❤ How to connect with the magic of life everyday ❤

I hope you are having a fabulously super day whenever and wherever you are reading this
I am often asked how to connect with magic, and more so how to connect with it everyday, in particular when life isn’t very magical or maybe we don’t feel like things are going our way.  I know I get it, I am sure we all do! 😉
This is what’s inspired me to share my book ‘Connect with your inner truth & everyday magic’ to share lots more on this subject as well as creating The Everyday Magic Community as a place to gather together with like minded people to co-create and share in this magic.
In the community today we have been sharing what we love and what we are grateful for, for me I feel this is the key to manifesting magic in our lives which can happen each and every day if we choose to live this way.  I made the choice to live this way as much as possible even though I sometimes fall of the band wagon, I know when I am in this flow or zone then the magic flows thick and fast and today has been one of those magical synchronistic in flow kinda days…. I feel excited about the infinite positive possibilities… How about you ~ do you feel excited about life?  If not can you allow yourself to start to feel excited by life?
Whatever is showing up in life right now is in complete divine order, just as it’s meant to be
The magic is here!  The air that we breathe, the clothes on our bodies, the houses we live in, nature and all its beauty surrounding us in each moment.  The technology we have to connect with the world in this way and come together to co-create magic (or not as the case may be lol) 😉
Its a choice.  What do you choose?
I choose magic!  Are you with me?
Today’s been even more magical with new members starting to flow into the Everyday Magic Community, I felt inspired to share the following video to share more about how this came about and what it involves…. have a nosy at the video below and enjoy the message from the tea too 😉 Here’s the link to join http://liz-green.com/everyday-magic-community/ Any questions just let me know.  I have also created a second video with more about the one to one coaching program I am offering… & here’s the link with more info  http://liz-green.com/2016/06/12-week-one-to-one-coaching-program-connect-with-your-truth-magic/
May the magic flow ~ & so be it 🙂
What are the infinite possibilities?
How magical can our lives be?
Thank you thank you thank you ❤❤❤❤❤
big hugs and lotsa love
liz ❤
PS – just a few weeks until the books are in my hand and ready to send out ~ you can pre order your signed copy here! WOOOHOOO! 🙂 http://liz-green.com/connect-with-your-inner-truth-everyday-magic-lizs-life-changing-first-book/
PPS – sorry I know I am going on lol ~ I am just sooooo excited and LOVE to share this with you all 🙂

12 Week One to One Skype Coaching Program ~ Connect with Your Truth & Magic! ❤

startnowHellooooo ❤

I am super excited to be led to offering a 12 week one to one skype coaching package, to start with there will be just 2 places available.  The intention is to create powerful shifts and changes in your life with the commitment to connect for 1.5 hours each week with full email support in between sessions.

We can focus on one area of your life you would like to radically change or hone in on the changes of your choice supporting you to evolve to new life levels and let go of that which no longer serves.  Are you ready for a brand new shiny fresh start in life?  How magical can your life be? What are the infinite possibilities?
We will follow the energy, trust the process and allow spirit to guide.  Along the way we will use lots of cool processes such as EFT, Hawaiian Healing, Shamanic Practices, Conscious Connected Breathing, Nature Processes and many practical things like Contrast to Clarity, Pre Seeding, Future Scripting, Desire Mapping and much much more, as well as talking, sharing co-creating and connecting with the magic in whatever way flows.  I will also give you a full birth chart reading and Mayan birth blueprint as well as supporting you to tune into these magical energies.  I am excited to share this with you!
Your investment will be either a one off payment of £1,111 or 3 monthly payments of £370 made via paypal so visa’s cool too 🙂   If your inner spirit is saying yes Yes YeS please use the link below or contact me direct about the monthly payment plan.  If you would like to have a chat first and / or have any questions mail me Liz@liz-green.com or skype me LizGreen111

I am here for you a million% with love and soooo much support to offer, my doors open get in touch
For lots more about what I offer during Countryside Coaching and One to One Intuitive Energy sessions please click here ~ Coaching with Liz
enjoy the following video where I share lots more about the program and the magic we can create



