Remembering & Entering the New Earth ~ Creating the Platinum Age Magic!

I received a magical package in the post today ~ a beautiful calender created by my friend Jill Renee Feeler with gorgeous pictures from SeaAngeL12 and inspirational words for each and everyone month of this beautiful new year πŸ™‚ Β I … Continue reading

Everything is just an idea & everything means nothing……

A course in miracles ~ ACIM … Continue reading

A course in miracles ACIM

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I am realistic ~ I EXPECT Miracles….. Hows about you?

Hello there my lovely’s ~ I was just about to pen a mailer to everyone when I had an inspired thought to share more here for the world to see….. You see its been a miraculous few weeks for me … Continue reading

Let YOUR Light Shine….. Unleash the True YOU :))))

This week I have been involved in lots of discussions about the Language of Authenticity – About being YOU – The Unique YOU that you are on a heart and soul level. Β I feel many are now ready to unleash … Continue reading