Hard “work” ? verses E A S E & F L O W ?

 Why does life have to be hard work? Because we were told so?

Why can’t we do what we love? Because we were told so?

Why can’t what we love be our work? Because we were told so?

What a load of S H I T ? lol ?

I know it’s not a load of shit as I used to believe this too and sometimes still do.  I start to feel really free living each day as it comes and following this magical energy, then part of me stops myself and says “surely it can’t be this easy liz?” ?

Ever felt like that?

Maybe a glimps of it whilst you were lost in doing something you love. Maybe a taste of ease and flow when something magical happened.?

It’s a wonderful feeling and that my lovely is what we are here to feel and experience more and more.

Im not saying there won’t be ups and downs or round and arounds, the roller coaster of life, that’s life as we know it!

What I am saying is this…..?

The more we find balance here on earth the better. Balance between action ( hopefully inspired ) and non – action ( as inspired to )

Tuning in , listening to our bodies, our inner guidance, the signs and synchronicity we are sent to let us know the next best steps to take.  If that’s inspired action and lots of it then so be it! Remember to honour the part of you who craves for a rest, the part of you who says “C H I L L  O U T ~ G O  W I T H  T H E  F L O W” ?


& let go

You were led here for a reason ~ you were meant to read this today ?

I made a little chilled out video on my stroll with magical milo enjoy watching it below, I didn’t put any links on the video cause I was too chilled to type lol ? that said, I’m doing my work with ease by sharing what I love here today ???~  if I can support you in anyway or you would love to take part in the SHINE School ~ SHINE SOS or the SiStarhood here’s the links…. See what you feel drawn to, I’ll be teaching lots more ways like this to help you feel the magical flow ?
SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online coaching program
SHINE SiStarhood ~ support love spiritual sisters

After my day of chilling I will also be back to one to one clarity coaching tomorrow, I’m here for you, to support you, it’s what I’m here on earth to do ????
One to ones ~ support healing inspiration & natural empowerment

thanks for reading and sharing in this magic with me, big huge chilled hugs to you ???

liz ???

Money honey ??? Resistance & frustration? ??? or Appreciation & abundance????

I had a big ahhhh haaaaa whilst sharing today’s clearing and EFT tapping video over in the SHINE SiStarhood ? This weeks theme is Universal A.A. Vibe detox, encouraging us to connect with Appreciation and Abundance.  What I realised is this…..

I am really really good at connecting with natural abundance such as nature, synchronicity, animals, magic and all of that lovely good stuff. When it comes to the man~made material stuff, which is also in abundance on this place we chose to live, but often times requires money to buy, I was resisting the appreciation bit and feeling some frustrations about life level stuff ?

I realised it doesn’t come naturally to me to appreciate some of the stuff that’s created here on earth for us to enjoy or take part in, including money.  Until this point I have preferred to focus on what I deem the universe provides us via beautiful Mother Earth, urpichay pacha mama! ??

Part of our human experience as spiritual beings is to be of this earth, we chose to be here at this time of evolution and expansion.  Yes, we are in a stormy time and things aren’t always easy, there’s a lot of contrast, shadows, darkness, frustration, fear, lack, unease and all of all of that crap ?

It’s time to clear this, consciously clear the way.  We are the creators and co creators of this reality, choosing what we manifest in each moment ?

Manifest magic

Manifest natural abundance

Manifest huMan made abundance

Magically manifest abundance in all its forms

Or not

The choice is ours….. What we resist persists and what we appreciate grows ??

What would you like to see grow in your life?

If you are stuck, why are you stuck?

Where does the frustration come from?

Whats the resistance, where’s it come from?

For me I was taught to believe that it’s wrong to want for material things, to be material or worldly ? Now I see this differently….

I am spirit materialised as human form

I am of this world, I am a worldly being

& as human worldly beings we are part of all that is material

whatever our belief system is, whether it be illusion or energy, we are here and this is our reality….. This system is made up of many material things to appreciate and to have in abundance.

Theres a root which allows us to acquire such things….. Money ?

Illusion, yes.