S ❤ H ❤ I ❤ N ❤ E







❤ Video updates & support on how to cope with life’s difficulties & still connect with the magic ❤

Helloooooo  ❤
You don’t hear from me for ages and then twice in two days! lol
Its all good 🙂
I have been following my heart and simply had to share more book updates, I’m SO excited!  As well as what I feel will be a really useful video about coping with life’s difficulties and still being able to connect with the magic….
Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making ❤
big hugs & thank you for all your support there’s been so much response since yesterday’s message I am very grateful indeed and excited to connect with you all 🙂
lotsa love
Liz 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤

Something magical is happening….. ❤ ❤ ❤

I hope all’s well in your world ❤
Something magical is ALWAYS happening…. Sometimes we just forget and get caught up in stuff….
Today I am going to invite you to connect with everyday magic, the kind of magic which is always around and naturally presents itself.  Me and Magical Milo my doodly labradoodle are just back from a gorgeous walk around our local countryside, it’s hot hot hot here so he was excited to go to the muddy stream and cool off followed by a run around the meadow as I appreciated his joyful vibe as he naturally connected with mother earths magic.
As I looked up the heron flew overhead and a blue jay playfully led the way.  I know here in England its an easy time to appreciate everyday magic when the sun is shining but this magic always exists wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing.  Intend to connect with it!  Be open to it and breathe it all in!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Fabulous! 
My first book, Connect with your inner truth & everyday magic, is now with the publishers and will be out there in the world imminently and I am super excited for you to read it.  I would love to share the blurb which is being printed on the back of the book, let me know what you think!


Are you looking for a more magical way of living?
Would you like to enjoy life every day and move from simply ok to fabulous? From striving and surviving to positively thriving!
Then this is the book for you!

In this book Liz Green introduces you to a fabulous new way of living supporting you to connect with your own inner truth, the magic of the Universe and the magic of you through synchronicity and flow.

Seven years ago Liz quit her corporate job and embarked upon a journey of spiritual awakening entering the unknown and learning how to build her wings along the way. In this unique, inspiring and life transforming book she shares her own personal stories, the ups and downs, round and arounds and the rollercoaster of life moving from dis…ease to ease. All of this along with lots of tips,and techniques to support you to live a magical life every day and connect with the brightest shiniest version of you.

Are you ready to walk along a wonderful new path in life and have a whole heap of fun along the way?

Welcome to Liz~Land!



To celebrate the completion (which has been a long time coming!! Phew!) I am gifting 11 complimentary skype video one to one coaching sessions to new clients so if we’ve not yet connected and you would like support in manifesting lots of magic in your life I would love to hear from you and I am excited to connect, just click reply to this message and let me know if your heart is saying yes yes yes 🙂  lots more about countryside coaching here ~ http://liz-green.com/one-to-one-coaching-liz-green/ 


& for all of you wonderful people I am already supporting with intuitive energy coaching sessions I would like to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU.  It’s what I am put on this earth to do and I appreciate being able to share this magic with you all 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤❤❤


& last but not least if you would like your very own signed copy of ‘Connect with your Inner Truth & Everyday Magic’ I will be shipping them out all over the world once printed ~ you can pre-order here ~  http://liz-green.com/connect-with-your-inner-truth-everyday-magic-lizs-life-changing-first-book/


All funds raised will be going towards the first print run so your support is much appreciated ❤❤❤


Beaming you lotsa love and hugs

Liz ❤

❤ I DID IT!! WHOOHOO! Connect With Your Inner Truth & Everyday Magic ~ The Book Is Born! ❤

