Tapping into the Powers that Be to Improve Life – Only You Can Make the Choice

All You Have to do is Ask 🙂

When you want to lighten the load of life you can call upon your inner self and higher powers to help you get through anything and achieve anything you desire in life.  The universe is here to support and guide you, all you have to do is ask for the help you need and it will be given.   The choice is yours whether you make the most of this amazing gift or not……  It’s up to you and only you. 

I have lived through the proof of this for the past year or so and hope I can inspire you to feel guided and supported in your life. 

Have you ever been in a situation where things aren’t working out the way you expected?  Maybe something has gone wrong or you are dealing with a challenge.  At times like this we tend to have a certain amount of surrender, maybe feeling like things are out of our hands or not understanding why certain things are happening.  It’s at times like this when we may throw our arms in the air and ask for help, guidance and support from the powers that be.  Whatever these powers mean to you it matters not, all that matters is that when we need it the most help shows up in the most unexpected ways.

Rather than just using these powers in the most needy of times if you can become tuned in to these powers each and every day you will start to see a shift in your life.  When working with the Law of Attraction you are tapping into the universal powers to help you in life, I like to tie this in with working with my angel guides and my inner spirit.  One of my favorite sayings is “Trust your vibes” I feel this is a great place to start, within.  You can then start to ask for guidance whilst keeping in mind what your vibes are telling you.  Surrender and flow, be guided to where you should be in life, what you should be doing and how you should be doing it.  Pick something which resonates with you, trust your vibes and be guided in a way that resonates with you on a heart and soul level.

Another benefit of tapping into this assistance in your life is that you can always feel supported.  Supported during the easy and the hard times, knowing that you are being looked after and that all is well.  If you have challenges and problems you can see them as a gift to help you understand things which may need changing in your life, when they arise ask yourself (your inner self) what you need to learn from the problem then ask your guides to light your way ahead to help you reach the best possible outcome.  Then flow.

It’s just wonderful to feel protected and supported as you move through life.  Give it a go starting today ~ why wouldn’t you?  All you have to do is quite your mind and ask 🙂

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How to Allow More Money to Flow into your Life

Are you a Spender or a Saver?

Are you a spender or a saver?  Do you hold onto the money coming into your life like it’s about to run out or do you freely spend whatever shows up and expect lots more of it?   I feel it’s pretty safe to say most people hold onto money, I know I used to.   We live in a world where we are told to be careful with money, to save it and hold onto as much of it as we can so we dont run out.

If you are looking to bring more money into your life regardless of how much you have at the moment then I would love to share this simple yet effective way to get money flowing for you.  It’s great fun too, the only thing you have to do is trust the process…

Let me share my example with you ~ I started to do this when my bank account was in the red, a big fat minus sign plus lots of debt to be cleared.   At this point most people would start to worry about money thus coming from a place of lackful thinking.  I chose to take the last of the money I could and spend it on something useful which for me was some motivational books and other things I knew would bring pleasure into my life.  I also bought some gifts for the people I love in my life and gave some away to charity.  As I was spending the money I thought about more money flowing into my life and affirmed that as this money was spent more would come in.   It wasn’t a lot but it was the feelings and thoughts behind what I was doing that mattered.

I also chose to start up my own business by increasing the loans I already had in my life to enable me to invest in my business.  Then not long after this I quit my job in senior management, gave back my company car, burnt my bridges and trusted the process.  It was scary at the time and I had to have a whole lot of faith in what I was doing and in myself.  In a way I had to hit financial rock bottom before I could start to increase the flow of money in my life.  Crazy?  Maybe… Risky?  Yes, some would say….  Regrets?  Not at all…

In case you don’t know much about the Law of Attraction and money, simply put what you put out you get back and what you think about, intend and expect to happen in life will.  So this is what I did.   If you can get yourself into the right mindset anything is possible, I am not saying it’s always easy, there are tests along the journey but if you feel its the right path for you both in your heart and soul then I would always say go for it.  Follow your passions no matter what 🙂  You are the only one who knows deep down inside you…..

