The Cycles of Life & Fertilising the Future!

myviewHellooooo youhoohooo Hows things hanging in your world?  Low, Fair to Middling or High?

I’ve been pretty much fair to middling this last week or so.  We have had some fabulous energies flowing to bring us through some repeat patterns and cycles of life. You know the ones… Where you find yourself saying “WTF am I doing here again Universe!?!?”  I have been doing lots of grounding and walking in the local countryside ~ I took this picture the other day to share with you and bring in some nature nurture from Pacha Mama ~ URPICHAY! 🙂

When the cycles come and we don’t feel comfortable or they aren’t what we feel we desire in life its our time to go into these feelings, to uncover what once may have been hidden ~ why are we going through this again?  Whatever this be….. What’s been triggered?  How does it feel?  What can we do differently this time around to transform and transmute the results… This is an exciting time of change and we are the Alchemists transforming lead into GOLD!  The Gold of a magical sparkly shiny life… We are the ones who can shine the more and more we clear and cleanse our vibes 🙂 We have soooooooo much light within us… We are it ALL ~ we are this powerful 🙂

This is the game of life! We are here to play it!

Had fun making a windy video today 🙂 hope you enjoy watching it 🙂

The cycles we are clearing up on.  Whether it be our own personal ones or the ones society creates as a whole.  I have to share ~ I was chuckling to myself yesterday and today with cycles coming up for Breast Cancer Awareness yesterday and then Happiness day today.  Yes while a part of me knows its good to raise awareness and donate (as I did as well as doing a make~up~less selfie and posting on facebook) as well as posting some happy la la stuff on facebook (as I always do anyway lol 😉 ) I feel very sensitive to the cycles we are going in with all of all of this….

I found myself posting this ~ ”

Ok ok I get why we have themed days ” smiley smile smile it’s happy day < oh I have to be happy today ” …….
but why can’t we just be happy everyday ~ love everyday ~ give gifts everyday ~ celebrate everyday ~ eat chocolate eggs whenever we want ~ eat pancakes if we fancy them ~ love our mum and dads everyday ~ celebrate our relationships everyday ~ celebrate us & our rebirth into the world every single morning !!! Whoohooo! WE CAN !! How cool is that!!! ”

A new way for society? Without all the plans and saving of dates… A more natural and flowing way to celebrate life maybe?



No make up no jewellery no hair products no flim flam just moi simple & in flow ~

I wonder….. when we can all feel GOOD about ourselves this way without the “masks” ( & I too feel the contrast of not having mine on…. Cleaning up on that!! ) when we feel good in the skin we are in maybe we won’t need the cancer awareness & charities ~ maybe when we TOTALLY love and accept ourselves just as we are then the dis….ease will ease off…. Something to ponder…..

It feels light to me ~ it feels true…. As I said yes its FAB that we are raising awareness, donating and getting in touch with this more natural side of ourselves ~ that said there is more to it… To CHANGE the situation our vibes must be cleared or we will have to keep on repairing the cracks which show up as dis…ease…

There is also symbolic meaning to us all going au natural ~ maybe we are being called to do this more and more on a daily basis and I dont mean ditch the make up ~ I LOVE my sparkling eye liner far to much to do that lol 😉

I simply mean being more natural and in flow ~ rather than planned organized and regimented…. This my friends feels like the new way 🙂

All change!  All Aboard!  Fresh new train to flowville departing shortly  ~ whos with me?

Beaming you Sooooooooo much love and as always if I can support you get in touch ~ I am loving the flow of the mayan wavespells and can do a reading if you feel drawn as well as supporting you with some one to one energy coaching ~ its what I am here to do ~ as a Blue Lunar Night I support you to clear your vibes and live a more magical life!  WHOOHOOO! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Liz 🙂


Resistance & Why its a good thing…. That’s why its been so long since I was here!!

Me & Magical Milo watching the sunset on my birthday :)

Me & Magical Milo watching the sunset…..

Hellooooo Lovely ones! 🙂 how are you?  I hope you are having a lovely day wherever you be and whatever you be doing….

Its been ages since I said “hey up ~ hows you?” on here….  Last year I was feeling the pull to share lots and lots this year I have felt more resistance to coming along and sharing here, I think thats cause I am still updating my blog and haven’t made friends with the new format (more updates happening soon)

this, as well as all the vibrational shifts and changes happening.  With so many changes sometimes I dont know quite what I want to share…. or be…. or do…. Its a bit like the weather today… Foggy…

Still beautiful ~ just a bit foggy.

