★ Life is Like a Trampoline, You Never Know What Your Going to Bounce to Next ★

Forest Gump Famously said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.  I agree with Forest, I also think that life is like a trampoline too… Just like we choose to eat a delicious … Continue reading

Are You Allowing Your Financial Abundance to Flow in?

Everything you desire is already here.  The only thing we have to do is line up with that which we desire.  The journey will be as long or as short as you expect…..   We are unlimited beings, there are … Continue reading

Instant Manifestation Law of Attraction MaGiC LoVing Abe Hicks ❤

I LoVe listening to Abraham Hicks to get into the VoRtEX – Instant Manifestations all the way – LoVing Gisele’s mixes and LoVing Abe Hicks 🙂 Click here for Gisele’s Channel – Gisele Frederich Youtube Here’s the direct link to … Continue reading

Getting Clear About Life & The Law of Attraction Blips Contrast & Clarity

When you have Law of Attraction “blips” i.e. those times when you know the Contrast (Negative) you can then move towards the Clarity (Positive) you can then start to get really clear about your desires in life. Ride the wave … Continue reading