Energy, yes.

That said to be part of this human experience as it stands it’s something we require by way of exchange.  Kerrrching!!

As from today I am going to start to appreciate the abundance of man made stuff, material stuff including money which flows in and out of my life, as well as the natural stuff.

The balance between masculine ( man made ) and feminine ( woman made )

The balance between the doing ( creating ) and being ( creative )

PING !  ?


I love it when these lightbulb clarity moments ping into my life and it’s lovely to share them here with you as well ???

I’ve experienced lots of magic already today in both the spiritual and Worldly forms and I appreciate that very much ?? I appreciate you for being here too ?

This kind of clarity supports us to SHINE brightly.  ?

If you would like to continue your journey of shine I’m here to support you, I know how it feels to dull your sparkle and not live in your truth, it hurts! ?

Yesterday SHINE School was born, here are the clarity classes you can be part of if you choose….

SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online group coaching program ~ Clear the crap that holds you back & Shine On SiStar ? yes liz I’d love to know more about the SHINE SOS

SHINE SiStarhood ~ Support, community, clarity and a guiding light to support you month to month, with weekly themes, live videos, vibrational clearing, Eft and ongoing love and support ? this sounds magical I’d love to learn more

One to ones ~ Support Healing Inspiration & Natural Empowerment yes liz I’d love some one to one coaching support

In case you haven’t signed up for my mailer yet, when you do you will be sent the SHINE SiStar SHINE 8 part video program FOR FREE! Pop your defaults in the sign up box to the right and also enjoy having a good old nosy around my website, you are sooooo very welcome here

Ive popped today’s video below for you too ??

all my love

liz ???


Initiation ~ Rebirth ~ Magical Manifesting ?

I feel reborn!! If you’ve been following my blogs I’m sure you will have sensed I’ve been going through an initiation phase in my life ??


The action of beginning something.

A few months back I made the decision to start to become more visible again with my clarity coaching, I’ve been absolutely loving sharing videos and blogs, I feel in flow, I feel magical ? in the background I’ve been doing lots and lots of vibe clearing mainly using shamanic processes.  Drumming and journeying.  Walking in nature.  Connecting with spirit. Spending time with fire, burning away the contrast. Filling up my own cup with self love and acceptance ☕️??

This weekend has felt like a celebration of all the spiritual “work” I’ve done, I feel deeper sense of connection to all that’s around me.  Everything seems even more magical! ?

Friday evenings Ashcroft gig in Manchester was ace! For me it was a big deal as in the past dis…ease has stopped me in my tracks and now I have regained my confidence, cleared up the fears which stem from past experiences and I’m going for it life’s getting really interesting.

I feel it’s during these times in life when we may have held back on doing something because of self imposed limits or stuck patterns and beliefs that the universe lets us know we are on the right path.  Magical manifesting and synchronicity always shows that to me ?

We had 2 spare tickets for the gig on Friday, I didn’t want to have to go early doors and “try” to sell the tickets.  We’d decided we would chill at the hotel, have a few drinks and some nice food then arrive at the gig just as Ashcroft was coming on.  We said how lovely it would be to sell the tickets and have lots of lovely cash for the evening ( it felt like free money ) ?

When we arrived at the hotel another couple was checking in, talking about the gig and how excited they were, so we asked if they knew anyone who would like the 2 tickets…. &&&&& they did!! It turned out their sister had lost hers and wanted to buy our tickets.  Deal done.

How easy was that!!! There was lots of “oooooo it was meant to be!”

Yes it sure was!! Talk about magical manifesting!! ???

We had a really fab evening and I woke up yesterday morning feeling like a new woman, feeling reborn and ready for the growth I’m about to experience in my life.  As we took a stroll out for breakfast we saw another sign! A new star is born ? I simply had to get a picture with it ?

I’ve had so many other signs, synchronicity and divine alignment it’d take me all day to share them here, what I will say is this….

When we accept the initiation periods of live with open arms, clear our vibration of all the outdated stuck old pappy crappy stuff ? we are opening ourselves up to being reborn, to creating new realities of our choice, stepping through new doors, walking along new paths that may once not have been visible in our reality.