I heard a story from a well known personal development guru not long after I had burnt my financial bridges and started to trust the process.  The example given told of a lady who was down to her last $100 and chose to withdraw it from her account, walking down a highstreet and hand it out to various people as a gift.  The very same week over $20,000 came through from an unexpected source.  I know there are many stories like this and I too believe it works as I have lived it myself.  Just when I needed it money showed up and over time I was able to increase the flow of money in my life on a much larger scale than I could have ever expected before I knew about the Law of Attraction and inspired action.

I now choose to let the money flow in and out of my life.  Rather than holding onto extra money which is left over once living costs are paid for I choose to allocate chunks of money to “fun money” as well as charity money.  It doesn’t matter how much you do or do not have, you too can choose to allocate a percentage of your money to “fun money” you can also give back to others rather than holding onto money, just in case… In case of what?  This is a great question to ask yourself.  Yes it’s good to save money for future investments, useful things in life and such things as holidays but remember the following:

If you are holding onto money in case of an urgent need, you need to look closer into this as you may be sending out a mindset vibration of lack or worry surrounding money.  Once you can start to let these feelings go you will find you are allowing more money to flow into your life.  Also think about the ways in which you believe money will flow into your life, and the ways which you allow money to flow to you.  Money does not only come to you through a wage from a job, you can create your own flow, get creative and add some strings to your financial bow.  Do something new, give yourself a personal challenge to do something to open your door to the energy of money.

Anything is possible when you believe it is 🙂

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Out with the Old in with the New – Clearing to Receive

Out with the Old ~ In with the New

There are two ways to look at this, material stuff and mental baggage.  When we hold onto things we no longer need this can create a block stopping the things we want to show up in our lives.  Are you holding onto things you no longer need?  Let me give you my example…

Today I decided to clear out some old stuff I had been holding onto for some time.  Most of these things were clothes, to be more precise my old corporate gear which I had held onto for no reason.  Or so I thought…

As I started to bag up the various items I had a realization that I was finally moving on from my old life.  It’s 11 months since I left behind my old corporate life and became JOB free, but for some reason at the time of leaving to run my own personal development business full time, I chose to move these items to my spare wardrobe without really thinking about it.  If I am honest I had forgotten they were there until my partner Ian mentioned it to me.

I then realized that a part of me hadn’t wanted to let go.  If I am honest maybe this was because I was unsure I would succeed at the time I quit my job.  Today something clicked inside me when I realized this…  I had created my own block, by holding onto these things which I no longer used or needed the message I was sending out to the universe was the opposite one I was working towards.  I always say I only need a plan A, plan B is that plan A works… Plan A is working perfectly,  therefore why was I holding onto a part of me which was gone?  By doing this the message I was sending out was that of uncertainty, I had created a back up plan without knowing it.

Sat here now writing this I feel a sudden rush of excitement, my journey so far has been amazing, yes, I have had my up’s and downs, my journey has been a little bit of rollercoaster – thats what I manifested.  I feel by holding onto these things, which I no longer needed, added to some of the blocks I have experienced so I wanted to share this with everyone to hopefully help you identify any area’s in your life which may be holding you back. 

Are you holding onto things which you no longer need?  Or have you chose to move onto something new but held onto a few of the old things, just in case?  Maybe you are holding onto some thoughts which no longer serve you? 

It’s just the same if you are holding onto some old mental baggage you no longer need.  Maybe your thoughts are stuck in the past or you keep replaying something in your mind which has been and gone. 

I took my old gear to our local charity warehouse, as I dropped off the bags it felt great to be giving back and doing something worthwhile for charity, I also chose to leave some of my old limiting thoughts at the warehouse along with the bags full of clothes.  It felt very freeing to make this choice.  Thats all it is when it comes to mental baggage, a choice to leave them behind somewhere, to cut the chords which may be holding you back.

Once you choose ~ Out with the Old and in with the New you are making space to receive these new things in your life.  The message you are sending out is very powerful.  Everything is energy, and when it comes to the law of attraction our energy surrounding each and every situation is transmitting a message of what we do or do not want in our lives. 

Maybe you feel it’s time for a clear out too….  Go for it, there’s no time like the present!

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Blossoming into the Grandest Version of you, inspiring yourself & others

Blossom into the Grandest Version of YOU!

