The pain of not enough….. ❤️

Have you ever felt the pain of not enough…..?

We are conditioned to want for more…. it keeps us on our tippy toes, always wondering when enough will arrive….

What does enough mean to you?

How does the pain of not enough feel?

This can relate to any area of your life…. tune in 🔮

Let your shoulders relax

Take a nice deep breath…. ahhhhhhhh & B R E A T H E

It’s time for some re~conditioning 💡

To release our old outdated selves caught up in pain & struggle & all of those nasties that zap our Shine! 👻

To come back to our bodies, our Wombs, our inner knowing….

To breathe life back into our divine selves…..

That divine spark & sparkle within 💫

& that my lovely is YOU! ⭐️

It’s time to release the NOTs or should that be KNOTS 😬

& to know that the pain of not enough, the knots of tightness & tension held in your body can let go….

You are enough & it’s time for you to love yourself ❤️

Can you feel the truth in that?

When was the last time you gave back to yourself & had some me time…..?

The time is now lovely…..

The call is being sent out…..

Sacred circles of SiStars are gathering…..

Magic is being conjured 🔮

It’s time to rise & SHINE ⭐️💫🌟

To give back to ourselves, balancing mind, body & spirit

It’s time…….. time for a special sort of magic…….

 🔮💜💓  O R G A S M I C   M A G I C  💓💜🔮

Heeheee!! Giggly girly voice pops into my head every time I type those words….. but I simply can’t hold it in…….. I know I’m talking about it lots right now but it’s totally changed my life & it isn’t just about ORGASMS lol!  It’s about self LOVE, Healing, Releasing & our unique powers as women here on earth

Ladies….. We can heal this pain!

We can let go of the not enough’s ( & there’s plenty of em! )

We can do this!

We are strong, powerful, confident women…. That’s my Yoni speaking lol 😂

Seriously tho, we are ahhhhmazing & so are our beautiful bodies ~ Bless us!

Orgasmic Magic starts the day after the fireworks 🎆

Are you ready to ignite your inner spark?

Empower from the inside out?

Let’s do this SiStar 🌟💜

Here’s the link to learn lots more & book your place lovely ~❤️

Any questions send me a message, we can arrange a little skype chat or I can reply with my guidance…  Tune into your Womb & ask your body if this is for you….

I am here for you ❤️

Big Love

Liz ❤️

PS ~ I’ve been making lots of videos over in the Free Group for Shine School…

Here’s the link to join ~

or click the image below… & it’ll take you there as if by magic

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