Start now! Start here! Or stay stuck?

If you never start that thing you know your here on earth to do where do you think this will lead you ?

Lost. Empty. Frustrated. Fed up.

If you hold yourself back cause you think your not good enough or can’t do it where do you this this will lead you ?


If you judge yourself, make yourself small, dull your sparkle and shine and simply decide to stay stuck where does this lead you ?


& how’s that serving you ?

eeeeeeek! ?

It flipping well hurts! I know I’ve been there and sometimes still go there myself.  Especially at the moment as I find myself making lots of changes and launching lots of new things in my coaching business.  Videos, blogs, groups, coaching programs and the terrible tech stuff like website updates and contact forms not bloody well working ( rabbit in headlights ! Double eeeeek ! ? )

It’s at these times in our lives when it’s sooooo important to keep going! Keep showing up and starting each and every new thing which supports us to share our gifts with the world.  To take inspired actions to start to sort that which requires sorting.  Letting go of the woe is me, poor old me, I can’t do it, I don’t have enough knowledge, support, resources, money, time, confidence blah blah blah…..

These are patterns and programs we replay to keep ourselves stuck, to hold back our shine, stop us in our tracks, quash those magical inspired ideas and make us feel shit ?

Well I’m here to say it’s time to clear said shit and go for it!

Start today!

Start somehwere!

Clear up the crap that’s holding you back, learn new things, get support, call in the Angels ?

Do what you can right here right now with what you already have.  Don’t wait for everything to be perfect (because it never will be). Life is perfectly imperfect ~ I’m~perfect!

Simply show up, be yourself and share what you are here on earth to share!

Its your time to shine SiStar ?

The universe has got your back, the Angels are cheering you on and so am I ?

I can promise you this as I’m seeing it in my own life already, when we set the intention, take inspired action steps and commit to our dreams magic happens!  Ok the magic doesn’t always feel magical and it’s not always easy but it’s sooooo worth it when life around you starts to transform and you feel sooooo ALIVE by simply showing up and being yourself and doing what you are here to do…..

What are you here on earth to do ?

Whats your sparkle & shine ?

What can you start today ?

A blog. A video. A book. A song. A piece of art. A conversation. A journal. A business. A move. A new you? A new life ?

Bring it on !

If you feel support with this would be sent on angels wings that’s where I come in.  I would love to support you to clear the crap that holds you back & SHINE SiStar SHINE ????

Trust your vibes and see what resonates with you on your journey right now…..

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beaming you lotsa love & hugs

Your fellow SiStar Of SHINE ????

Liz ???

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