “I am doing my best, so you can receive my best to give … Continue reading

Machu Picchu City in the Sky Breathe It ALL In….

Enjoy soaking up the magnificent views from Machu Picchu the City in the Sky – This was THE MOST amazing trip of a lifetime….. If you are thinking of visiting – GO FOR IT! :))))) Amazingly amazing :)))) ♥ URPICHAY! … Continue reading

6am Musings from the Monasterio CuZco Peru Day Start of Destiny!

I was up SOOOOO Early for the first day of destiny – excitement building as I take you on a little early morning tour around the Monasterio Hotel in CuZco (Cusco) Peru with some yummy pics of the Monasterio square … Continue reading

Landing in CuZco Peru – Fect! Machu Picchu Here We Come! :))))

SO EXciting! Bucket list-tastic here we are landing in CuZco for the Event of a lifetime… Destiny! Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember to share the LoVe and spread these vibes – click share…. For more … Continue reading

Acceptance EXcitement & Clearing the Way For Machu Picchu! WHOO HOOO City in the SKY its here!

Its good to release stuff, sometimes it can create energy…. I am releasing and flowing onwards an upwards – the EXcitement is building clearing the way for Machu Picchu – as I sit and type this today it is the … Continue reading

Law of Attraction in Action & FREE HUGS! YaY! Machu Picchu Here We Come :)

I manifested the perfect LOAinAction FREE HUGS for Machu Picchu! It’s all happening 🙂 BIG & Small celebrate it all 🙂 ❤ Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember to share the LoVe and spread these vibes … Continue reading

Small Steps Leaps of Faith & Loads of Positive ViBes to Follow Your Dreams

I’ve took a small step – the first step in faith and continue to take the small steps each and everyday, flowing with loads of positive vibes and following my dreams…. I hope I can inspire you to do the … Continue reading

Do YOU Want to BreakThrough to New & EXciting Life Adventures? Destiny is Calling :))))

With less than 4 weeks to go to my visit to the City in the Sky, Machu Picchu, Peru for our Destiny Event my ViBes are overflowing with EXcitement and Gratitude….   I am SO grateful I trusted my vibes … Continue reading