Also, I have been sharing this year in new and different ways… How about you ~ can you feel the vibrational shifts and changes?  They can bring up resistance and this is a good thing as we move through it and create those magical shifts and changes 🙂

These days I am enjoying following the Mayan wavespells more in depth and appreciating all the magical syncros its bringing me. We just started the blue monkey waevespell ~ Its been fun to do the mayan readings for clients and connections too.

My health has been balanced for the last 4 or so months and I am really enjoying getting out and about meeting lots of lovely peeps, doing my radio show (which is simply a local community music show ~ I think sometimes peeps think I am doing a coaching or LOA specific show ~ its not ~ its just commercial radio and great fun as I love music although somes a bit cheesy from years gone by 😉 ) loving sharing talks and coaching vibes as well as my latest pursuit which is ebaying for myself and for others (a bit like an online dress agency) its FAB! 🙂  I have got to know so many people in the local area and made some great friends ~ thank you!

Lots of things clicking into place and full confidence returning I have a little echo from the past as some of my “symptoms” reappear for clearing again.  To start with the other week I felt my fight coming in.  The feeling of “how dare this come back” “I am sorted! go away” “I will fight you” “Die Mother F***** Die” ( the last one was a joke 😉 you know what I meant though!)

Its time to give up the fight ~ the resistance ~ & in the words of Elvis….. SURRENDER…..

SOooooo ~ This time around I feel I can continue with my flow and enjoy nice full days with all the lovely things I am enjoying doing and allow myself to heal naturally.  When I am doing what I love in particular doing the radio show and coaching sessions my WHOLE body gets covered in goosebumps and I can feel the healing taking place there and then and its ahhhmazing 🙂  Its happening naturally as I go about my day….  I am also open to anything which supports this natural healing too ~

I did yoga last night and the energetic opening felt super cool…. I am open to much much more of this… Are you?

So with that said I have set up another You Caring page to support my healing journey as it be in the now moment…. Its a chance for you to give back.  Being honest I still find it hard to ask and part of me feels really uncomfortable (Which is why I think I haven’t yet had any donations as I type this here today ~ eeeeek even more resistance coming up now…lol 😉 )  I know its all good and this is allowing me to clear my vibes surrounding allowing support and love and caring vibes to come back to me… thank you!

Today I am going back for more Bio Resonance, this is an amazing and natural vibrational treatment and I also intend to have a course of energy and body realignment sessions over the coming weeks.  I would REALLY appreciate your support with this …. Much of what I have done this past 4 or so years has been voluntary so I know its good to allow the tides to come back in so to speak 🙂

here’s the link for the You Care (I know you do) page 😉 Support Liz’s Healing Journey Click here

Hopefully as you click here today things are moving onwards and upwardS! Clearing this resistance and allowing it all to flow…. There we go!  there go them goosebumps again!  thank you thank you thank you 🙂

& here’s the video I made to share more and the lovely view too WHOOHOO!

Its funny as I revisited the video I made the other week I was talking about everything clicking into place…. Which it is…. Its the natural flow ~ up and down ~ in and out ~ day and night ~ shadow and light….

Coming through the shadows as soon as I feel aligned I WILL be doing some live hang outs and Q&A’s to start with let me know if you have any questions you would like answering on video…. get in touch and drop me a mail

Beaming you Sooooooooooo much love

have fun ~ remember its all good ~ all in perfect divine order!  Trust the process……


Liz ❤


PS sharing this post on my mailer I just had a magical ahhhh haaa moment ~ The title!! has more meanings than one…..

Resistance & why its a good thing…. Thats why its been so long since I was here!!

I know I knew this… its just good to highlight this… off for a nice meditative walk now to contemplate this and start to release the best I can…. Feeling some EFT coming on too WHOOHOO! LOVE YOU! 🙂 thanks for being here co-creating with me 🙂

Predictions for 2014 ~ Supporting you to Connectwith a More Magical Life

magicalpeopleAs we approach the end of the year it felt good to share my take on predictions and what’s going to happen in our worlds this coming year…. I’ve also loved creating and sharing my vibes on some Q’s you have been asking lately… Hope you enjoy sharing in these as much as I enjoyed making them 🙂

&&&& exciting news! I am going to be doing a video program for the New Year ~ Supporting you to connect with a more magical life…. You can sign up for it here ~ Click here to register for the 1 month video program & connect with your magical life

Predictions for 2014 and more about my video program…..

