Money honey ??? Resistance & frustration? ??? or Appreciation & abundance????

I had a big ahhhh haaaaa whilst sharing today’s clearing and EFT tapping video over in the SHINE SiStarhood ? This weeks theme is Universal A.A. Vibe detox, encouraging us to connect with Appreciation and Abundance.  What I realised is this…..

I am really really good at connecting with natural abundance such as nature, synchronicity, animals, magic and all of that lovely good stuff. When it comes to the man~made material stuff, which is also in abundance on this place we chose to live, but often times requires money to buy, I was resisting the appreciation bit and feeling some frustrations about life level stuff ?

I realised it doesn’t come naturally to me to appreciate some of the stuff that’s created here on earth for us to enjoy or take part in, including money.  Until this point I have preferred to focus on what I deem the universe provides us via beautiful Mother Earth, urpichay pacha mama! ??

Part of our human experience as spiritual beings is to be of this earth, we chose to be here at this time of evolution and expansion.  Yes, we are in a stormy time and things aren’t always easy, there’s a lot of contrast, shadows, darkness, frustration, fear, lack, unease and all of all of that crap ?

It’s time to clear this, consciously clear the way.  We are the creators and co creators of this reality, choosing what we manifest in each moment ?

Manifest magic

Manifest natural abundance

Manifest huMan made abundance

Magically manifest abundance in all its forms

Or not

The choice is ours….. What we resist persists and what we appreciate grows ??

What would you like to see grow in your life?

If you are stuck, why are you stuck?

Where does the frustration come from?

Whats the resistance, where’s it come from?

For me I was taught to believe that it’s wrong to want for material things, to be material or worldly ? Now I see this differently….

I am spirit materialised as human form

I am of this world, I am a worldly being

& as human worldly beings we are part of all that is material

whatever our belief system is, whether it be illusion or energy, we are here and this is our reality….. This system is made up of many material things to appreciate and to have in abundance.

Theres a root which allows us to acquire such things….. Money ?

Illusion, yes.

Energy, yes.

That said to be part of this human experience as it stands it’s something we require by way of exchange.  Kerrrching!!

As from today I am going to start to appreciate the abundance of man made stuff, material stuff including money which flows in and out of my life, as well as the natural stuff.

The balance between masculine ( man made ) and feminine ( woman made )

The balance between the doing ( creating ) and being ( creative )

PING !  ?


I love it when these lightbulb clarity moments ping into my life and it’s lovely to share them here with you as well ???

I’ve experienced lots of magic already today in both the spiritual and Worldly forms and I appreciate that very much ?? I appreciate you for being here too ?

This kind of clarity supports us to SHINE brightly.  ?

If you would like to continue your journey of shine I’m here to support you, I know how it feels to dull your sparkle and not live in your truth, it hurts! ?

Yesterday SHINE School was born, here are the clarity classes you can be part of if you choose….

SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online group coaching program ~ Clear the crap that holds you back & Shine On SiStar ? yes liz I’d love to know more about the SHINE SOS

SHINE SiStarhood ~ Support, community, clarity and a guiding light to support you month to month, with weekly themes, live videos, vibrational clearing, Eft and ongoing love and support ? this sounds magical I’d love to learn more

One to ones ~ Support Healing Inspiration & Natural Empowerment yes liz I’d love some one to one coaching support

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Ive popped today’s video below for you too ??

all my love

liz ???


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