Like the Leaves of Autumn ~ When We Let Go We Can Grow…..

leavesHellooooo 🙂 I hope all is well in your world….

Today I was supposed to be doing my 5th Class for Reiki Level 2 training and the universe sent me a real life subject, its synchronistic (as always) because we were supposed to take a teddy bear in with us to practice on and I have my own real life teddy bear AkA Magical Milo my doggy who ate some cow poop yesterday and has been up most of the night with a poorly tummy.  Bless him!

He’s doing great now after fresh chicken and rice and lots of reiki healing 🙂

So now I have the perfect opportunity to stop by and say helllooooo before I go walking my other fur baby friends in the village ~ Magical Mutts walking service has naturally grown via word of mouth and I am loving all this fresh air and walking.  Its turning autumn here in the UK and we are entering the dark half of the year.  Its a time for going within, retreating, hibernating, resting, releasing the crapola and refreshing ourselves.

I just love it when the leaves start to turn that magical rusty orange colour ready to fall to the ground and be enjoyed crunching through as we walk in the crispy release of what is no longer required.   I feel this is an amazing time to set our intentions of that which we would like to release ~ just like the leaves…. Searching for the perfect leaf picture the above quote was the first to pop up which is perfect!  Law of Attraction in action absolutely as I had already chosen my title for this message today… SO similar!

“What if trees refused to let go of their dying leaves?  Letting go lets us grow”  (Thank you for this wonderful quote and picture Laurie Wallin)

Like the Leaves of Autumn ~ When we let go we can grow and within that space our light will glow 🙂

I had already decided to put a few magical things in place for this month related to the season change and the leaves falling…. Everything is clicking perfectly 🙂  The “signs” are flowing….

This month I will be offering two very special opportunities to meet up either online or in person.  Both will be held on Galactic Activation Portal (GAP) days, which in Mayan terms are powerful portals to completely transform our lives ~ if we choose that is 😉  To keep the groups intimate and allow chance for sharing and co-creating together I will only be offering 6 places for each ~ There will be group coaching session online (either via private skype or hangout) and an in person workshop nearby to where I live.

We will be following the energy and creating powerful changes together highlighting what vibrational leaves are ready to fall from our trees and what we would like to root into the earth ready to grow and flourish along with the support of pacha mama ~ mother earth and this truly magical universe 🙂

I will also include your Mayan birth reading, a wonderful guided meditation to support you with these changes as well as grounded, open, loving and heartfelt sharing and co-creation together as we share this journey….

Its time to let those leaves fall away… Can you feel it?

If you feel you would like to book one of the 6 places on either of the sessions drop me a mail and let me know as well as confirming your booking here ~

Online session ~ Tuesday 21st October @ 1pm UK time at a cost of £22 per person

In Person session ~ Saturday 18th October 12-2pm @ the beautiful historic venue ~ friends meeting house High Flatts (near upper denby), Quaker Bottom ~ HD8 8XU at a cost of £33 per person including Yogi Teas and cookies 😉

Excited to see you 🙂

& as always if you would prefer to connect one to one you can learn lots more about the energy coaching and healing I offer here ~ I would love to support you, my doors always open and filled with love ♥

Wishing you a totally fabulous day

& beaming lotsa love too ~ from me and from magical Milo WOOF!


Doing what we think we should do Verses what we feel…….



Helllooooo lovely ones 🙂 how are you?

I hope the flow is flowing and all is well.  In case it isn’t know that its all just as its meant to be….. Trust the process 🙂   It is what it is….

I’ve had a fabulous few days of clarity and getting in touch with my inner spirit on a deeper level.  Trusting my vibes and following my hearts callings….

I was supposed to be in London this weekend for a magical meet up with friends, we had tickets for Abraham hicks at the O2 arena, a part of me felt very excited yet another part of me felt somewhat off balance about the trip.  I knew there was some resistance to going, I felt this when the tickets were initially booked earlier this year and put it down to my own confidence about travelling to London for an event and feeling well enough and balanced enough with past echo’s of dis….ease bubbling up from a few years ago.