Click below to book the video program ~ Connecting with a more magical life

Lots more videos to enjoy here ~

What to do if you are struggling to feel happy and manifest your ideal life ~

What to do when you feel doubtful and frustrated with law of attraction and manifesting ~

How to manifest your dream job ~

In memory of Nelson Mandela with inspiration for us all to SHINE 🙂

&&& I Just had to share this super magical moment with you….. This is the view from my back garden (if you would like to come and see me and soak up the country vibes you can book here ~ Book one to ones and countryside coaching with liz )


thanks for being here!

love ya loads 🙂


Perfect Pendants & Magical Creations are looking forward to their new homes!

planetpendants3Hellooooo!  how are you?  Even tho my thumbs in healing and I cant make any new designs for Christmas I have a handful of limited editions which I made last month and are perfect for the festive season ~ whether a gift for yourself or a loved one these magical little babies will bring the highest vibration of love and calm when worn 🙂

I have a number of “planet pendants (similar to the ones above with different beads and charms on ) as well as some delicious Gemstone and Chrystal wire wrapped pendants, I am doing free delivery so the order price includes this wherever they are being sent in the world 🙂 They also come with an organza carry bag and wax chord cotton necklace as well as lots of magic and sparkle and an extra special message from moi ! 🙂

I am excited to send these out and for you to enjoy the high vibration and clarity they carry with them 🙂

I will add a few thumbnail pictures to the bottom of this post you can see the full range on my facebook page ~ click the following wording to be redirected ~  magical creations and aligned designs ~ happy shopping lovely friends and connections…. 

The gemstone and crystal pendants are made with Agate, Bronze, rose quartz and have magical powers! 🙂   I am also selling a one off Opalite angel and a number of meditation crystals which can be purchased using the buttons below….

Planet Pendants and Meditation Crystals @ £11.11 including delivery anywhere in the world ~ purchase using the button below and simply mail me which you would like ~

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& in case you are reading this post in another time and space reality my thumb will now be healed and I would love to make you a bespoke piece just message me what you would like ~ click the email link here ~




Wilder than a wild thing thats really really wild!

leafonthewindThe wind is whipping up a storm here in Upper Denby ~ we are high on the top of the valleys nearby to the peaks so the weather is amplified which is v cool and sometimes cold 😉  The windy thread has led me to lots of delicious learnings I wanted to share with you… Its wonderful how when we follow whatever is showing up in each now moment the universe guides us in the perfect way 🙂

I nearly ended up in OZ on my walk this morning ~ you know its wilder than a wild thing thats really really wild when you look up and the birds are flying backwards!!  lol

& the noise I heard whilst making this video was our tree falling down in our back garden!  grateful we will have some firewood from it and the tree needed to be cut anyway so its all good 🙂

& here’s some more about the symbolism of wind which I posted on my facebook this morning ~


The wind is air in its active and violent aspects. It represents the spirit, the vital breath of the universe. J.C. Cooper points out that wind represents the power of spirit in sustaining life and holding it together. Hence the symbolic association of wind with cords, ropes and threads. As stated in the Upanishads, “The rope of the wind…The thread is the same as the wind.”

It is also the intangible, the transient, the insubstantial and the elusive. Winds serve as messengers of the gods and can indicate the presence of divinity. Cirlot notes that it is held to be the primary Element (of the four elements earth, air, water and fire) by virtue of its connection with the creative breath of exhalation. Jung in Symbols of Transformation points out that in Arabic (and paralleled by the Hebrew) the word ruh signifies both “breath” and “spirit.”

The winds, notes Cirlot, were numbered and brought into correspondence with the cardinal points of the Zodiac, so as to bring out their cosmic significance. Fernado Oritz in El Huracan talks about the view of the wind in ancient Egypt and Greece. In these countries, the wind was reckoned to possess certain evil powers. For the Greeks, though, this menancing implication, which they associated with Typhon, was reversed the moment when the fleet of Xerxes was destroyed by a tempest.