magicHelloooooo Lovelys
I hope all is well in your world ❤ Or at least as well as it can be.  We are experiencing some harsh weather this week here in Upper Denby and I am feeling the harshness mirrors what is happening in the world and possibly our own worlds at the moment.
Wherever you are and whatever is coming up and out I am beaming you love and healing vibes and big huge hugs too
I have some exciting news to share here today…. I know its been a long time coming but I DID IT!  My book is finally written, typed and ready to go to the proofreaders before publish and print. I am intending to have boxes of signed copies ready to send out early 2016 and I am feeling hopeful 🙂
I have created a page on my blog with lots more info and the opportunity for you to pre-order your very own signed copy which I can send anywhere in the world with lots of magic and sparkle. http://liz-green.com/connect-with-your-inner-truth-everyday-magic-lizs-life-changing-first-book/ Its been a very up and down journey sharing what I have opened up to in this book and its deep, yes there’s fluff and magic in there too and it will have a rainbow and feathers on the cover but I promise you there are no rainbow shitting unicorns featuring in it! LoL
I share the good the bad and the ugly ( words inspired by the film my chaps currently watching downstairs!) its shared from my heart to yours with hope it will help support clarity and inspiration in your life too. The ups the downs the round and rounds, this roller coaster that is life.
Here’s the introduction as it stands in raw form, things are evolving as I go so this may change slightly, for now this is it and I am feeling excited! WHOOHOO 🙂 🙂 🙂
I have also set up an opportunity to come and spend time with me in the local countryside at our Quaker House or if too far for you we can connect on Skype video for One to One Countryside Retreats to support clarity during the dark half of the year and hold space for positive changes in your life ~ lots more info here ~ http://liz-green.com/magical-meet-ups/
Now, onto the introduction…. Thanks for being here for supporting me and for sharing this journey called life with me, I appreciate you 🙂
❤ ❤ ❤ (BTW lots of hearts in this post as I couldn’t get my blog to leave spaces between the paragraphs, whats that all about lol!  sure there will be symbolic meaning in it somewhere.. 😉 )
❤ ‘Connect With Your Inner Truth & Everyday Magic’  ❤
Truth /truːθ/
The quality or state of being true.
A belief that is accepted as true.
Believe /bɪˈliːv/
accept that (something) is true, even without proof.
Magic /madʒɪk/
the power of influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.
What we believe creates our reality around us.
What you believe to be true for you will most probably become your reality.   Until now this is simply a world you have created from the inside out.  A world we have created together both consciously and unconsciously.  I am inviting you to take a fresh approach to how your YOUniverse is created.  (btw as you have already noticed I like to create new words.  Its ok not to follow what already exists and create something new)
Your YOUniverse can be ahhhhmazing when you start to connect with your inner truth and believe that magical living is possible.  Re-connecting and plugging in to the divine universal energy that is all around us each and every moment of each and everyday.  Sometimes we just forget this and cut ourselves off.  Its part of our human being-ness, with our sometimes limited patterns, thoughts and behaviours.
Bless us
Life can be tough at times and we all go through a lot of shit, thats the truth.  This can no longer be ignored and stuffed down or it will pop up in other places and keep manifesting in our lives. Throughout this book I will support you to connect with that which is ready to clear and plug back into who you really are and your light within.  We will go through the ups and downs, the rounds and rounds and the rollercoaster of life together on this journey and hopefully reconnect with your lightness and brightness which is always within you.  Like the sun behind the clouds, like the rainbow on a stormy day, truth always shines through.
It is the knowing we have deep within us.  Call it instinct, vibes, feelings, hunches, intuition, knowing, maybe even god, angels, great spirit or universal power and that’s us too!  We are the light.  We are the creators and co-creators.  I’m not saying we are it all, for me, my truth says we are part of it all as the oneness of it all.
Connect with your own YOUniqueness (yes another one of those words).  Connect with your own YOUnique truth and magical ways and let go of anything which doesn’t feel right to you.  Trust these feelings that come from within.
The truth and natural magic of life feels connected, its feels tuned in, turned on and tapped in to something far greater than just us in our human form.  Trust this, only you know what the infinite possibilities are!
Remember no one else can tell you.  They can only advise, as can I.
So I guess this is my get out clause.  You can read this book and it may change your whole outlook on life, as well as the world around you or it may not and the last bits up to you.  Connecting with your inner truth, believing anything is possible and everyday magic.  This is just the beginning and I’m sooooo excited to be sharing this with you!


