How to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs Surrounding Money & Let Money Flow Into Your Life

Lighten up around money 🙂

Were you raised to believe you have to work hard for money? Do you have some old beliefs surrounding money which you would like to shake off so you can let the flow of money into your life increase? This will help… read on…

Our beliefs and feelings surrounding money really do determine how much or how easily the money flows into our life. When you can change your mindset about money you can change your life. Trust me on this! I was raised to believe you have to work very hard for money, get a good job and do your best and if you are lucky the money may come your way.

I worked like this through my late teens and twenties. I was then introduced to a new way of thinking when it comes to money and I would love to share this with you today. Money is just another form of energy in our world. We as humans created money and gave it the value it has today. We could be dealing in anything here, we chose to print money and give it it’s status in the world. When you can really understand this and let go of any tension surrounding money then you really can start to change the amount of money coming into your life.

Rather than thinking you have to work hard for money or that it is hard to come by change this mindset to money comes easy. Choose to do something you love which can in turn bring money into your life. Choose to let go of limiting beliefs. Choose to work easy. You will find the more you relax around the subject of money, the more you lighten up and just have fun and follow your passions the easier it will come into your life.

In case you dont already know my story I speak from personal experience here, less than one year ago I was working myself into the ground in the corporate world, on call 24/7 burnt out. The money coming through my job was great but I wasn’t going to become wealthy making someone else money.  

I took a leap of faith and decided to go it alone and create my own wealth via my personal development business. I now earn more than I ever could have in the corporate world, and I am just having fun and doing what I love, helping others along the way. Win / Win.

I hope I can be of inspiration to you. Change your thoughts about money, take inspired action to follow your passions and dreams and watch the magic happen 🙂

You can Be, Do & Have anything you desire ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•

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Change the Uphill “Struggle” to an Easy Downhill Flow Towards Your Goals & Dreams

Flow to the Ocean of Your Life.....

Sometimes in life your dreams and goals can see so far out of reach you may consider not even bothering to go after them… I know this from my own experience, I understand, it’s scary….

My wonderful dad shared a great analogy with me this morning, it struck a real chord with me as I started my journey with only a seed of a dream and from this created something amazing which just keeps on growing and flowing. All I had was my dream, I had NO idea how I could make it a reality, I just had faith that I would be led in the right direction if I stayed open and kept moving forward towards my passions.

Since learning about “Easy World” Yesterday I feel this is the easy world way of reaching your dreams… Most people say it’s like climbing a mounting when you are working towards big dreams, my following take on it makes it feel so much easier and I LOVE easy!

So… here goes…

Think about a mountain, high above the land, icy snow, beautiful views down towards the oceans. As the sun shines the snow flakes start to melt away, they change form, creating a trickle of water running towards a small stream, the stream running towards a river further down the mountain growing all the time as it moves along.

The river is fast moving, filled with energy, crashing and moving over any rocks which lay in it’s way. The scenery is breathtaking the water flowing effortlessly towards the lakes. The river knows where it is heading, there is no stopping it…. It is growing in size and velocity…

The river reaches the lake, peaceful serene, calm, blissful, relaxed, a huge expanse of water which keeps growing from within. The water from the lake swells and moves towards the ocean, flowing across the earth, across sand and rocks, always moving, creating more and more rivers from the lake to the oceans, endless flow and movement….

What was once a snowflake is now the powerful ocean.

The oceans are endless, just like the universal powers and just like your ability to create your dreams and reach any of your goals in life…..

Flow like water my friends ♥

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PS – My dad also took the picture I have used for this post ~ I send huge amounts of gratitude and love his way, he is my shining light 🙂

I Choose to Live in Easy World Where Everything is Easy

I Choose Easy World... How About You?

Sometimes we can find ourselves struggling through life, working hard, finding things difficult basically climbing the uphill battle of life….  I understand I used to feel like this….  Even in my own business I sometimes still had the mentality that we have to work very hard for a living and found myself doing too much ~ grinding my business.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of attending an interview with Julia Rogers Hamrick, I had a strong feeling this was going to be a life changer, I wasn’t sure why as I had not previously heard of Julia.  I just knew I had to be there and Boy oh Boy I am SO pleased I was!  

The best way to describe the way I felt during the inertview was as Charlie when he finds his golden ticket into the chocolate factory 🙂

Let me share this amazing and life changing revelation with you……  If you are going through the previously mentioned challenges at the moment I ask one thing of you… open your mind!  Whats the worst that could happen?  You might feel better?!?!

