🌟 SHINE S.O.S 🌟 8 week online video coaching program ❤️

Sick Of Stuck? Sick Of Small?

It’s time to transform & clear this crap 💩

A few questions for you to ponder….

Do you feel your inner blocks keep stopping you in your tracks?

Do you feel not good enough, judging yourself, not taking inspired action cause you always find a reason not to do it & hide away?

Maybe you have a business & would love to see it flourish, maybe you would love to make videos & blogs, having confidence to share your gifts with the world. Or maybe you would like to be more creative and follow your passions but you don’t feel you can do it or even know what you are here on earth to do.

Feeling like you have a mission here on earth but not plugging in & taking the inspired action because of lack of clarity & all those crappy blocks that just keep showing up!

It’s time to clear this shit! 💩 transform it into manure, plant magical seeds, grow something beautiful 🌱🌻 and Shine On Sistar! 🌟

To let go of the trying, wanting & needing.

To let go of the wishing, hoping & dreaming.

To let go of worries, fears & self judgements.

To get into the magical flow, to shine brightly like the star that you are 🌟

How would that feel to you?

YOU ARE ENOUGH! Yes YOU! Just as you are ~ perfectly imperfect.

Imperfect = I’m~perfect

& Now’s the puuuuurfect time to make your move! The Angels led you here for a reason 😇 it’s meant to be & even though you may second guess if you are ready, I’m going to let you know here today that you are! That’s just your old pesky self limiting beliefs saying you can’t do this program because of X Y & Z, trying to keep you small & safe…. Hummmmm Small & safe….. How does that feel?

I used to feel the same & sometimes still do but when I get out of my own way, clear my vibes everyday, take inspired action & go for it, MAGIC HAPPENS!

It’s time to liberate yourself! 💃🏻

Are you ready for magic to flow in your life?

Are you ready for magic to flow in your business?

What would you absolutely love to do?

Who would you absolutely love to be?

What would it be like to be free to be you?

To be yourself, to know you are enough, to feel free to share whatever inspiration comes & create magic from doing this🔮

To live in the magical flow of life, open to reciving all the goodness this universe is ready to deliver to your door!

To have confidence to share yourself on videos and blogs🙋🏻

I have just what you’ve been asking for & I am soooooo excited to share it with you lovely one 💞

SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online video coaching program STARTS Fabulous Friday 2nd March 2018 

BONUS!  Once you sign up you can start right away!

An affordable way to have me as a coach in your pocket, cheering you on, supporting you, guiding you, helping you clear the crap that holds you back & SHINE SiStar SHINE 🌟

Support ~ Healing ~ Inspiration ~ Natural ~ Empowerment

What this will cover & why it’s gonna be super magical

Week 1 ~ connect with your inner truth & the magic of you ~ what are you here on earth to do? Includes full Mayan blueprint & birth chart & lots & lots of magic to get you started 

Week 2 ~ your magic ~ your YOUniverse ~ your YOUniqueness ~ receiving self love ❤️

Week 3 ~ shadow dancing ~ contrast to clarity ~ the heroines journey & the gifts you have acquired 

Week 4 ~ freedom from chains ~ breaking the glass ceiling ~ transforming & transmuting with nature nurture 🌳

Week 5 ~ divine guidance & your inner spirit Refine your shine ~ your magical masterplan

Week 6 ~ clearing the crap that holds you back shining a light into stucksville  affirming your magical masterplan

Week 7 ~ what if anything was possible ? Inspired in~spirit action  responding to challenges as opportunities ~ seeing the signs and symbols ~ consciously dreaming your masterplan into reality & going with the flow

Week 8 ~ setting sail ~ connecting with everyday magic ~ flowing towards your dreams with ease joy and grace ~ releasing your magical masterplan and allowing the magic to happen 💃🏻🌈🔮💜💫


Each week includes 2 dedicated coaching videos direct to your inbox ~ live videos, daily support, Q&As and interaction in the Shine SOS private group to keep you on track. you will be encouraged to make videos and share your journey ( this can be privately for your eyes only, in our group or on YouTube ~  however  you feel you would like to share your story. I will share many clearing processes and techniques including Eft, nature clearing, self love, breathing, contrast to clarity, magical manifesting, ho-oponopono chakra balancing and much much more 

This is an ahhhhmazing life transforming program
Are you ready?  😃

8 magical weeks ~ to infinity and beyond ! ?

Scroll down to book if your heart says yes 
Message me if you have any questions & we can connect direct   liz@liz-green.com

If you are ready to book the links below, it’s amazing value & there’s an affordable monthly payment option too 

Inspiration &


Are you ready to clear some big old shit~ola ? 💩

Are you ready to take a stand and commit to these changes you know simply have to happen? 💃🏻

Are you open to giving yourself love, self nurturing, self care and filling up your own cup so the universe can match this equally and supply you with lots and lots of magical manifesting? 💞

How magical can your life be? How brightly can you shine? 🌟

I’ve got your back SiStar 🙋🏻

It’s time to liberate yourself! It’s time to free yourself! It’s time for you to do what you came here to do! Or at least start the process 😌

The kind of outcomes you can expect are more confidence, feelings of flow, more connection to universal magic, loving yourself more, shining brighty & on a practical level having the confidence to share yourself fully through such things as videos, blogs and authentic conversations with others, business growth, magical life changes, clarity about your future, who you are & what you are here on earth to do.  WoW! This is an ahhhhhmazing journey where we will also clear past life stuff that holds you back too…. SHINE SOS Has all bases covered 💡

What qualifies me to share this program?

Everything I share during this 8 week program is what has supported me to completely transform my whole life. Moving from a senior management job in corporate where I felt super stuck and not living my purpose.  To leaving said job back in 2009 and starting to live each day with purpose, connecting with everyday magic, clearing my vibes each day and most importantly reconnecting with my shine.  Transforming my whole world around me, moving to the countryside, doing what I love each day and sharing from my heart ?. As I said it will include lots and lots of vibe clearing techniques both practical magic and spiritual magic.

I have lived through a lot of contrast, I understand how hard it can be without support, that’s what I am here to offer you, if you would like to know more have a read of my about me page.  Life has qualified me to share this wisdom and I am so ready to share it with you.

If any perceived problems or challenges arise in my life now, I see them as opportunities to clear my vibration from within and evolve. I cleanse and clear my vibes daily and have opened up to a whole new way of living and being, most recently this has evolved with my shamanic drumming practice and journeying with self love, receiving and bringing in more light to my body in turn helping me to receive more in my life. I would love to share this magic with you SiStar ?

Are you ready to change and evolve?

Time investment ~ approx 2-3 hours per week or as much as you feel

Financial investment ~ £444 total or 3 monthly payments of £155

Energy investment ~ Put your heart & soul into this process!  Dive in & ride the waves of life, you can do this SiStar 🌟

Value?  Priceless!  This program could competely change your life, if you are open to it.  At the worst you are going to feel a whole heap better & start to see magic & flow in your life and yourself.

This 8 week program is now open !

Be super shiny fast! As soon as you sign up you will be sent your welcome email & invite to our private group & set the intention that things WILL change, as Elvis would say it’s now or never 💃🏻


if not now when?  if we keep doing the same things with the same vibration nothing will change…. It’s time to change from the inside out 🔮

Yes Liz I’m ready!

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Big Love


PS ~ If nothing changed this year how would you feel?  Take inspired action & the magic always happens!