Then my lovely ones ~ magic happens ???

I made a little video in the garden, enjoy watching it below once you’ve finished reading…. I have a magical invite for you ?

Are you ready to step through some new doors ?

Start your initiation ?

Set the date for your rebirth ?

In Mayan terms the blue solar storm year is coming to an end on 25th July, it’s been a tumultuous time for many, we’ve had some pretty big shit storms rained upon us and as we move into the yellow crystal seed year starting 27th July life’s going to become a whole lot brighter and shinier ? phew!!

Following this divine alignment the SHINE S.O.S will now start on Magical Monday 31st July ~ 8 weeks ~ 8 places (11 in total 3 have already been booked) ~ the rebirth & magical master plan happening at the end on September 22nd when I will be going on a firewalking weekend doing the final release for the group, I will also invite you to burn away any old contrast which has surfaced during this process.

Ive set it up with affordable monthly payments ~ a private group with support from me and your sistars joining you ~ weekly coaching videos ~ vibe clearing processes including EFT ~ self love ~ creating confidence with videos and blogs ~ live videos & Q&A sessions from me ~ and that’s just the tip of it all…. I’ll be following the energy and creating magic with you all as we go along ????

SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online coaching program is here to support you to clear the crap that holds you back & SHINE SiStar SHINE ~ sign up before 11th July and you will also get a one to one skype session with me so we can start the magical balls rolling 😉 oooo errrrr mrs!  lets get things moving…. if not now ~ when??

it’s time! Are you ready?  Here’s the link ~ oooo yes liz I’d love to learn more

Tomorrow we start a new theme for the week over in the SHINE SiStarhood ~

UNIVERSAL A.A ~ Vibe detox ???
This coming week over in the SHINE Sistarhood ? we are checking ourselves into A.A….
I’m feeling it’s time for a vibe detox!!
Who’s with us?
We will do this with Appreciation & AbunDance ??
The universal A.A
Which makes everything A~Ok
There is always something to appreciate
We are always surrounded by an abundance of magical things to give thanks for ??
Take nature for example ???
There is never any shortage
We only perceive shortage in our lives
It’s a human illusion ?
Everything we require and desire is right here right now
Start to appreciate everything around you
Give thanks for the abundance of magic all around
When we flow in this way anything is possible
& we realise everything is always “working” out for us ??
Heres the link where you can click to join us ~ ????? it’s going to be an amazing week! The intentions set! I’d love to learn more about the SiStarhood it sounds like just what I’m looking for

Thanks for being here and reading along, words are my art, my journey is my story, as it is for you ??

Shine On SiStar ?

& as always if I can support you with one to one Skype or in person coaching I am here for you, I’ve got your back ?

all my love,

Liz ???


ps forgot to say if you would like to experience my 8 part SHINE SiStar shine video program it’s free ~ just pop your details in the sign up box below, confirm subscription on the mail and you’ll get the first video straight away ? enjoy!

Why I wear my BRA everyday, go with the flow & keep it real how I feel!

It’s been moon time for me this last couple of days ( moon time aka period ).  Often during this time each month I experience wobbles with my balance and health which arcs back to the dis….ease I eased myself from a few years back.  Sometimes it can be scary as I still have stuff I am clearing surrounding the past and how dis….ease effected my confidence. ?

Yesterday was a big day as I was firetending at a firewalk event so I knew I had to show up in life.  I honoured my body and took time out to take a bath and rest up, I also let me chap be my chauffeur for the day as I didn’t feel balanced enough to drive.  I was open and honest about how I was feeling and spoke to my friends, coaches and SiStars ?

Tomorrow we are going to a gig in Manchester to see Richard Ashcroft, we love him and have listened to his amazing music for years.  The thing is it’ll be busy, hustle bustle, noise, crowds…. ?

Once again this triggers my confidence issues as I used to struggle with this in the past due to sensitivity in my ears with noise and manifestations of feeling off balance.  I’ve spun out in these kinds of environments in the past and been really ill, that said now I know how to approach these kinds of circumstances differently now. ?