Now say the following with me ~ “I Choose to Live in Easy World, Where Everything is Easy” 

Say it again ~ “I Choose to Live in Easy World Where Everything is Easy” 

Believe it! 

Yes ok, ok.. I know not everything can be easy all the time, Julia agrees with this too.. but when make the choice to live in easy world more than in “difficult world” you have a sudden shift in your mindset which is opening you up to the fact that things can be easier… if you allow them to be!

I believe 90% of what we do in life amounts to our energy and what is going off inside us.  Just imagine how things will change in your life when you choose easy world 🙂 

Also just think about how much easier the Law of Attraction will work in your life when you choose the easy world…. amazing stuff hey! 🙂

You can learn more about Julia’s work at Choosing Easy World 

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Special thanks to both Julia & Patrick Combs for this enlightening, uplifting, wonderful interview 🙂 

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YES YES YES!….. This is it!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

So it begins…. 

One month over another one starts….

I am SUPER excited about this coming month, these last few months for me have been a fair old rollercoaster ride of emotions, highs and lows (more highs though… phew…. 😉 ) after my recent energy healing I am feeling Amazing with a capital A, I can feel my excitement building for these coming weeks and I want to share these positive vibes with you all as much as I can!

As you know I set my intention to play with the universe on my personal development journey just under 3 months ago, since which magical things have shown up in my life which I am SO grateful for. I took some time to reflect upon everything which has happened today and felt quite overwhelmed if I am honest….. Truly amazing! 🙂

I feel so refreshed, my cup is full and overflowing with positive energy, I am ready to share more, give more and really play “full out” with the powers of the universe!

YES YES YES!…… Like I said before…. This is it! YeeeeeeeHaaaaa! 🙂

Once again this month, lets call it Attraction August, I am opening my playbook to like minded positive thinkers who would like to share this life changing journey with me and follow in my footsteps…. I have 11 spots up for grabs 🙂

There are only 3 things I ask….
You must be serious about making a positive change not only in your life but also the lives of others running your own lifestyle business, have an Entrepreneurial Spirit and of course belief in Personal Development and The Law of Attraction 🙂

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Think & Grow Rich – Blueprint For Success! 14 Steps to Financial Freedom & Wealth

Think & Grow Rich!

Think and Grow Rich alongside the Science of Getting Rich are very useful tools to help you change your mindset with regards to attracting wealth and creating success and financial freedom. Here are 14 simple steps ~ Your Blueprint for success! You need to use all the steps and most importantly keep working it….

1) Desire ~ Have the desire to create wealth

2) Faith ~ Take a leap of faith and know that you WILL be successful

3) Auto suggestion, Visualization & Affirmations ~ Use your mind power to attract your desires

4) Specialized knowledge in your field ~ Become an expert in your chosen field, learn your trade

5) Imagination ~ Project yourself into a space which may not already exist use your subconscious

6) Organized planning ~ Be efficient, orderly and organized in your steps

7) Decision ~ Make the decision to success, let your plan B be to make plan A work

8 ) Persistence ~ You can move mountains if you are persistent, keep on keeping on

9) Power of mastermind ~ Mastermind with successful people, leaders and champions in life

10) Channel your energies into the desire for success and wealth ~ Dynamic energy

11) Subconscious mind ~ Things which you set up in your subconscious will be drawn into your conscious mind

12) The Brain ~ Keep your brain sharp expand, challenge and exercise it. Challenge your mind to grow!

13) The 6th Sense ~ Intuition, gut instincts, hunches and trusting your vibes in situations

14) Loose the fear ~ Dont be afraid, second guess or worry move past it.

The exciting opportunities in life are always outside your comfort zone, you will need courage but the rewards will be worth it. The feeling you experience once you push past this is truly amazing. These are taken from Napoleon Hills principles used in his book Think and Grow Rich many years ago, I used these principles to gain both my personal and financial freedom for which I am eternally grateful.

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3 Escape Tips to Live a Happy & Free Life

Happiness & Freedom Awaits....

Are you feeling stressed out, fed up of the rat race and basically a bit down on life at the moment? Here I share 3 simple steps to working towards living a free life and being happy all the time. We all have the ability in us we just need to know how to put it into practice.

