How to clear cycles habits & patterns of stuck~ness πŸ’‘

πŸ’‘Clarity bulb to help you grow & glow 🌻 When we start to make new choices in our lives to make changes & evolve beyond points where we were once stuck, all kinds of limits, blocks & stops come up….. … Continue reading

Has the Universe really got your back? Overcoming FEAR!

Hellloooo lovely πŸ’— The universe and my back guided me to share this blog post today. Β At the weekend I attended a drum birthing retreat and put my back out! 😯 This was really synchornistic as the lady next to … Continue reading

Time to Spread Your Wings & SHINE? Magical Manifesting & Syncronizing with the Life & YOU that You Love β™₯

This is a time of big and powerful shifts and evolution ~ we are being called to be our own unique selves ~ to open up ~ to spread our wings and allow our beautiful YOUniverses to SHINE brightly πŸ™‚ … Continue reading