Irresistible FREEbie! SHINE SiStar SHINE 8 Part Video Coaching Series ~ The Foundations

Are you feeling like you are playing small, not doing what you would love to do?

Do you wish you didn’t feel so stuck in your life and could move confidently towards your dreams and desires?

Are you frustrated that you hold yourself back and dull your sparkle and shine?

Would you love to be able to share your unique gifts and talents with confidence?

Have you read loads of book’s, been to lots of workshops & seminars, spent loads of money “trying” to have the confidence to go for it?  Have you reached a point where enough is enough?  Are you ready?

Maybe you own a business like me and feel that something within you is blocking the results you desire?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could clear those inner blocks which stop you in your tracks.  That little devil sat on your shoulder saying “Your not good enough!” “You can’t do that!”  That inner voice who feels fearful and scared about following your dreams as it’s safer to play small.  Safer to stay stuck in Small~ville!


I hear your call SiStar!  I’ve been there too!  Bless you! ❤

I have exactly what you require and desire and I’m going to give it to you for FREE!  How cool is that?!?

I have spent years on my personal development journey, clearing my vibes each and everyday.  I made a commitment to improve my life by working on myself from the inside out.  In the last 8 years I’ve left a corporate job I HATED, set up my own coaching business doing what I absolutely LOVE, made 1000’s of videos on youtube and facebook live, wrote and self published my own book (& I’m on with the second one), moved from a house near the city which was ok~ish, to my dream life in the countryside.  I healed myself from dis….ease and now my lovely one, I feel sooooo ALIVE!  I have a sparkle in my eyes, I wake up excited each morning, I SHINE my light and I shine it bright and that’s because I am doing what I was put here on earth to do!

How about you?  How would it feel to follow your passion and purpose each and everyday and SHINE like the star that you are?  This 8 part video series will support you to do just that and it’s totally FREE!

It’s a no brainer ~ don’t you think?

I used to sell this course as a monthly program but decided to set it up as an 8 part series to set your foundations and supercharge your SHINE ~ are you ready SiStar?  I think you are 🙂

Fab feedback:
“I have been enjoying tremendously Liz Green’s Shine Video Series! Thank you so much Liz! I really like your new Video Series as it allows me to plan my focused time to sit down and view your weekly Videos when the time is right for me and the sessions are incredibly energetic, helpful, and your brilliant insight taps right into what guides me each week. The EFT Session is wonderful to have as I can re- watch when I wish to and work through anything that’s coming up for me to release and work through. You’re the Best Liz! Thank you for your insight, your Guidance and thank you for sharing ALL the wonderful Techniques you are so skilled with for me to use.HIGHLY recommend!” Kelly

All I ask from your is your name and email address and I promise I will respect and love your details ❤❤❤

In this video series you will learn more about what SHINE means ~

Support, Healing, Inspiration & Natural Empowerment

You will also get 2 EFT tapping sessions to support you to clear the crap which is holding you back.  I hope you will enjoy and value this gift as much as I enjoyed creating it 🙂  I am excited for you!  I’ve posted a video below the sign up box in case you would like to listen to me sharing more and also meet me in case this is the first time you’ve been here… enjoy!

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