Wind has possessed a transcendental aspect in American cultural history. This transcental nature has found an interesting juxtaposition against a hard, material culture. Winds were prevalent in the early prairies of the early American west and songs such as “They Call The Wind Miriah” were about this dominating wind. The title of America’s most popular novel is Gone With The Wind. One of the most famous songs of the 60s was Bob Dylan’s “Blowing In the Wind.” The “answers my friend,” Dylan sang, “are blowing in the wind.”

In American popular mythology the word wind suggests the collective consciousness of the culture, moving invisible but moving so that you can feel it. No one is sure where it comes from, where it is going, what it brings, how to control it. John Lennon in the famous Playboy interview with David Sheff when asked the question what moved the Beatles says:

“Whatever wind was blowing at the time moved the Beatles…I’m not saying we weren’t flags on the top of a ship; but the whole boat was moving. Maybe the Beatle’s were in the crow’s nest, shouting, ‘Land ho,’ or something like that, but we were all in the same damn boat.”

But this wind is not always invisible or benign as John Steinbeck demonstrates in The Grapes of Wrath.

During the opening passages of The Grapes of Wrath, we are given some of the most powerful passages about wind in modern literature. It is a relentless wind that moves over the earth creating a dust which hides the sun of the day and even the stars of the night. The dust which is made alive by the wind cannot be avoided and seems to have a life of its own. There seems no way to avoid it, even inside:

“Houses were shut tight, and cloth wedged around doors and windows, but the dust came in so thinly that it could not be seen in the air, and it settled like pollen on the chairs and tables, on the dishes. The people brushed it from their shoulders. Little lines of dust lay at the door sills.”

When the wind ceases, though, there is a change in the world and people who are inside their houses notice this change.

“The people, lying in their beds, heard the wind stop. They awakened when the rushing wind was gone. They lay quietly and listened deep into the stillness…In the morning the dust hung like fog, and the sun was as red as ripe new blood. All day the dust sifted down through the sky, and the next day it sifted down. An even blanket covered the earth.”

It was only when the wind ceased that the people came out of their houses and saw this new world the wind had created. The dust bowl has begun.

Why wait till we are dying to truly live the life we have? NOW is GOOD! What say you?

As the sun sets in the evening it will rise again the next morning....

As the sun sets in the evening it will rise again the next morning…. Its our time to shine!

I am feeling really inspired by the threads I have been following this week….  It started with some magical connections from past loved ones and a magical Monday movie night when we watched Now is Good with Dakota Fanning ~ Have you seen it?  Very VERY  moving…. Make sure you have a box of tissues to hand 😉

I share more on my video below ~ since which I have had lots of syncros connected with the death experience watching some real life and very moving videos on youtube of people who only have a matter of months, weeks or even months to live….  It puts things into perspective thats for sure!  I may have a dis….ease but it isn’t life threatening for me and I still have my life in the here and now and so do you!  (I am guessing that if you are here reading this….. as I type this I know all sorts of lovely spirits are reading this too WHOOHOO!)  😉

Why wait until we are dying to make the most of life?  We are here in the now… living breathing vibrating beings with infinite possibilities….. I am feeling its time to step on up, dust our good selves off and shine like the diamonds we are!  What say you?

I know I have been having a few slumps of late… That said even the down points bring in the clarity so its all good…. had a few of those this week too ~ from nearly loosing my blue Opal pendant my chap bought me for our “been together 10 years” Anniversary to feeling guilty about my accident with the dog ~ blaming myself when things haven’t been going well etc etc… you know the score, we all do it!  Well its time to transmute and transform this energy…. To allow it, accept it, love it and change the energy and the way we feel about it….. thats the magical key 🙂   On a lighter note I was interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds again this week ~ it was very syncro!  they had a dog behavior therapist and wanted to talk to me about the bite…. turns out I knew her and we had spoken when I was adopting Milo… small world we live in with all of this LOA inaction! LOVE IT! 🙂

Here’s more about the missing necklace ~ its a good outcome and very magical how things line up for us when we allow….