As this weekend drew closer I started to feel off balance.  Even though we were away in the Lakes for a beautiful wedding last weekend and I felt fantabulous!  Something was off about this particular trip…..  Something wasn’t lining up for me….

I realized I had been ignoring my inner guidance ~ my own personal compass.  So my body started to manifest outward feelings to alert me… To make me stop and connect from within.  When I did I realized for me on a personal level had it been a few years ago I would have jumped at the chance to see Esther Hicks, as it stands in the now my belief system differs from the teachings, although I do still sometimes like to cherry pick from abe as I do with many other teachings, I have connected with my own personal truth and hear with new ears.  Where I am at in life right now in my reality it feels somewhat ungrounded to turn the other cheek and distract myself from what is really manifesting in life, whether it be heavy or light ~ dark or bright.  It is what it is…. The reality that we are now living in and whats coming up for each individual one of us as well as the conscious creative as a whole.

I prefer to allow it all, knowing in my heart that its allll a match if its showing up and that its all good (even if it doesn’t always feel that way lol 😉 ) Its not about what we are experiencing in life its how we feeeeel about it…… For me I feel this is key 🙂

I wanted to share this experience here with you today as well as to say liberation sometimes comes from being honest with ourselves and not going through with the things we think we should be doing.  It comes from tuning deeply into our inner compass on a daily basis, asking “does this serve me?” “Is this the right path for me now?” “Spirit is this the best step to take?”  “Inner spirit speak to me, what should I know today?”

From my minds point of view (& ego self) I thought that I would feel soooo confident coming back from the big smoke all pumped up after an abe gig which actually turned into a heightened and much more spiritually connected feeling of confidence in me and my own truth by not going and spending a beautiful weekend at home in the countryside with the love of my life and our family of fur.  ( as well as a few cheeky vinos and delicious food 😉 )

I hope you are connecting with your inner truth too.  It feels bloody great! 😉

Today also sees the start of a new Mayan moon month ~ the month of getting clear about how we can best be of service in the world around us and our youniverse.  I absolutely know for me its through my support here and coaching, one to ones and countryside retreats, as well as cracking on with my books.  This feels like expansion 🙂

If it feels like expansion to you too and you would like some support tuning into your truth I would love to support you in any way I can ~ just reach out and let me know…. I love holding this space, asking the perfect questions at the perfect time and doing lots of lovely vibe clearing…. ahhhhhhhhh nice!  Lots more about one to ones here ~ One to ones with Liz

Beaming you so much love on this powerful day

shine your lights and shine them bright ~ you are enough and you have all you require and desire within you… how cool is that!!


Love & Hope flowing….

Liz 🙂 🙂 🙂


What to do when things go wrong….. How to connect with your H A P P Y


happyHelloooooooo 🙂 Its so lovely to be connecting here today, I hadn’t planned to but slight delay to lunch with a friend has given me a nice relaxed half an hour to say helloooo and share some magic with you 🙂

I know life doesn’t always seem magical and things go wrong.  Thats life.

I am feeling so deeply from my spirit within that when we are ok with life being life and all its ups and downs that things DO get really magical.

Remember its not what we are experiencing its how we feeeeel about what we are experiencing.  Yesterday I felt some pretty heavy emotions bubbling up.  It seems many of us were or are feeling the same & its all good.  Really it is.  From within the darkness we can be the flame of the candle dancing in our lightness.

I did a wonderful releasing ritual and faced right up to all the fears, worries and anxiety about the things I worried about going wrong in my life.  It felt fabulous! I would highly recommend.  Its an inside job – clearing our vibes from the inside out.  Knowing that we create the reality around us from how we are vibrating. As well as from past cycles habits and patterns.