Rather than letting my dear friend and all the lovely firewalkers down I did things a different way, I went with the flow ( & my body’s flow ). ??

Rather than not going to the gig we are sooooo excited about and have a lovely hotel booked and magical evening away I am doing it my way.  Chilling out about it all, once again going with the flow. ??

Flowing with the stream is easy rather than swimming against it or trying to paddle our way through things.  Flow is ease ?

I went with the flow and honoured and am honouring my commitments. The fire was soooo healing ( more about that in another blog post) and I know the music, dancing, singing and magical time with my chap tomorrow will be healing too ???

The main thing which helps me to do this….. I’ll get to the point now lol ?

In addition to going with the flow and keeping it real about how I feel, as well as wearing my lovely purple and blue love heart bra I also wear my ‘vibrational bra’. ?

BRA stands for Breathe Relax Allow……

I wiggle my shoulders, wiggle my jaw, open my mouth nice and wide and take a nice big deep breath.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?




When we feel scared, fearful, worried, tense, dark and dense our bodies reflect that and tighten up thus causing the matching bodily reactions such as anxiety, panic and shallow breathing which then in turn adds fuel to the fire and spins us out of control.?

I experienced a lot of panic attacks whilst going through the thick of dis….ease and I know how they could feed the fears sometimes stopping me in my tracks, stopping me from fully enjoying life and showing up in life.  Stopping me from shining ?

Have you ever felt like this?

Maybe you are feeling it now?

Start with the basics ~ wear your vibrational BRA

Breathing into it ~ Breathing in life ~ Breathing in goodness

Relaxing into it ~ Relaxing with the natural flow of life

Allowing everything to be as it be ~ it is what it is

Its a way of letting go into the moment rather than projecting our fears out into our future experiences.

I made a little video walking down the lane with milo this afternoon, I’ll pop it at the bottom of this post so you can have a nosy once you’ve finish reading ?

Along with being truthful about how you feel, going with the flow and wearing your vibrational BRA I also recommend daily vibe clearing, just like we have a bath or a shower everyday before we put our actual BRA on. Wear 2 BRAs! Lol ?

You wouldn’t want your deepest private stuff bubbling up and flopping out all over the place now would you? ? especially not in public!

Cleanse and clear SiStars ????

Thats exactly what I’ve done and will continue to do.  I’m not saying it stops any wobbles, just like that lovely bit of boob at the top of our BRA, wobbles still happen lol ??

The wobbles are good, they help us clear up our vibes and move towards the life clarity we would love to experience.  I intended to experience lots and lots of lovely stuff!  Are you with me?

One of the other things I’m going with the flow on is SHINE S.O.S which was supposed to start next week, during all of these recent shifts and changes I am experiencing my new Mayan almanac arrived which clearly guided me towards starting this online coaching program at the end of July once the blue solar storm year has ended on the 26th July, so we will now be starting on Magical Monday 31st July which sees the start of the yellow crystal seed year which is puuurfect timing for us to SHINE! Bright yellow shiny crystals! ?

I’ll be teaching you lots more about the Mayan stuff in this course too, as well as supporting you to clear the crap which holds you back and SHINE SiStar SHINE ???

I have some magnificent and magical things planned for us! I am excited ??

If you would like to join us here’s the link ( I am in the midst of updating this page to include all the new learnings I will be sharing so it’s a trust your vibes kind of thing at the moment ) it’s evolving as I go along…. yes liz I’d love to learn more

thanks for being here, have a good old nosy around my website and see what you are drawn to, if you pop your details in the box to the right you will receive a free gift of my 8 week shine SiStar shine video program, we also have to shine sistarhood which offers you direct weekly support from me including weekly themes to explore and lots of lovely live videos in our private group here’s the link ~ SHINE Sistarhood here to support you

lotsa love and hugs

liz ???

? Live in your truth, connect with your passions & magic follows

the quality or state of being true.

For me living in my personal truth is a quality as it creates a different quality of life, a more magical one ?

