Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs & Magical Massage Wand

Are you ready to awaken your inner Yoni Masseuse?

This is the key to reclaiming your SHINE 💛 Yoni Shine 💛

Welcome to a Whole New Yoniverse 

  • Each set includes 3 beautiful Rose Quartz Egg’s in Small, Medium & Large….
  • You also get a Rose Quartz Crystal Massage Wand
  • They come in a box which is nice and discreet, all the magic & sparkle is inside….
  • Measurements ~ Lrg Egg 4.5x3cm, Med 4×2.5cm, Sml 3x2cm, Wand 11x2cm

Enjoy the pictures, here you can see what they look like ~ click on images to enlarge ( Each set is unique colour may vary slightly  ) 

&&& if you have any other questions coming up tune in and ask….

Ask your  Y O N I  She will always answer ?

Yes, YeS, YES!

🌟Let’s do this magic! 🌟The full set is only £77 including ***FREE delivery Worldwide***

They are blessed with magic ~ sparkle & SHINE 🌟Give yourself this gift ~ this is something which could change your Whole life, your Whole YOUniverse & Yoniverse

🔮 Its magical 🔮

& you can order right away here today by clicking the links below, only £77 plus ***FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY*** ~ they will be with you in divine timing 😇 That’s about 2-3 days for UK orders and around 1 week for all other orders.

Here’s the button to purchase inc. ***FREE Worldwide Delivery***

I’m sooooooo excited for you

Remember this is more about Trust than anything else 

What matters the most is how you Feel….. Tune in….. &

Ask Your Yoni 

Here’s the practical magic stuff in case you have any questions ~

  • 100% Natural Rose Quartz Supporting Healing, Love & Balance
  • Delivered in discreet packaging (( all the Magic is on the Inside ))
  • Magical Instruction Sheet Included to get you started
  • These Yoni Eggs are drilled in case you want to use a chord
  • You are completely Safe & Supported
  • You can do this SiStar ⭐️

I understand how important it is that you choose the right Yoni Egg for you, it’s an energy thing ~ a feeling…..

I didn’t want to over complicate the mind chatter with long lists of questions and answers and if you have read this far down I’m sure you will have a few popping up, I understand  💞

The most important thing right now is that you feel comfortable, your Yoni practice will support you with this, how will you know if you never have a go?

Once again tune in, let Your Yoni guide you, this is just the beginning of this magical process you are about to embark on and I am sooooo excited for you 💃🏻

If you have any other questions still popping up then maybe now isn’t the right time…. How does that feel to you?

Connect with your Truth 💡

P I N G 💫Here’s the purchase now button again to save you scrolling up, remember it’s free delivery anywhere in the world

Welcome to FREEDOM! 🙋🏻

If you are still pondering then take a really nice big deep open mouth breath…

B R E A T H E   R E L A X   A L L OW…..

🌟Empower yourself to 🌟SHINE 🌟from the In~side out 🌟

Your Yoni led you here…. 

Your feminine wisdom & POWer 🔥

That spark within you saying I’m here & I’m ready to create MAGIC ?

🔮 O R G A S M I C   M A G I C 🔮

Open up to those flames that burn deep within you ?

It’s a feeeeeeeling thing…. It’s a freeeeeeing thing…..

Do you feel it?

Tune in ~ deep within & see what your body says…… ❤️

B R E A T H E  ~ R E L A X  ~   A L L O W 

Set your~self freeeeeee SiStar🌟

Bless you beautiful gorgeous soul YOU CAN DO THIS!

It’s all Good (( God )) & It’s all Goodness ((Goddess ))

Here’s the link to order, just choose the right one for you and it’ll be on it’s way… Yipeeeeeeeee & WELCOME HOME 💜

Magic, Sparkle & SHINE is winging it’s way to you 💫

& a little P.S

SHINE Stands for…..



Inspiration &



That’s exactly what your Yoni practice will do for you ⭐️

Big love

Liz ❤️