This morning I was really excited about doing my radio show FAB Friday.  Up early and raring to go, I was even celebrating how much I love doing it with the bus driver on the way there.  Its funny sharing this here with you 😉 Not even realizing little “signs” were flowing in about things going wrong.  The bus had the wrong sign on the front of it ~ (or was it the wrong sign lol 😉 ) 000 not in service…. The the bells on the bus had signs on saying “not working” ~ I felt really tuned into this.

When I got to the studio to open up and let myself in using the key code it wouldnt work.  I gave myself time to ponder if I was putting the right code in.  I even went back out locked up and had a fresh “try” at it…. To no avail.  By this point I was busting for the loo (sorry too much info…)

I hopefully popped over to the tesco intending it was open ~ which it was ~ phew!

I knew there wasn’t a bus home for at least another 2 hours and it wasnt even 7am…. I laughed and said “its all good” putting into practice what I always share….

As I passed by the studio one of the directors was coming out…. I asked him if he got into the studio ok… Of course he replied… As I asked him to check my code we realized I was missing a letter.  I never even connected with this letter I punch in every week!  on autopilot!  PING!  Lightbulb time to wake up ~ connect ~ get with the program…. be powerfully in the NOW….

A fabulous wake up… something simple yet profound.  I got into the studio a little late but all was well and I had lots of inspiration flowing (as well as gratitude for being there) I felt a real strong feeling of connection ~ plugged in.  Tuned in.  As I walked into studio Ironic was playing… lol   “life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when everythings ok”

then Steve who helped me had the following message on his calender – “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”

&&&& the message from the tea for this mornings show was….
“Worry is a total waste of time”

Soooo as I say its all good
I could have panicked and got worried and frustrated but I just smiled on and trusted the process knowing everything is in perfect divine order.. I had a magical show and connected deeply with my H A P P Y 😉


So the question is ~ is anything really “going wrong” or is it going right…. Knowing all is in divine order… what things could we have labelled as wrong?  How can we change our thoughts and emotions about it?

Seeing the challenges as opportunities ~  Opportunities to grow to flow and to glow…. As we clear the darkness from within and let our lights shine 🙂

I do hope you are having a fabulous friday or wonderful day whenever you connect with this message .

If I can support you in any way, reach out.  My doors always open and I would love to share the magical clearing process with you too if it feels aligned 🙂

I made a few videos in answer to some questions of contrast ~ shining a light


How to have financial control and new ways of looking at money ~

Law of attraction verses not meant to be ~ or is it?

Beaming you so much love

Liz 🙂 🙂 🙂


Learn more about the Magic of the Mayans ~ Free Reading & this weeks magical vids :)


Hellooooooo 🙂 How are you?

I loved spending time in the garden yesterday – the hens and sheep came to see me – hope you enjoy the view too 🙂

I have been getting creative with it and aligning with the right path for the energies in the now.  Its the full moon this weekend which is a SUPER MOON so we are being called to get really clear about our heart path ~ about doing that which we know we should be 🙂

Are you following your heart path?  I will invite you to join me…. Its an exciting journey – yes sometimes we are travelling on unknown roads which takes courage but once we get moving ~ trusting the process and clearing our vibes along the way then the magic really starts to happen.

I have been using a Mayan almanac journal since the start of the mayan new year – Red Solar Moon

I pulse in order to purify
Realizing flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of life force.

Its totally magical to work with these methods alongside the Gregorian Calender ~ its a way of synchronizing with the universe and connecting with synchronicity ~ which if you know me you will know is right up my street! I am a blue lunar night so my signature is to support clarity and change from within.  I am a vibe cleaner and healer through and through.  Its magical to know your mayan birth details to give clarity on who we are and what our best path is.  If you would like me to do you a free reading message me ~ get in touch I would love to 🙂

I share more in some of this last few weeks magical life videos ~ as well as on the new facebook page I have created to simply share lifes magic as we flow grow glow and evolve ~ you can connect with this energy here ~ Magical Life Page

Enjoy some magical vids and if you scroll below them I share more about what I have been making and creating and how you can order one 🙂