I’m not saying I am always 110% true to my inner being and my spiritual self, or 110% magic, but I’m getting closer and more often than not I know how to connect with this powerful part of me and the powerful magic around us at every moment.  If I’m doing something which isn’t true to me it feels off, it brings up contrast.  Same goes if I, doing something that doesn’t feel aligned or magical.  That’s cool, because it’s in the contrast we discover our own personal clarity ?

The clarity is flowing thick and fast at the moment, calling me towards the choices I make and which way to flow.

Nature is a big part of my reality and I love seeing how naturally Mother Earth moves through her seasons and cycles with ease and grace. ???

For me the more naturally things can happen the better. This is my truth.

Next week sees the launch of my very first 8 week program and I’m not sure if the flowers will bloom just yet, I know the seeds I’m planting will sprout when they are ready and I will keep tending to the soils of life by recycling the crap ? and watering daily with good vibes and practical magic such as sharing my videos and blogs about my journey, it’s a thorny journey sometimes but I am open to refining and reorienting myself as required…. Following the energy….. Being ok with it all…..

When life throws you shit turn it into manure and grow something beautiful ???

once again this feels true to me.

My passions are sharing my journey, writing, speaking, word artistry, word smithery, vibe clearing, connecting with truth in whatever way it comes.

Knowing in my heart that anything which appears to be “not working” or going “to plan” on the outside is mirroring what’s on the inside, stuff to clear….. There is also the divine plan which we can trust to support us every step of the way, may not always feel divine but that’s the paradox of this game called life.

I am open to the possibilities….. Are you ?

Im following my inner spirit and tuning in each day, doing what I love and trusting the process…. ??

Lets enjoy as much of it as we can by being true to ourselves and true to our inner spirit, following our passions, inspiration and connecting with the magic that’s all around. ?

I made a little video earlier on Facebook live sharing more about how this supports my SHINE ? enjoy watching it below….

& if you would like to continue your magical journey with me I’m always here to support you lovely…. Here’s what’s on offer at the moment ~

SHINE SiStarhood ~ this weeks theme is passion ( we have  different theme each week to support your clarity & magic )

yes liz I’d love to learn more

SHINE S.O.S ~ online coaching program

yes liz I’d love to learn more

Support Healing Inspiration & Natural Empowerment with one to one coaching ~

yes Liz I’d love some one to one support

If you haven’t read it yet my first book which I self published is called connect with your inner truth and everyday magic, I dedicated the whole of the first part of the book to knowing what your truth is I’d love to read this?

& in case you are new here I invite you to sign up for my irresistible freebie SHINE Sistar SHINE 8 part video series, just pop your details in the box to the right ( I promise to look after your email address lovely ? )

big hugs and lotsa love

liz ???

How to completely transform your whole life ? Clarity BOOM ?

 When was the last time you brushed your teeth?

When was the last time you cleared your vibes?

For me clearing my vibration is like brushing my teeth I do it every single day and it’s completely transformed my whole life!

Well, you wouldn’t want to be walking around with furry, plaque covered, rotting teeth and smelly breath now would you ?

It’s exactly the same with our vibration, our vibes.

What we vibrate we create!


We are vibrational beings, we tune into how things feel and instinctively know if someone or something has bad, negative or heavy resonance.  We are drawn towards that which is light, uplifting and fresh. The universe and magic is exactly the same.

We are like magnets, like birds of a feather who flock together, like peas in a pod, like tuning forks pinging together.

Whats your tuning fork pinging right now?

Frustration? Lack? Fear? Self judgment? Doubt? & all of all of that shit ?


Flow? Abundance? Confidence? Love? Faith? & all of all of that delicious feeling stuff ?

The not so good feeling stuff is the contrast, it always has an opposit which is the clarity. This is the polarity of life.

What I’ve come to understand on a spiritual level is that it’s all ok, even if it doesn’t feel that way ? Our “job” here on earth is to clear up on the crap stuff, to recognise when we are stuck in patterns and cycles and uncover where they are manifesting from.

When we feel it we can heal it. 

