? Live in your truth, connect with your passions & magic follows

 truth truːθ/ noun the quality or state of being true. For me living in my personal truth is a quality as it creates a different quality of life, a more magical one ? I’m not saying I am always 110% … Continue reading

Start now! Start here! Or stay stuck?

If you never start that thing you know your here on earth to do where do you think this will lead you ? Lost. Empty. Frustrated. Fed up. If you hold yourself back cause you think your not good enough … Continue reading

Balancing Action with Angelic Guidance & Inspiration

At the end of last month I knew some things had to change in my life and my coaching biz, I was repeating patterns which didn’t serve me, I absolutely could NOT carry on riding this roller coaster it was … Continue reading

Guidance for the best way forward ~ Layer by Layer we become that which we are ~ I am that I AM

Guidance flowing……… You are doing an amazing job uncovering and releasing all things which no longer serve you or the highest good….  keep going! This vibrational cleaning and clearing you have been undertaking for so long is now bringing you … Continue reading

Are you allowing fun into your life?

All donations lovingly appreciated 🙂 … Continue reading

How much FUN can we have?

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JOY? I can do it & you can DO it too

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Happiness is a State of Mind & Fun is a Way of Life ♥

Guidance flowing………. The choice is yours ~ be Happy be Sad ~ Have Fun or Don’t….  Whatever your current state of mind you have created it and you can un~create and recreate it at any point you choose.  Limiting beliefs, … Continue reading

Intuitive Guidance ~ Life Solutions in the Universal Flow ~ Intuitive Reading

Do you ever feel stuck in life?  Ever wonder what the next best step to take is?  Maybe you have a life situation which you want some guidance on…..  Do you want to get in the universal flow, get direction … Continue reading