Star Travelling Learning new magic & Hot air balloons 🙂 

Flying high with the birds and outdoor yoga magic 🙂 

10403510_1541264362762343_8282956222442501058_nThe video below shows you the lavender wand sets I am making with the beautiful yorkshire lavender from my country cottage garden 🙂   Each set includes a full size wand 2 wire wrapped talisman & a gingham wrapped bundle to sweeten any drawer or room and an intuitive guided letter to support you ( you can ask any question you like 🙂 ) …. I love sitting in the garden creating and sharing these 🙂 if you would like a set you can order here order here ~ I am also back to making jewellery and gratitude bracelets now my thumb is all healed…  Get in touch if you would like something bespoke 🙂

Delivery Options

thanks for sharing this journey with me beaming you SO much love
Liz 🙂 🙂 🙂

Firewalking & Arrow Breaking in Liz-Land & Lots of Other Magic to Share…


♥ WoW WoW WoW ♥                                Did my 4th Firewalking evening yesterday and it was the BEST YET!  I am also really loving sharing my video diary again and turning them into mini movies…. As I share my journey and practically process whats been happening in Liz-Land I feel I am also processing whats coming up and out to clear… Feeling FAB!

V grateful I can share this with you it makes it all worthwhile 🙂

Here’s the firewalking day mini movie…. Love to know what you think….

I have also made a few others since I last dropped by here – You can keep upto date with my video diary on youtube LizGreenLive

Here are some more to enjoy if you feel drawn 🙂

Fabulous Friday radio show a trip to the studio –

Nature Nurture – A magical morning walk

A magical tour around holmfirth & me on the TV!

Wishing you a totally magical day 🙂

Lotsa love ♥

Liz ♥

How to Appreciate the NOW & Adventures in Liz~Land

10418918_1509499615949115_6900498833439785012_nHellooooooo 🙂 I hope all is well in your world 🙂

I am excited to be sharing this with you here today – I feel like I have given myself a new and really rather fun lease in life this last week or so.  Since changing my website and updating things to reflect more of where I am in the now on my own journey of evolution I really feel I have liberated myself to a brand new way of being.  A brand new way of being a coach, radio presenter, writer, girlfriend, daughter, friend, person, Liz…. I can simply be Liz in Liz-Land doing what I love having as much fun as I allow myself.

This always brings me back to the simple pleasures of life and how magical this can all be when we tune into it.  I have been tuning into it by doing a video diary and mixing together all the little snippets I decide to capture.  Hope you like the pic from my garden too 🙂  I have just finished my Fab Friday community radio show so do stay tuned I am in the midst of uploading 🙂

Here are the 2 earlier ones I made this week – enjoy the views the tunes the happy vibes shared from my heart to yours in Liz-Land…. We’re all in this together 🙂

Lets have funnnn! 🙂

Whatever the vibrational weather – the fun and flow is still here for us to connect with…. remember its alllll about how we feel about what we are going through or experiencing in life.  Lets open our eyes wide, breathe deeply and appreciate it all 🙂

Love you! 🙂

Also check out my fresh shiny brand new coaching page which feels nice and free and expansive with a new donate button so you can simply donate what feels good to you for a one to one session on skype or phone with me 🙂  Wherever you are in the world we can connect and the push of a button – how cool is that! One to One Intuitive Energy Coaching

mwah! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Oh & mustn’t forget my new goaty friend – Captions please!!!