Vibe clearing can be simple or complex it depends what you choose, the intention and power behind it is what matters.

I live in a stunning place in the countyside, thanks to my years of vibe clearing, and once I reached a level with my clearing, I created shifts in my reality, moving house, manifesting a whole new life I once only dreamt of, ok it’s not perfect and that’s cool ~ Imperfect = I’m~perfect ?

Before then I was doing some pretty complex and intense vibe clearing . I also had lots of support from my coaches and spiritual SiStars, I still do as without this I would have backed off at those really shit and scary points when you don’t think you cant do it!  Do you know what I mean?

I also started to appreciate where I was at the time, yes it wasn’t easy as I was going through a lot of said shit ? I just kept going, picking myself up, clearing up and moving onwards and upwards.  This is evolution ?

its much more simple now as I walk in nature each day allowing Mother Earth, pacha mama to support me.  I’m much more in tune with the spiritual “work” at hand, each day it’s a process which I create sacred space for.  Sometimes I cleanse whilst I go about my day, as I shower I imagine all of my contrast and shadow stuff to be washing away, morning poo time ( sorry I know tmi lol ? ) I am flushing away my vibrational shit too ??. My Henry the Hoover vacs up way more than just dog hairs and dust, the bin collectors take away my vibrational rubbish too.  When I coach other SiStars I cleanse the mirror they shine back at me, we are all in this together.?

I also look for symbolic meanings all around me and tune into synchronicity, the universe guiding me each step of the way. It truly is magical once you get into a flow of it and see how bright and shiny you can feel more and more of the time.  Just like your pearly whites glinting as you smile at how wonderful life can be ?

If you aren’t smiling enough right now or feel you would like support and sistarhood ? I’m here for you, it’s what I’m here on earth to do ?

I offer one to one Skype and in person clarity coaching, the SHINE SiStarhood ?, SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online coaching program & lots and lots of other magic ? see what you feel drawn to lovely

yes liz I’d love to learn more about SHINE SiStarhood

yes liz I’d love to learn more about SHINE S.O.S

yes Liz I’d love to learn more about one to one coaching

I am very excited for you and if you haven’t experienced my irresistible freebie shine sistar shine pop your details in the box to the right to get started straight away ( I promise to look after your email address lovely ? )??

I made a video to share more about my passion for vibe clearing and how its transformed my own life. From dis….ease to ease ?

Enjoy watching it below….

Lotsa love and hugs

liz ???


How sharing videos & blogs has changed my whole life ??

This was the view from my sacred space ( aka the attic room ) this week.  Absolutely beautiful! And to think I was once stuck in an office all day without any windows or views.  My life has changed so much in the last 8 years, I feel a huge part of the life changes and magical manifestations I have experienced have been thanks to me sharing my journey on videos and blogs. ??

If you use a journal I’m sure you will know the power of writing things out, this can be journaling gratitude, intentions and things we intend to clear such as contrast to clarity. When you start to do this via videos I feel it adds wings to your words as you speak them out loud and if you confident enough to share them publicly like I do then others are also in that vibration too, they feel it, the add their wings to it as well.  Same goes for blogs, you are opening up and sharing your journey, sharing yourself, what your passionate about and what you love about life.  ?

I also open up and share my contrast to clarity ( shadow verses light ), I find this an amazing way to add power to the light, it also inspires others and let’s people who resonate with us know they aren’t alone and that we are all in this together. ?

I always recommend that my fellow SiStars? who are entreprenures like me, share their messages, gifts and talents in this way as it creates amazing opportunities.  Over this last 8 years I’ve made so many magical connections with people who have become my friends, clients, supporters and cheerleaders.  I’ve been invited to speak at amazing events, meet inspirational people, been nominated for and won awards, self published my first book through crowdfunder and videos ( and currently on with my second one ).  It creates soooo much opportunity!

The world is literally at our fingertips! How amazing is that!

On a personal level it doesn’t matter if you have a business or not.  My fellow SiStars in the SHINE Sistarhood make videos about their own journeys simply to gain clarity, get support, open up and allow their true self to be seen.  When we do this magic happens! ?

