So tired ~ tired of working…… It can be different my lovely ?

 The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion.  The tunnel is……

The problem is that sometimes this illusory and sometimes painful tunnel can seem like its never going to end ?

My truth is this……

We choose the tunnels we get stuck in and we choose to stay stuck.


We manifest said tunnel and change our feelings, emotions and vibration about it.

The one thing which matters in all of all of this life we now live, including the perceived shit storms it rains on us, the one thing that maters is this….

We create that which we vibrate  ?

Our inner self mirrors our outside YOUniverse ?

Its an inside job!

Thats our “work” here on earth, and yes it feels hard and difficult sometimes, the journey of vibe clearing is not an easy one, many won’t even go there or wouldn’t even understand this post and that’s ok too.  It’s all ok.

The thing is lovely one ? You are here.  You’ve made the choice to free yourself from being stuck in the tunnel and move towards the light.  I’ve been there with you in stucksville, I know how it feels to have to work hard at life, I literally got sick of it with dis….ease.

Let me shine a light for you lovely ????

You can do this!

You can make the choice!

You can set the intention to clear your vibes each day, when you get triggered by the tunnel, when you feel those tears of frustration, disappointment and sadness.  B r e a t h e  d e e p l y ?

L e t   G o

Your life can be much easier, when you allow it, go with the flow, do that which makes you glow ?

Commit to your vibe clearing journey, make the choice, choose it.

Do what you LOVE ?

Or stay stuck in the tunnel working, needing, wanting and trying to get to the light, it’s over here beautiful, I’m shining it for you ?

YOU are here to SHINE BRIGHTLY my lovely ???

& when you find a ‘job’ you love the truth is you never have to work another day in your life ??

I am here to support you with that, to offer healing, inspiration and natural empowerment so that you can know who you truly are……..

Ready? Coooool ?

You are cordially invited to become a SiStar of the SHINE School, its totally FREE, it’s a private Facebook group and you have me there sharing snippets of inspiration throughout the week, here’s a lovely link with lots more info ~ yes liz I’d absolutely love to join

There are deeper levels to go if you feel you are ready for some extra shine ? The SHINE SiStarhood offers a smaller secret group, each week we have a magical theme and I also share eft tapping, coaching and clearing videos each week for healing.  Here’s the link with lots more info ~ yes liz I’d love to join shine SiStarhood sounds like just what I need

Deeper still?  SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week coaching program ~ starts 31st July and there are only a handful of places left, it’s going to be SUPER SHINE TIME! Yes Liz i’d love to learn more about SHINE S.O.S

Even deeper? I can support you one to one via Skype or in person, get in touch ~ mail

I’m here for you lovely ?

beaming love and hugs

Liz ???


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