Lost broken damaged to found fixed and healed:

& here’s more from earlier in the week when I was transmuting my feelings of shame blame and guilt ~

Clearing blame shame and feelings of guilt:

If you loved the picture I used for this post which is of the sunset at the bottom of my garden then you will love the video I made which features the Alpacas ~ Psalm Sonate and Florence 🙂  they are beautiful! You are welcome to come and see me here in Upper Denby for a one to one if you feel the pull…. be magical to meet you 🙂

Thank YOU for being here!  I love and appreciate you and love that we can share this amazing life journey together in this way 🙂

I talked about friendship on my last radio show last week and wanted to say THANK YOU! 🙂   My fundraiser is going so well too ~ thank you for all your magical support ~ Click here to support Liz and get updates on the you care fundraiser

get in touch if I can support you or if you have any comments, love to hear from you 🙂

Lotsa love flowing to you 🙂


If its sticking out like a sore thumb how can we ignore it???

smilyfaceI was back at the hospital this week for my dressing changing on my Thumb and it felt so good to see how well its doing ~ how amazing our bodies are ~ melding back together and healing with the help and support of experts along the way….  I feel so grateful!  Its easier for me to share on videos at the moment as typing is a little slower than normal 😉

I had a few “eeeek” and “oh no” kind of reactions to the pictures I have been posting on facebook of my thumb updates ~ I am guessing it pushed some buttons… its all good though (I will post a pic of my healing thumb at the bottom of this post in case you want a nosy – its impressive!)  🙂  for me I am in relief and appreciation ~ rather than focusing on the negative event and feeling crap I have been sharing from a point of view of accepting what is and then looking for the gifts in everything and celebrating what is…  We can’t just go around sticking smiley faces on all the “bad” stuff and hope it goes away its time to face up to it and turn our feelings around 🙂 its how we feeeeel about stuff not the stuff that matters 😉

& in my last post I did promise I would share the interview on BBC radio leeds about pampered pets (which was the same morning of the thumb bite!  how ironic this all is 😉 ) enjoy!

& once again the conclusion I have come to about spells, evil stuff, devils and manifesting bad things…. its nothing outside of us.. its ALL us… we are it all… the angel and the devil… its about choosing which side of us we are aligning with 🙂

thanks for being here and sharing this journey with me… let me know how you are…. add your comments or drop me a mail and as always if I can support you in anyway get in touch my doors always open 🙂 its all good and in perfect divine order ~ even if it may not always appear that way 😉


loadsa love to youhoohooo

Liz 🙂


PS ~ heres my healing thumb ~ ahhhhmazing that this can happen within only a week…. our bodies are wonderful at healing (with a little help from a metal pin 😉 )


Updates on My Accient / Dog Bite Manifestation & BIG Clarity flowing in…..

healingloveI didn’t want to start this post with too much of a negative picture which would freak everyone out, knowing you love to come here for healing, love and happy vibes…  So I chose the one above knowing that we ARE ALL filled with healing love 🙂  I had a majorly freaky week of up and down manifestations last week from blew your mind connections with stylish old crones coming and knocking at my door to a staffy biting my thumb nearly clean off…. OUCH!

&&& you know I like to keep it real and I have to share with you the picture of my thumb the morning after the evening before in casualty – the blood had formed a LOVE heart shape… how cool is this???? (& I will put a little thumbnail picture (no pun intended) at the bottom of this post so you can choose to click on it and view the full damage under the bandage if you so desire… 😉

loveheartthumbIts all good hey!

So yessss, my week started in a strange way with lots of syncros when I went for a magical Monday walk with a lady called Raga Woods (She is the founder of Gingerbread ~ supporting single parents) also a member of the rainbow tribe of which I am very interested in as well as lots of syncros with Peru, shamans and all thats connected.   Her mum lives up the lane from me and she came knocking at our door for a charger… lots of meaning here too 😉

I LOVE how all these wonderful magical manifestations happen right on my doorstep ~ literally… & thats where the dog bite happened too!  I was just arriving home from a lovely vibe clearing walk after feeling a little bogged down with some heavy vibes and obviously hadn’t cleared myself fully ~ the universe had other plans!

This has been and is still a very painful process ~ that said I am seeing the light and filling this situation with as much love as possible….  &&&& HOW IRONIC that I was interviewed on BBC radio leeds the very same morning about pampered pets and my love for animals and their healing vibes… absolutely mad!  crazy!  and magical manifestations ~ I share more here in my videos ~

Part 1 ~ I had to take a break part way through to dry my eyes

& Part 2 ~ feeling better now & SO much to share

This all led to a realization about conditioning and the human condition too I guess… How we are somewhat conditioned to be a certain way dependent upon how the chips fall in life… Well I am open to changing this… Remembering its not about what is happening in our lives its how we feeeeeel about whats happening and manifesting… Knowing its all good and in perfect divine order… felt SO good to share this today.. thank YOU for being here ~

If you would like support or simply like to connect you can message me direct here ~ Liz@liz-green.comlove to hear from you 😉

beaming you SO much love and infinite light

liz 🙂 🙂 🙂



There were worse pics than this too…. I must say I didn’t look at the actual thumb myself and chose to disassociate myself with it until this point… it helped ease the pain (there’s a vibrational lesson in there too! 🙂 ) soooo many gifts in this situation 😉

love ya!

