Pimping Ourselves Out….

Pimping means to make small or insignificant, a pimp is someone who earns money from women prostituting theirselves out…. 😮

Where on earth I am going with this one….!?! Stay with me …

Maybe some women enjoy prostituting theirselves out, each to their own but I’m not sure there are many who do….

I know it’s a strong analogy ( predictive text wanted to type apology…. )

& let’s not have to apologise for our choices in life….

I remember when I used to be in the working world all those years ago, they said jump, I said how high ?

I wasn’t a working girl in that sense but I did feel like I was pimping my real self, making her small so that I could make money…..

I was hiding my light most of the time & if I shared a little bit of my magic & optimism in amongst the corporate pimps they would call me out for my “silly ways”…..

I left that life behind nearly 10 years ago, inklings of it pop back in when I see my fellow feminine risers shrinking down into small habits, stuck, can’t move forward, not good enough….

Equally it brings up some really strong feelings when I see them being a slave to the wage, that can either be from a traditional job, feeling trapped in a life which doesn’t seem like their own….

Or from their own business, having to work really hard at trying to convince people to “sign up”, follow, like or maybe even love what they are sharing….


Keys to success

Funnels to be fed into & spat out the other end hopefully spending some money….hopefully spending a lot of money….

Auto mails sent by bots….

Cyber spiders weaving their nets….

Let’s be clear about what feels good lovely ladies!

Are we doing what we are doing because we are INSPIRED to do it or are we doing it to try and get from A to B to C to D & so on and so on…..

Have we created our very own hamster wheel in some way?

I know I’ve been there & sometimes still go there again too and I revisit…. & I heal, release, let go, forgive 🙏🏼

I too am refining my Shine so excuse me if I ever slip back into the “Sales” woman touting her wares…. hopefully not ! But if I do please let me know….

I prefer to offer….. create offers…. magical offers…. magical offerings… 🔮So you can cherry pick what feels good to you

I’m going against the grain, I don’t want to double my prices
I don’t want to do funnel feeding webinars to convince people to join me…
I don’t want to do this the old skool masculine energy centred way…

What I do want to do
What I would love to do
Is to continue doing what I love in a way that I love 💕

In a balanced natural way

& yes it may take longer than the old brainwashing way

I know how that works, I used to work at a printers who printed Point Of Sale…..

We get caught up!

It’s the human condition! bless us 😯

I just hope the tables can keep on turning, where we no longer need to be persuaded of anything, where we can simply follow our intuition without all the noise….

There may be some contrast in my vibes to clear on this but I simply have to speak my truth about aligning with a better way of us sharing our magic & living financially secure ( hopefully abundant ) lives without debts ( debt comes from the word death 💀 ) financial chains, working jobs we don’t love just for money, not free flowing with our businesses because we have to “earn” a living….

So I’m gonna play with this energy & I invite you to play too!

Btw I simplified my life 5 years ago this week
Downsized my property & upsized my life with a move to the countryside, it’s been much more simple without debts and as much of the financial burdens, life feels much more connected & in flow 🔮

That said there’s still the whole Money system thing…. & I feel it controls a huge part of our lives, who we are & what we do…. it’s time to do it the right way!!!

Manifesting Money by doing what we love 💕
Exchanging it with each other for amazing products & Services!
Feeling valued & valuable in other ways too!

Knowing that we are enough !
& that we CAN do what we love & Love what we do ❤️

The 5 days of magical Money shine 💰

Where we will address all of this stuff & more…. Freeing you up to do what you love & have money too  You can start right away lovely one….

5 days of magical Money shine ~ http://liz-green.com/5-days-of-magical-money/

Big love
Liz ❤️

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