At some point in our lives everyone looks for inspiration, a way to lift our spirits, to move towards what we truly desire in life.  It’s just natural… I attended an interview with Ellie Drake last night, she is a savvy business woman, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who had a very humble start in life.  I would love to share with you what this interview meant to me and hope to inspire you to start to become the grandest version of you…  It’s just a matter of choice…

Ellie like many others, myself included, had her life set out before her, being told to do things a certain way.  Get a good eduction, a good job, the list goes on – you know the one!  We’ve all lived through it.  Ellie chose to take the road less travelled towards her passion for personal development and motivational speaking and started up in her own home business, she saw this as her vehicle to take her to where she wanted to be in life.  Her springboard…

Now this is the point where I started to get goosebumps!  I too thought the same when I chose to leave behind my “old life” (in case you don’t know much about me “old life” = Corporate girl, suited & booted, slave to my blackberry, nice company car, great wage… not truly happy on a heart and soul level)  I knew that I could do anything if I followed my passion for the Law of Attraction, personal development & helping others so I did.

When you get to a point in life where something has got to give then there is no going back.  Yes you can choose not to move from the point you are in life, but will you ever be truly happy?  Or you can choose to go for it and find something which you can use as your springboard to total life success and being the grandest version of you.

So, make the mindset shift today start to inspire yourself to begin with.  Inspire yourself into action to move towards what you truly desire in life.  As each day comes and goes you will blossom, I continue to experience this on a daily basis.  Then as you move forward you will start to inspire others by your own example.  The more you inspire yourself, the more you inspire others, the more you blossom.  This is when you start to move towards being the grandest version of you!  Perfect!

One point which stuck in my mind as I too have experienced this…. Life is a journey, business is a journey, whatever you choose to do will be a journey.  Don’t expect microwave results, expect the best and keep going.  When you start to look at it this way making sure you are moving towards your grandest purpose in life then you can overcome anything.  Along with the ups you can get through the downs, the forks in the road, the points where some people unfortunately choose to quit and choose to forget their dreams.  This my friends is living an inspired and passionate life!

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Dare to Dream – 7 Steps to Living Your Dream Life

Do you harbor a secret yearning? Or perhaps you ditched your dreams long ago in the belief they’d never come true. Well, now it’s the time to think big again with our life-changing plan for fulfilling your desires in seven easy steps. What’s stopping you?

1 – Make your dream map
Einstein – a man who knew a thing or two – said imagination was more important than knowledge. ‘Logics’, he explained, ‘will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’ So your first step in making your dream come true is to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen, and let you mind drift to the life you want to be leading. Imagine how you look? How do you feel about yourself? Are you fit and healthy, and how do you keep yourself so? Are you in a relationship – and if so, what’s it like? Where are you living? Describe your home. Tell yourself about your family and friends. Now, what’s your life’s work? Describe your job and your success. Make sure you do all this in present tense, and remember- let your imagination run riot. Let there be no boundaries. You’re living the life you desire.

2 – Use the Law of Attraction
Once you’ve started to visualize and really believe that your dreams can come true, it’s perfectly possible that certain desires could land in your lap sooner than you realize. This is the Law of Attraction, also known as “The Secret”. The basic premise is that peoples thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they’re aware of it. Essentially, if you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, you’ll get it, but putting a lot of attention and thought on something you don’t want means you’ll probably get that too. We’re like magnets, attracting thoughts, people, events and lifestyles to us.

3 – Take baby steps
So how do we go from knowing and visualizing our dream, and letting self-doubt melt away, to actually making the dream concrete reality? Take small steps that help achieve the big idea. In essence, without losing site of your big dream give yourself mini goals. Set goals you know you can achieve. By baby stepping your way into action your brain doesn’t notice that you’re sneaking out of the zone of the familiar and into action until you’ve already begun to benefit from the momentum of change.