Step 1:

Have some “me” time and really define what it is you are happy with at the moment, if this doesn’t amount to much then focus on what you would be happy with. Ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers, take the focus away from the unhappy elements and put your focus on the more positive things in your life this way you can work towards bringing more things to be happy about into your life:

What do I have in my life right now which makes me happy?
What more do I desire in life to add to my happiness?
What are my ultimate happiness goals in life?

So now you have a better idea of what you want. This is always a great place to start, if you don’t know what makes you happy then how can you work towards being happy all the time?

Final question for step 1 – What can I do today to bring me closer to being happy all the time?

Be honest don’t let the answers scare you off continuing with this exercise!

Step 2:

Now it’s time to make a move. So you have ascertained what makes you happy, what you want more of and what your ultimate goal is. Take your focus towards what action you can take, look back at your answer to the final question in step 1 and take action!

Now I expect a lot of your answers to Step 1 are in someway connected with the following:

Personal Freedom
Financial Freedom
Time Freedom
In fact….. Total Life Freedom!

Happiness does always come back to what we have in life or what we don’t have in life. The action you need to take is towards jumping off that treadmill of life, escaping the rat race and creating your own destiny rather than being caught up doing what you think you should be doing in life.

So what action can I take to change my circumstances Liz?

As we approach a new era in technology a lot of people are starting their own home businesses online, franchises are a thing of the past and the internet has taken over. Have you looked into any opportunities online? Have you thought outside the box? Thousands of people across the globe start their own businesses everyday, find something where you can start small, give yourself and light at the end of the tunnel.

Step 3:

What do I choose? Where do I start? Decisions Decisions!

The aim here is to be happy all the time so the obvious choice needs to be connected with your own development as a person along the way. Where better to start than in personal development. We have seen a sudden increase in Life Coaching over the last few years and as technology and human awareness moves even further forward we also have Personal Development Home Business Opportunities which benefit you two fold. You get to increase your own personal strength and build yourself up to leadership levels alongside assisting other people to do the same, in turn building your financial freedom. The perfect match!

These opportunities can be started on a small financial scale without too much outlay meaning you would not be in a situation where you are actually adding more stress or unhappiness into your life by some large financial investment which may, if we are honest here, just about tip you over the edge.

last question for Step 3 – I’ll answer this one for you…..

When do I start?

Start today! Don’t Delay! There is no time like the present, procrastination won’t get you anywhere fast. Set goals stick to them and make it happen. A great saying to keep in mind:

“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

I speak from personal experience after building a career in senior management for fourteen years at the age of thirty one I was stressed and burnt out. I escaped the rat race and now live a happy and free life fulfilling my dreams and working with the Law of Attraction which is my passion. I’m just an average person who had a dream and hope this will be an inspiration to you.

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Positive Vibes to you,

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How to Get Over Fears and Follow Your Dreams and Passions in Life

Follow Your Dreams & Passions

Do you feel that fear is holding you back in life? Do you have dreams and passions you would like to follow but feel fearful that you may not succeed? Maybe you are working a job or business you are not happy with but fear to move on keeps you stuck….. This will help…. read on….

A great way to turn fear on it’s head is to start to build the faith in yourself, your dreams and your passions.

Fear is a state of disconnection. Faith is a state of connection. Simple.

Many successful people in life started from a point of fear not knowing what the outcomes would be if they took a different path in life. We are living in a society where we are told to conform and not “rock the boat” therefore when we think about making positive changes in life and doing something new to help us live our dreams then we can feel held back by fear. I felt like this when I first started on my new life journey moving from a job in the corporate world to running my own personal development business. Each day I strengthened myself, keeping the faith in my dreams and the path I had chosen.

Many people think of “having faith” as a belief in something such as god, yes this is true for some but how I like to look at having faith is a way to strengthen your own inner belief. It really can transform the whole way you look at life. Just imagine how you would feel if you had that strength to go after your passions and dreams. Think about what you would create, how you could effect positive change in the world.

How does this make you feel?

Even if you only feel you have a little faith in yourself right now as you continue on your journey you will become stronger and stronger day by day. Just take the first step then keep on moving.

Follow your dreams and passions 🙂

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Thanks for reading, wishing you a wonderful day 🙂

Liz Green
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Think Outside the Box – Make a Positive Change in Your Life

Think Outside the Box - Transform Your Life!