I made a video on my clarity coaching page yesterday to share more about this passion of mine… Enjoy watching it below….

What video would you love to make?

What blog posts would you love to share?

What if you could release any self judgements or thoughts about judgements from others?

Be you! Be YOUnique! YOU my fellow SiStar are ENOUGH…. Just as you are ?

I can support you, it’s what I’m here on earth to do ?? Ive been through those moments of self doubt too, where you turn the camera on, do about 10 takes and then delete them all ( that’s why live stream is soooo cool! ) I’ve started to type blogs in the past and wondered if I’m “good enough” to be sharing this… I get it!

We dull or sparkle and shine, we hold ourselves back ?

Its time to let that go! Feminine rising ??

I offer one to one coaching, the SHINE SiStarhood and the SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week coaching program which starts 3rd July 2017, if you go ahead and book your place within the next 48 hours you will also get a 30 minute one to one Skype session with me to get the magical balls rolling in the right direction ?

this is a small group with a big heart ?

to learn more and book your place click here ~yes Liz I’d love to learn more about SHINE SOS & get the early bird offer

heres the link to the SHINE SiStarhood, next weeks theme is all about passion…. Uncovering what you are passionate about and how you can unleash this magical passionate energy ? yes liz I’d love to learn more about the SiStarhood

thanks for being here and reading along, a magical gift for you today, if you pop your details in the sign up box to the right of this page you can take part in the SHINE SiStar SHINE 8 part video program and it’s totally FREE! Whoohooo! ??????

videos below….

lotsa love and hugs ???

liz ??

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How to overcome feelings of doubt & perceived failure

 Happy summer solstice!

Me & magical milo started our day with a wonderful cleansing walk around the local countryside, tuning into nature, clearing the way ready for a fresh new day. ?

Yesterday I was doubting myself and the things I am offering in my clarity coaching business, perceptions of failure before they even happen and maybe won’t ever happen at all. Only little echoes from the past, that said they popped back in to say hello so I set the intention to clear them and clear I did.

Have you ever felt like that?

Doubting stuff you are creating, making or sharing in your business or life?

Wondering how it will be received and if anyone will “get you”?

During my summer solstice ceremony and ritual today I tuned into this energy, drumming into the core and the root of these feelings  ( with my shamanic drum I made which definitely has magical powers ?).

The clarity lightbulb ping moment was this….. ?

If it feels good keep doing it

Thats right! It’s as simple as that!

For me I love to share my story with you, make videos and blogs, I also love nature and crafty stuff too.  Today has been a lovely mix of all of these things.  I’ve taken both magical magic steps and practical magic steps, vibe clearing, nature nurture, self care, practical magic, inspired action and even made my very first batch of purple glittery love heart bath bombs with a gorgeous concoction of essential oils to increase flow, receiving and abundance.

After which the practical magic of creating an event for a live video to share ‘how to move from stuck & small to shiny & bright in your business & your life’ this Friday easily came forth. I’m super excited to share this ??

It all felt really good and really natural.

What inspired action feels good to you?

It might be that it’s not about action sometimes, it may simply feel good to sit and chill, that’s ok too. Your spirit may desire to get creative and make something or share a story about what your experiencing, follow that energy.

trust your vibes, listen to your heart, follow what your inner spirit would love you to do…..

I know sometimes it’s hard and a bit contrasty as we can have doubts and perceived thoughts of failure, the the human busy bee part of us who has been very well trained to “do all we can” to “make it happen” to “take massive action” and all of all of that shit ? overcoming what might fail, overcoming doubts with action.

look at the meaning of perceive

past tense: perceived; past participle: perceived
become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.
“his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth”

It simply means we are becoming aware of something, bringing it to our conscious awareness, understanding it, doing some digging, clearing some weeds and shining a light into the shadows of that which holds us back, keeps us stuck, small and blocks the goodness of life.