How to know its all in divine order and trust the process……


I hope all is well in your world 🙂 I have decided to sit in the garden and enjoy some unexpected free time this afternoon as plans change (as they often do in life).  This afternoon we were supposed to be going to watch the Tour de France which is happening a few miles away from our cottage.  Magical Milo (my labradoodle) hasn’t been feeling too well this weekend so plans changed when we took him to the vets this morning.  He’s doing great now and is a very happy chappy indeed as he’s eating fresh chicken, rice and eggs for the next few days ~ bless him!
All’s Good and I absolutely know this is how things were meant to flow.  As I always say everything is always in perfect divine order.  All we have to do is trust the process.  ❤
I know its sometimes easier said than done to do this and still sometimes struggle with it myself especially when things don’t go to plan or big life challenges come along. I have had a few of my own this past month or so.  Old cycles rearing their ugly heads again…. Do you know what I mean?
I am feeling this has been happening for many of us.  I know it has for those who I have been connecting with too.  Its all good!  really it is….
I decided not to worry about what some would have perceived were things to worry about in life.  I decided to take a different approach and see what was coming up as gifts.  Yes maybe in the disguise of nightmares but I simply thought why worry ~ been there done that in the past and it didnt do any good then so it wont now.
I chose to allow these challenges, challenges being opportunities, to be my triggers to allow me to clear my vibes ~ to allow my feelings to come up and out and be aired.
To walk in nature ~ to nurture myself ~ to breathe deeply ~ ask mother earth and the angels to help support me to clear my vibes.  To build up my trust muscle and know that everything really IS in perfect divine order.  Sometimes imperfect ~ always looked at in a new way I’m~Perfect 😉
All we have to do is change the way we look at life ~
As I have done this once again this magical universe has proved to me that we are always supported and always loved.  Those things that I may have worried about in the past have cleared up and new pathways and open doors have shown their selves for which I am so very grateful 🙂
I wanted to share this with you in case you are experiencing a similar flow.  It does take courage and commitment to clear our emotions and allow the energy to flow but when we do WOW what happens is truly amazing.  We change the whole landscapes of our lives.

I am also very grateful for the support I have been shown from fellow coaches, friends and family along the way as well as the clear support my spiritual team is giving me every step of the way.  With support we can do this!  ANYthing is possible 🙂

I am also very excited to share with you the changes which have happened in my life ~ including plans changing today have inspired me to be here sharing this as well as making updates to my blog and coaching.  It feels so wonderful and freeing to say that I am now offering one to one sessions on a donation basis ~ I feel money can often be a barrier for us to have the support we desire and require.  I know I have experienced this myself.  I also know resistance can do that too and maybe that comes in the guise of money blocks for many of us but this too is all good and all in perfect divine order. ❤

Click here to take a nosy ~ One to Ones with Liz

If you feel you would like to connect with me and it feels aligned I invite you to follow the energy and take a look at my new updated page ~ see what feels good to you 🙂



My doors always open and I am excited to support you to open up to new pathways in your life.  I love to hold a sacred space for change and heart connection 🙂



Excited to hear from you!