Recycle Refresh Realign & SHINE! New You New YOUniverse coaching packages

imageAs I share this here today its the full moon energy of the blue moon in Aquarius as well as the beginning of the Mayan white planetary wizard year.  This is a powerful time for stepping into our greatness, letting go of that which no longer serves and becoming that which we truly know from deep within. ♥

I felt inspired to set up a coaching packaging specifically tailored to flow with these energies and I am excited to share this with you.  I know from my own experience that when we make a commitment to clearing our vibes and undertake a coaching journey the shifts which happen are ahhhmazing.  It’s not always an easy journey, sometimes going deep when needed, but I can promise you this, it’s life changing stuff! ♥

Its time to say “HELLO” to the new you and a whole new YOUniverse! Are you ready?

I am offering 3 different packages to suit that which you feel best resonates with you. We will connect via Skype for one to one intuitive energy coaching sessions which will take you on a journey from where you are now into where you would love to be, how you would love to feel, the magic of you and your inner truths.  Connecting you with your heart path, cleansing and clearing that which is ready to release. ♥

Supporting you to clear your vibes from within letting go of that which is holding you back.  Patterns, cycles, stuck energy and lack of flow.  Moving you back into the natural and magical flow of life. Allowing you to become the Wizard in your world. Breathing it all in.  Relaxing with life and most importantly having fun.  I will also share your Mayan birth chart reading and your natal chart which both give you the blueprint of who you really are and your purpose on this particular life journey. ♥

Do you dream of creating something magical or doing something new but something holds you back?  

Or maybe you have tried and things haven’t worked out until this point?  

Is there something holding you back, stopping your success, squashing your magic and light?

Are you fed up of playing small and simply not just going for it?

I would love to support you to clear the way and step into the new you, shining your light and shining it bright. ♥

Join me on this magical journey! ♥

To start with let’s chat, I’m offering a complimentary 20 minute taster session so we can connect and see how things flow.  Email me here liz@liz-green.com or call me direct 07834 363897 or my skypes lizgreen111 if easier for you ♥

One you feel ready to go ahead and book here are the package details.  Payment plans are available, whatever you fees best for you, it’s all about the feeling and you will know from within.  Just ask, I am here for you 🙂

1 month option @ £300 ~ 4 x 1 hour one to one sessions via Skype plus full email support in between sessions and 1 x 1 hour follow up 1 month later.

3 month option @ £450 ~ 6 x 1 hour one to one sessions via Skype every 2 weeks plus full email  support in between sessions and 1 x 1 hour follow up 1 month later.

6 month option @ £900 ~ 12 x 1 hour one to one sessions via Skype every 2 weeks plus full email support in between sessions and 1 x 1 hour follow up 1 month later.

Magical options

I am also offering in person one to one sessions if you are local these would be 2 hours for each with time split accordingly.  For example for the 1 month option it would be 2 x 2 hour sessions over the course of a month, 3 month sessions 3 x 2 hour sessions 1 per month and the same for 6 months, with follow up session via Skype.

Any questions let me know.  I’m super excited to connect with you!

Here’s my main coaching page with lots more about how we will flow together Countryside coaching with Liz click here

beaming you big love and hugs

Liz ♥♥♥



A Fresh Bright Shiny Mayan New Year & Excting Updates From Liz~Land


I hope all is well in your world


This is a very special weekend in Mayan terms, it’s the start of a brand new Mayan year tomorrow, today is a day out of time galactic activation portal.  An important time to get really clear about what you would love your life to be like and how you would love to be feeling as well as letting go of that which no longer serves . This next 260 cycle is the year of white planetary wizard, it’s time for magical manifesting


If you don’t yet know your Mayan sign or haven’t had a complimentary reading from me message me back and let me know your birthdate and I will send you one through.  I am a blue lunar night and my “job” here on earth is to help you transform and transmute the shadows moving swiftly into the light.


With this in mind and in heart If we haven’t yet connected I would love to offer you a complimentary 20 minute coaching session via Skype or phone to help you clear your vibes and reconnect with the magic of life  how would you love your life to be ?


lots more about my intuitive energy coaching sessions here http://liz-green.com/one-to-one-coaching-liz-green/


excited to connect with you!


