Rainbow Charm & Magical Macrame Gratitude Bracelets ~ Hand Made with Love ❤

rainbowbeads1I LOVE making Gratitude Bracelets 🙂

My fave at the moment are Rainbow charm bracelets which are comfy stretchy colourful little beings 🙂 They come in sets of 2 in a lovey gift bag with a magical purple feather and make lovely gifts for yourself or loved ones…. £11.11 each inc uk delivery (or + £4 for worldwide delivery) please order using the paypal link below ~ buy 2 and get one FREE!  ❤

Magical Options

They come with all different kinds of charms ~ if you have a specific request get in  touch and let me know ~ email Liz@liz-green.com








I also love knotting! This takes a little longer so they come as individuals… please see pics below…. Each Magical Macrame bracelet is packed with love and healing and can be worn to remind you or a loved on to connect with the powerful energy of this magical universe, supporting balance, love, positive energy and magical manifesting 🙂  They are £11.11 each or if you order 2 you get one FREE so you can gift to your loved ones as well 🙂

Each bracelet comes with an intuitive message packed in a beautiful gift bag with lots of love and sparkle 🙂

Magical Options ~ If you buy 2 you get 1 FREE 🙂

Once I receive your order I will follow the energy and intuitively create your perfect match ~ or you can message me and let me know if you have a certain colour theme or ideas you would like creating ~ there are lots of examples of what I’ve created before on the following facebook pages which I invite you to join 🙂

Click this link ~ Magical Creations & Aligned Designs or this one ~  Gratitude Bracelets

& Here are some pictures of my recent faves 🙂 Anythings possible… whatever you fancy 🙂 Click on the images once and they will enlarge



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