Beaming you sooooooooooo much love


Liz ❤ ❤ ❤


My Experience Fire Walking & Energy and Gifts to Support You

On Transformational Tuesday this week I took part in my third fire walking evening and it was absolutely ahhhhmazing. Once I got there that is!
I felt all sorts of resistance before going which gave me some wonderful mulch to recycle to Pacha Mama ~ Beautiful Mother Earth ~ thank you thank you thank you.  I am now seeing what I once (and sometimes still do) label as Negative as simply the heavy stuff to release to allow more light in.
So yes it wasn’t all plain sailing for me to even get to York for the walk.  Worries about this and that ~ mainly my balance and health ~ which is SO good right now!  That said old programming crapt (hahaaaa I actually meant to type crept!  crapt ~ yes that too) it crept in and I did lots of vibrational clearing to transform my feelings from within by acknowledging them and actually feeeeeling them.  It was also my mayan day on Tuesday so lots coming up to integrate.  ❤
Its all good!  This is where I am at in life now.  No more blocking stuff no more “talk to the hand cause the ears aint listening” and more “bring it on and where are you from” What are these feelings showing us?  Everything which triggers heavy feelings within us, tension, worry, fear, judgements ~ all the stuff we dont want ~ well thats the GOLD ~ thats the Prima Materia for transformation ~ the alchemy…..
SO great to share this with you ~ perfect alignment and divine order thats for sure ~ I made a video just now firstly to send you some countryside healing energy as well as share more about how the fire walk felt to me ~
Its amazing how we are all evolving ~ each at different life levels ~ each on our own unique journey.  Its taken a lot for me to reach this point I now know deep within my heart everything which did happen is whats led me here ~ the heavy and the light (the negative and the positive)
If we can trust this process more and more knowing that its all in perfect divine order then life gets really magical whatever we are experiencing ~ remembering its now about what happens in life its how we feeeeel about it.  As we clear out our cache and cookies (just like we do on our computers) we open ourselves up for the world to evolve and change around us rather than trying to control what we desire….
Thanks for being here sharing this journey with me.  I am excited (and a little nervous lol) about whats to come ~ are you?
& if you feel you would like to experience some of the different stages of my journey along the way have a nosy at my videos on youtube just search Liz Green and whatever thread you would like to follow… or subscribe to  ❤
I am also gifting any of my previous video programs for free or you can make me a magical donation if you feel aligned ~ simply let me know which you feel drawn to ~ Law of Attraction intro and 3 steps to success and or SHINE ~ Support Healing Inspiration and Natural Empowerment.  I made these before my move to the country so lots has changed for me since, as have I.  That said they are gems and this info supported me along my journey 🙂
I will also be updating my site over the coming days or weeks or whenever it aligns ~ so that you can book your first session with me on a donation basis meaning there are no financial blocks between us connection ~ its easy and flowing and you can simply donate what feels good to you 🙂 Message me if you feel drawn to a session my doors always open and I am here to support you ~ Its what I was put on this good earth to do!  My Mayan sign is Blue Lunar Night ~ I am here to support this magical clearing of energy 🙂
Beaming you soooooo much love now and always ❤ ❤ ❤
PS if you would like your mayan sign reading I will do this on a donation basis too just ask…. ❤


How to be positive when you don’t feel it…… Coping with Negative Heavy Feelings




How are you?  I hope that all is well in your world and I am sending you lotsa hugs and happy vibes… its been a roller coaster of energy flows for many over this last couple of weeks…. That said the syncros are SOOOOoooo STRONG right now…. are you connecting with them?  The beautiful serendipities… The Coincidences  ~  The incidences that perfectly coincide ❤



I’ve had lots of fun making videos today and walking in the rain ~ got a spicy curry night planned this evening and looking forward to catching up with friends… Things are going really great here in Liz Land – loving living in the country and feeling flowing and abundant ~ my fave abundance flow at the mo is the green~ness (the above pic is the view from my garden) nature is so abundant and beautiful ~ Hope you are enjoying the beauty and abundance in your life too! WHOOHOO! :0)


I had a fabbie Q from a lovely lady on facebook about how to stay positive in heavy times ~ what to do about feelings of grief and sadness or if things are going bad…. This is how I now feel and how things have evolved in my life… NO more hiding ~ NO more pushing things away…. It  feels wonderful and liberating to be ok with it all whatever it be and once we stop fighting it what happens?  There’s no longer anything to fight!








I also had fun sharing sparkly vibes on this video too ~ how to apply glitter eyeliner and totally sparkle up your days….  Whatever the weather!  and yessss I did go walking out in the rain wearing glitter this afternoon and it felt GOOD :0)


I am really enjoying connecting, coaching, supporting and answering magical questions and feel the pull to do a live hangout on Wonderful Wednesday ~ if you are up for it let me know and join here to I can see how this aligns…following the energy…. feels fun!



If I can support you in any way reach out… I am offering a handful of complimentary coaching consultations next week and the week after so if we haven’t yet connected and you would like my support I am here for you, we can connect on skype, phone or in person ~ I am also offering VIP days over the summer months so you can come and have a countryside retreat here in the beautiful greenery of Upper Denby (accommodation available too ~ just ask :0) )   Here’s lots of lovely pics of my garden this week



~ remember its all good and all in divine order ~ trust the process and watch the magic happen….. ❤



Beaming you sooooooooo much love


Liz ❤ ❤ ❤