& if the doubts are still there whilst the action happens then we are projecting this out into the universe ?this can then inturn create contrasty results! Eeeek! Don’t worry about that though as even in the results you feel you don’t want or don’t particularly like comes the opportunity to clear up the crappy manifestations and evolve from inside out to create the mor magical kinds of manifesting we all love ?

Sooooo, it’s all good! May not always feel so, but it is.  It’s just as its meant to be. Trust this. Let go of the needing, wanting and trying and simply do what feels good in each moment, the universe will take care of the details freeing us up to enjoy this magical ride of life.

Remember it’s not about what we are experiencing in life it’s how we feeeeeel about it…. Let’s feel good!

Are you ready to feel good? Or at least a bit better lovely one? ?

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also enjoy watching today’s summer solstice videos, views of the local countryside, red kites, magical milo and magic in the air ?

thanks for reading,

lotsa love and hugs

liz ???

When we do the spiritual “work” magic happens ~ Drumming & Journeying with the horses ?

I am basking in the magic of yesterday afternoon and evening, spending time in sacred space with spiritual family and our horse friends Lilly and George drumming & journeying.  We were the ones doing the drumming as the horses held space and supported our magical journey.

It was so lovely to spend time with my spiritual SiStars ? Karen & Carmen, the 3 of us aka the ‘Wise Witchy Women of West Yorkshire’ ? I also want to thank Philip Malone aka ‘crazy guy on a bike’ for his amazing talent with artistic photography, taking the magical pictures you see here today. 

I am in total appreciation for my life right now and the depth of experiences it brings. I feel I’ve found a real sense of inner peace regardless of what’s happening on the outside.  It feels stable, balanced and secure, my inner knowing that absolutely everything is just as its meant to be.

If you have been following my blogs you know I have lots of new things happening in my life at the moment and sometimes that can be scary or a little overwhelming.  I’m simply trusting the process, showing up each day and sharing the journey with you.

The clarity from yesterday’s expedience was this….

When we tune in, connect with Mother Earth and all her offerings including the animal kingdom we can feel completely supported.

As we make our move and take inspired action mixed with practical magic, just like the beating of our drums, magical things happen!  Sometimes the beat was hard and fast, sometimes it was slow and gentle.  We drummed to the beat of the horses, walking, trotting, galloping, cantering, following the energy and seeing how we felt.  Checking in on our energy and tuning into the right beat in each moment.

This is the perfect mirror of life. We choose in each moment how we are going to beat our drums of life.  How we are going to show up, how our energy feels in each moment. What beat we are going to play, and how long we are going to play it for.  Sometimes we will stop and rest and that’s ok too.  Just like the horses going back to grazing.

The clarity key is this….. ?

The practical magic gives us the opportunity to make our move.  We chose to set this monthly event up, we chose to travel to the fields bottles of water and drums in hand ( it was 26 degrees! ). We dedicated time to create and take part in this sacred space.  We chose to show up and do what we were called to do. We did the “work”.

How are you showing up in your life?

Are you doing that which you are called to do?

What practical magical and inspired action steps are you taking?

What “work” will you do to evolve, clear your vibes and live the amazing life you came here to experience?

I’m a good old fashioned girl and usually for me Sunday afternoons and evenings are spent tucking into a chicken dinner then watching a nice film with my chap ( and a bottle of wine of course ? )

I’ve now chosen to continue my journey with the horses the third Sunday of each month because it feels aligned, it feels like a very valuable process and I know in my heart it’s important spiritual “work” on my life journey.

It was also totally ace to have a girls night afterwards too, sat round the fire drinking gin, listening to great music, eating BBQ food, talking about magical stuff and saying “CHEERS” to the magic of life.

Are you ready to say cheers to the magic of life?

If you are local to West Yorkshire in the UK you are always welcome to join us drumming and journeying with the horses and their ancestors, connect with me on Facebook I’ll be creating events each month.

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its been magic to share this with you today, now I’m off to finish my cuppa tea and soak up some more of this beautiful sunshine ☀️

Enjoy the video I made on my Facebook page to share a little more about this experience…..

Lotsa love

Liz ???

Liz Green = LG = Lifes Good

& getting better ??????