❤ SHINE SiStarhood ❤

How would it feel to know that you are enough?

That you are completely supported and it’s ok to be yourself and shine like the star you are 💫

To let go of the crap that holds you back from living a delightful life!

Would you love to liberate yourself?

What would it feel like to be free to be you?  

The magical being that you are, creating a magical life and manifesting magic everyday.

Maybe you would love to make videos? Share blogs? Write a book? Start a biz or grow a biz? Take inspired action? Clear your vibes and let go of the shit stuff that’s been holding you back 💫

Would you love to have a circle of Spiritual SiStars ?

Who are there for you when the shit hits the fan with lots of love and caring words as well as cheering you on & celebrating with you when things are going great 💃🏻

& me, your cheerleader & coach there for you every step of the way 🙋🏻🌟 to encourage you & support you on your life journey….

How lovely would that be for you right now?  A training ground where you can start to become the woman you have always dreamt of being!

You are there at the perfect time too lovely! 

On Monday 4th December 2017 we start the 21 days of magic

& in January we will be focusing on creating a totally magical 2018!  



Inspiration &



🌟 S.H.I.N.E. 🌟

Myself (Liz) & the SiStars are here to hold your hand & support you every step of the way.  A place & a space where you can show up just as you are & share from your heart.  Somewhere to come and take part in down to earth, real life inspiration, reconnecting you, plugging you back into the magic of the universe & the magic of YOU!  SHINEY BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL DIVINE BEING THAT YOU ARE 💞🌟💫

Just imagine never having to feel alone again, always having a place to get spiritual support & ways to clear your vibes, feel more confident, feel more in flow, feel more inspired & more aligned with your SHINE 🌟

Somewhere you can share your whole self & be accepted.


I created this safe warm loving space as I know what it’s like to feel isolated, lost, stuck & small.  To judge yourself  & wonder if your enough.  I’ve been on my vibe clearing journey for many years now & have tons of experience when it comes to clearing the crap, coming out of the shadows, calling in divine support & getting your sparkle & shine back on! If I’ve done it you can do it too SiStar!


The Angels guided you here as this is exactly what you’ve been asking for!

It’s here for you right now & we are ready to welcome you into the SHINE SiStarhood

“I joined as i knew i needed some support with like minded folk and also knew of Liz Green whos videos had helped me in the past and i knew i had to join i did not want to miss out on this opportunity of feeling good every day and sharing it and getting support when ever its needed we are like one magical family” Kellie

In addition to all of this support here’s what else you get by being part of the SHINE SiStarhood ❤ weekly live ( & recorded ) coaching session with me where I will share magic, inspire you, support and encourage you

❤️Magical monthly theme, with the opportunity to share your journey with us all along the way, on video if you choose

❤ Transformational Tuesday Coaching session ~ an opportunity to rise & shine!  Diving deeper into each Months theme and looking into what craps coming up to clear, what’s holding you back? What’s stopping or blocking you?

❤ Inspiration & direct connection and contact with me including lots of lovely encouragement, support & a place & space to show up & shine.  I will be your cheerleader in life supporting you to clear the crap stuff and SHINE SiStar SHINE 🌟🌟🌟

❤ 10% off Clarity Coaching Sessions & One to One packages

Totally lovely testimonials ~

Appreciating this magical feedback thank you thank you thank you

The SHINE SiSTARhood is a private monthly membership group, a sacred circle of SiStars

Subscription is on HALF PRICE OFFER at Only £22 per month, that’s only £5.50 per week to have me as a coach in your pocket & know you are never alone.

If you would like to save even more you can subscribe on the HALF PRICE OFFER for Only £222 per year, that’s a HUGE saving of £310 in total with the half price offer.

(membership is usually £44 per month or £444 per year)

& you can have this offer month after month & year after year if you choose to stay subscribed, how wonderful is that!

Once you subscribe you will be sent your sign up email with all the details (please check junk just in case), click on the paypal button of your choice below ~ message me at Liz@liz-green.com if you have any queries

***membership can be cancelled at any time***

Subscribe Monthly Here for £22:

 Subscribe Yearly Here for £222:

What are you waiting for?? Now is the time for inspired action, divine feminine RISING!

PS ~ If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll get the same results….If you take inspired action, clear your vibes & feel differently first then new results can come.  Take action manifest change~  If you don’t you’ll stay the same!

PPS ~ In case this isn’t aligned right now you can sign up for your free 8 part SHINE SiStar SHINE Video series by filling out your details in the box to the right…. Or click the image below to join the free Shine School group….

See you where I see you lovely 🙂