❤ SHINE SiStarhood ❤

❤ The SHINE SiSTARhood is here to support you to SHINE Brightly! ❤

sistarhoodI know what it feels like to dull your sparkle & shine, I’ve been there myself.

Maybe like me you have experienced the not so shiny stuff life throws at you and until this point have held back the beautiful bright shiny light within you.

Ladies it’s our time to SHINE!

It’s our time to open up to & share our gifts, talents and unique abilities, we are enough!

Shine Sistarhood is a place to re~connect with your inner star, to clear up on any limiting patterns and programs which may have kept you stuck.  To be the best version of you!  It’s also a place to have support from both myself and other SiStars who can be here for you, we can hold your hand in the darkest of times and cheer you on in the shiniest of times.  This is such an important time of evolution and expansion where support is so important!

A place where you will have daily support from both myself and other lovely ladies who are showing up and saying “Yes I am ready to SHINE!”

When a group of like minded ladies comes together, in resonance, in alignment then BIG MAGIC Happens!  Are you ready or this kind of bright shiny magic in your life?

The benefits of being part of SHINE SiSTARhood are as follows:

❤ Magical Monday inspiration where I will share a theme for the week for you to explore and enjoy, with the opportunity to share your journey with us all along the way.

❤ Weekly live & recorded coaching sessions on Transformational Tuesday’s including lots of magical vibe clearing processes such as EFT, contrast to clarity, ho oponopono, living in the question and much much more, these also include Q&A sessions.

❤ Daily inspiration direct connection and contact with me including lots of lovely encouragement, support & inspiration.  I will be your cheerleader in life supporting you to SHINE!

❤ 10% off the 3 & 6 month SHINE coaching package with me ~ Support, Healing, Inspiration & Natural Empowerment.

❤ The chance to be part of a SiSTARhood of like minded ladies with similar intentions, clearing up on the not so shiny stuff with purpose of being our brightest, shiniest selves

How beautiful bright and shiny can you be?

What kind of life would you love to be living?

& most importantly who would YOU absolutely LOVE to be?

The time is now!  I can feel that light within you, your heart is already starting to glow at the thought of you unleashing this flow!

Totally lovely testimonials ~

“I joined  as i knew i needed some support with like minded folk and also knew of Liz Green whos videos had helped me in the past and i knew i had to join i did not want to miss out on this opportunity of feeling good every day and sharing it and getting support when ever its needed we are like one magical family” Kellie

Appreciating this magical feedback thank you thank you thank you

“I’m now a member of two membership groups. I joined the this because I already knew the great value I’ve been receiving in the first group all about parenting. As I’m not only a Mother I wanted to also be part of a group with a dedicated facilitator/host/guide/coach to hold a safe space to explore creating a magical life and to support my journey of healing and growth. I now get to enjoy positive posts about making life magical. I can ask questions and also share my challenges and achievements with Liz and the other like hearted, like minded members. It’s a place to be seen, heard, nurtured, and to grow and shine brightly. Plus I receive acceptance and reassurance to shine brightly not just in the group but everywhere I go to let others see who I really am. Thank you Liz for creating and offering this safe and magical membership group.” Sara

The SHINE SiSTARhood is a monthly membership private group on Facebook, subscription is £44 per month or £444 per year (saving £88) and you will be added to the group once paypal payment is confirmed using the purchase buttons below ~ please message Liz@liz-green.com if you have any queries and remember to add me as a friend and message me on Facebook so I can add you https://www.facebook.com/lizgreenliveyourdream also enjoy the video below where I share lots more about SHINE

***membership can be cancelled at any time***

Subscribe Monthly Here for £44:

Subscribe Yearly Here for £444:


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