For me the intentions set that this will be the year of my book being born!  I’ve been to see the publisher this afternoon and set the date of 22nd of September for the first draft. It feels big and all new ~ an adventure!  I’ve been having some contrast to clear up to allow things to flow and I’m trusting the process.  I’m half way there with the fund raising which will allow the book birth and first batch to be printed.  I really appreciate your support with this and have a sponsored fire walk arrange for late August by which point I intend to have raised the full amount.  Just £550 left to raise if you would like to support me here’s the go fund me link ~ http://www.gofundme.com/Supportlizsbook

Thanks once again for your support it means soooooo much
& what if you could take the first step in faith too?
what would you be, do & have?
Have a totally fabulous day wherever you are in the world.  Keep smiling, trust the process and know that it’s all in perfect divine order
beaming you lotsa love and big hugs

Book Updates More Exciting News Big Thank Yous & Inspiration To Connect Clear & Empower

It’s so lovely to be sat in the garden enjoying this beautiful sunsheeeeine & sharing the magic with you today We’ve just arrived back from a 3 hour walk around the local countryside and I’m feeling refreshed and energised!  Hope you are having fun too
Lots of magic is continuing to flow in Liz~land with the go fund me ‘help Liz publish her book’ campaign growing each day, within the last week I’m nearly half way there and want to give a BIG HUGE thank you for everyone who’s donated and all your support.  I am soooo excited to be sending you your free signed copy once it’s ready.  If you would like to support me click the button below to visit the page….
It’s called
Connect with your inner truth & the magic of life
I made a video yesterday to share more about other big changes happening in our lives ( connect with the video at the end of this message ) On Thursday my chap finished his job after 23 years service.  He took redundancy and is setting up his own tshirt printing company called ‘Time for Tee’ ( can you guess which tea lover thought of the name lol )  as well as creating his amazing bespoke animal art which until now has just been a hobby.  I will post his magical milo picture below see what you think
When we first found out a few months ago an old part of me who felt insecure wanted to start to worry and rush sorting ideas and fixers so I’ve been doing plenty of vibrational clearing on this and feel really chilled and excited about this new life adventure.  So many syncros and lots of magic is flowing so I’m knowing it’s totally meant to be and all in divine order.  Putting into practice what I know and trusting the process
It’s all good
Other news and fun flow….. I’ve bought myself a snazzy pair of roller skates with cherries and cup cakes on they have sparkly wheels too.  This is to help me with my fitness ( love my new Fitbit!!!) I’ve released 9lbs in the last 3 weeks and intend to be wearing a lovely purple bikini on my Spanish holiday in September
and last but not least me and my dear friend Becca are sharing an afternoon of empowerment at our local holistic wellbeing centre in Shepley on Saturday 18th July it’s called ~ Connect Clear & Empower workshop it feels so wonderful to be sharing this and we would love to invite you along.  All the details are here on the Facebook event….. Click the button below
excited to connect with you at the perfect time & beaming you lotsa love and big hugs
Click Here for more details about Liz & Beccas workshop


image Magical milo created by Ian wood

HELP!!… & news about my book being published

Hellooooo lovely ones
You don’t hear from me for ages and then twice in one week !!  Big things are happening and I am reaching out to ask for your support and help
I made a video to share more ( link below ) long story short if you have been following my journey you will know I have been writing my books for some time and it’s coming close for the first one to be birthed
The piece of the jigsaw which always stopped me in my tracks is the practicalities of having it published, I looked into doing it myself but for me at this time that just hasn’t aligned and in some ways stops my juices flowing….
I asked the universe to guide me, to support me and yesterday I manifested a local publishers ( really syncro too ) totally meant to be!
To to be able to do this there are some costs involved so once again I asked for inspiration…. I was reminded of a go fund me campaign I created back in 2013 which supported my healing journey and covered costs for bio resonance, which in turn means I am now fully in balance to be able to write and share this magic….. Big thank yous for this
Sooooo, this led me to creating a new campaign to help me get my first book published and printed….  My books called….
‘Connect with your inner truth & the magic of life’
& it’s going to be magical, I hope  and hopes a good place to be
I am super excited and appreciate all your love and support
When you donate over £25 you will receive a signed copy of the book once published and printed
Here’s the link to donate and the video with more about what happened to lead me to this is below….


Beaming you big hugs, love and thank yous


Liz ( soon to be published author )


thank you thank you thank you