I have gone all RED! & the symbolic meanings of red hair….

Feeling all firey!

Feeling all firey!

I am feeling all red and firey!  If you know me you know I dont do things by halves if I am going to do something new I go for it!  Thats what I did with my hair…. On magical Monday I decided to go as red as I could (I was blond before this in case you are only just meeting me 😉 )

I looked into the symbolic meanings for red hair and it was clear why I had this calling… It also takes me back to my roots ~ when I was younger ~ before I got caught up in the life of work and what society thinks we should do (although thats not what I do now…lol) I used to love gothic stuff and often had my hair red to express my vibrancy and passion for life!

It feels really good to re connect with this 🙂

I share more and reveal my new do in this video ~

thanks for being here sharing my journey ~

beaming you SO much love! and if I can support you to express the beautiful shiny bright you that you are get in touch my doors always open 🙂

love ya!

Liz 🙂

autum leaves

Tuning into the Universe in more ways than one!

Rainbow sunshine magic

Rainbow sunshine magic

Feeling SO tuned in today!  What an ahhhhmazing week of clarity it has been… I am excited to share it all with youhoohooo and appreciate you being here 🙂  You can keep up with my daily video diary here ~ Liz Green Live on Youtube

Since I last checked in I have been opening up to lots of new (remembered) things ~ you know when you just know that you already had all of this knowledge and knowing and you are just remembering and re~connecting the dots….  Thats what I feel is happening for many of us right now 🙂   how exciting this all 🙂

I have been looking into the Akashic Records ~ what they are, the history of them and how to access… Since making a video about my findings I got a real sense that being connected online with videos ~ wiki’s and such like is very similar to accessing the Akashic records vibrationally and since which I have been learning lots about my own history including past and parallel lives which I feel I have been connected with 🙂

I chat more about my findings here ~ 

This morning doing the radio show was wild!  It was filled with SO many syncros and magical moments ~ this is happening more and more on a daily basis ~ so much so its just becoming an everyday part of life… I have to share what happened this morning tho ~ a little yet v cool manifestation which happened cause I followed my inspiration.

I had a nudge from the universe to search on the system for a song with Liz in the title… When I did Liz Greens jingle came up…. I felt excited to discover this and popped it in after the next tune which was playing.  Its ACE!  I made a video but you cant here the jingle as it comes through my headphones and can be heard on air… It says ~ Liz Green Live on Penistone FM 😉  heehee!  the COOLEST part was that after I made the video sharing my excitement and played it a few more times on air I got a call from one of the techie guys at the radio to say he had created my a jingle… lol !  I said I know and he was freaked that I found it!

Laughter flowing as I had been saying on the show I was a white witch! 😉

Tuning in and following the energy is SO much fun 🙂  The game of life and all its wonders!

I have also had some amazing connections and conversations this week with fellow life travelers talking about healing from dis…ease ~ feeling more relaxed and in flow ~ connecting with our heart path ~ accepting the shadows and transforming the energies ~ we’ve had laughter, tears, awakenings, healing, fun and blissed our joy!  WHOOHOOO!its all good and all in perfect divine order 🙂

lizshineI have also had a number of requests through to make videos about Negative emotions, Paranoia, Healing from illness and dis…ease as well as grounding ourselves.  Its been great fun sharing these vibes and if you ever feel you have anything you would like me to share vibes on just ask ~ you can always reach me here ~

My doors always open if I can support you…. we are all in this together!

enjoy taking part in the videos I made 🙂

How to cope with negative energy & emotions and clear the crap…..

How to deal with Paranoia….

How to ground yourself and some ground energy from the trees….

The most important thing to do when you are ill….

& if you would like to come and spend some time in the country with me ~ for a hour to a day or maybe a stay over at the holiday cottage across the field then reach out and let me know… Here Magical Milo’s furry ears and viewpoint from our garden yesterday….

Magical Milo's like Dr Do~little!

Magical Milo’s like Dr Do~little!