Do you find yourself in the same situations in life time and time again? Feel like you are running around on the treadmill of life? Maybe now is the time to think outside the box…

Meaning ~ “Thinking outside the box is to think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel, creative and smart thinking.”

It is very easy in life to get caught up in situations and experiences which given a choice you might not really choose to be doing. It’s what I like to refer to as the “treadmill of life”. This can sometimes lead to feelings of unhappiness and stress leaving you feeling you want more. Have you ever found yourself saying “surely there must be more to life than this?”

So, you’re wondering how to make changes. “What’s the next best step to take?”

A great quote which resonates well with this situation is ~ If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got ~

You need to make changes and think outside the box. Start to follow your instincts a little and notice new and interesting opportunities which may be appearing in your life. The more you are willing to think outside the box the more opportunities for change will present their selves to you.

Not so long ago I was totally stuck in life, working a job I wasn’t 100% happy with. Living for my weekends, counting down to my next holiday basically wishing my life away with very little quality time for myself. I made a personal commitment to think outside my box and try new opportunities as a result of which in less than 12 months I was running my own personal development business alongside a wonderful community of like minded positive thinkers ~ a dream come true for me! It took some work to start with, I was a little cynical I had some self doubts but I trusted my gut instincts jumped outside of the box and into a very happy and fulfilling life. I now have the privilege of helping others do the same, perfect!

Thanks for reading, wishing you a super day 🙂

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Whats with all the DONT’s, NOT’s & NO’s Liz Green “Crazy” Law of Attraction Queen……. Ok Ok… I’ll Share More :)

To Do or Not to Do - That is the question.....

I’ve always been a Little Crazy – Maybe I have now taken that up a notch to Totally Crazy – I am living by Lisa Nichols advise to be the most outrageous version of me… WHoo HOooooo!

After entering the NO ENTRY door of life late last year when I created a completely new direction in my life it got me to thinking about the words Don’t NOT & No, if you are already familiar with the LOA you will know that LOA doesn’t understand these 3 key words…. Kind of like some of us chose to ignore these red flags in life or maybe just take a sneaky peek at something which says Do NOT read, open, watch, look at (whatever).

So, Last weekend I also chose to play a new game with the Universe… I tested the Don’t Not & No theory out for myself. Rather than thinking of a negative thing I no longer wanted I switched it round and tested the waters stating a few cool and interesting things I didn’t want to show up in my life. To Clarify I still said I didn’t want these things, but as I am sure you have guessed, as I was giving them the don’t want vibration what was I thinking of? The same thing I was saying I didn’t want (even though I did for this test….lol)

BINGO! These things showed up and very quickly at that!

I also feel that when something starts with dont, not or no human nature is to want to do whatever comes after the dont, not or no…….. Or maybe to be suspicious of the message and check and see what it is all about, this is how we are taught to think…. Nevertheless it’s get attention, focus and energy!

How Many People DO What Says DO NOT?
How Many Times Does The Universe Provide What You Do NOT Want?

I decided to put it to the test by creating a new page here on my blog saying Do NOT Click Here, I thought it would be exciting to see how many people just go for it… or not.. as the case may be. My message ends with the following text and I hope by doing this I can reach more people and open them up to The Law of Attraction. If you like this quirky idea I invite you as my friends and connections to help me awaken more people to this powerful universal force 🙂

It’s Human Nature & Part of the Universal Law………

Just like you and me the Universe doesn’t hear the dont, not and no’s so when you are saying….

“I dont want…….. “

“No thats not for me…….”

“No more of this, I dont want ………dot dot dot……” Fill in the Blanks

Then Guess What? Just like YOU are here right now YOU will get more of the things you dont want! ♥ CHANGE your thoughts, CHANGE your life ♥

♥ Bliss is just one thought away ♥

•☆.•*´¨`*••♥ Thank You ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•

Remember! Spread the word!

PS – In Less than 24 hours with random posts out in a few places over 300 people have already entered the Do NOT Enter Zone… If this can help new people learn about LOA then I am one happy (and crazy lady) Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂 🙂

Do NOT Watch This Video

Do NOT Watch This Video… Don’t Watch it! It’s NOT for you… You are NOT meant to see this… NO! DONT!

Liz Green “Crazy” Law of Attraction Queen…. lol 😉

Click the link below…. or maybe NOT…..??? The choice is yours!

Do NOT click HERE