4 – Hold your focus
Once your dream has been launched, you’ll get really excited. But goals that are continually checked and overly worried about may not flourish in a way that you wish them to. Try not to ‘over care’ and attempt to control the outcome to ‘make things happen’. Imagine what you want is like a beautiful butterfly in your hands, if you squeeze too tightly, the butterfly will be crushed; if you hold your hands too loosely the butterfly will simply fly away. The secret is to hold it gently. Cultivate ease by relaxing your body, being present in whatever you’re doing, rather than having your mind racing on to the next thing. The focus stage is all about following the Law of Attraction and this involves concentrating positively on your vision, truly inviting it and making it present.

5 – Take a leap of faith
As you life becomes even more inspired every day, and you head further in the direction you want to take, there may still be moments when you need to check you’re on the right path. To make sure you step into success you have to take those last leaps of faith. When leaving our comfort zone, we recreate our lives according to what feels right and good to us. If you remain safe you’ll never know what could have happened and you may regret not trying. If fear holds you back consider the risk of living your life without taking that leap of faith. Isn’t the cost of sacrificing your dream too high?

6 – Enjoy the journey
Why do you want to fulfill and Live Your Dream ? The chances are it’s because you want happiness and contentment. Don’t put this off, even when there are obstacles or challenges. Slow down; connect deeply with all life, and experience beauty and sacredness. Praying or meditating to a higher source, or simply taking a long walk in the countryside and breathing in the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer, can help you in your quest for your dreams and help you love your life. Connecting with others will also being you joy, putting the focus on giving to another person immediately has the effect of taking your mind off your own problems. Expressing gratitude is another brilliant tool to enjoy the journey. This will help you feel much happier, create a list of all the things you are happy for, and post it somewhere you can see it. Decide to make every day a wonderful day and expect it, magical things will start to happen.

7 – Note what you’ve achieved
You know when kids chant “are we there yet?” five minutes after leaving home on a long car journey? This approach is best avoided when traveling towards your dream! However, every so often, it’s good to check in with your original vision and note what you’ve achieved, and what you still have to do. Take a moment to be grateful and count your blessings. Write down your yearly goals then check in with them every so often, adjusting up or down, depending on how things are going. The only real purpose of a goal is to inspire you to fall more deeply in love with life. Look deep within yourself, what is your dream right now? Whether it’s the same, or changed, make sure you journey towards it with joy and wonder. Then you’ll really have arrived!

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How to Use the Science of Getting Rich in the 21st Century

Have you read the Science of Getting Rich but feel a little stuck with what to do next to bring about the financial changes you would like to see? Maybe you feel you would like a more modern take on this old classic…. This will help… read on….

In the Science of Getting Rich Wallace D Wattles talks about the “creative” way of making money. Rather than going after the money you need to get creative about how you are going to bring it into your life. Sounds pretty simple hey…..

For some maybe, for others maybe not.

When I first read this book I thought about creative ways to make money other than by making money in a job. Using the word creative initially made me think of the arts, writing books and other similar services. I have a different take on this now which I feel will help you, it helped me!

When you think about creative ways of making money and getting rich think about being of service to others. In simple terms creating something which will be of use to others.

Look at your current skill set and the things you are passionate about in life. These are great clues to help you understand what you can do to become rich.

What can you do to be of service to people? How can you make a positive difference in the world? What could you do to make you feel you deserve to be rich?

Once you can pinpoint this you can start to move towards setting things in place to work towards creating true riches in your life.

Notice I say “true riches” here ~ when you are doing something you love and helping others the money will come naturally this is the true meaning of being rich in life.

I speak from personal experience here, it’s true!

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Health & Wellness Inspiration with Personal Development

Do you feel you are ready to start taking better care of yourself? Maybe you feel a little under the weather and are looking for ways to bring about positive changes in your life…. This will help…. read on…

There are many old sayings along the lines of do to yourself what you would expect others to do to you, what goes around comes around and such like.

My take on this is that first and foremost we need to take good care of ourselves.

You are the most important thing in your life. Period!

I work closely with Personal Development a big part of what we teach is to focus on being healthy and fit. I also work with the Law of Attraction which teaches us that what we think about we bring about and also our feelings effect the things which we are drawing into our lives. When you understand this it makes so much sense to focus on your own health and wellbeing prior to bringing about any other positive changes in life.

Your own health and wellness is key to creating a more fulfilled and happy life. Once you have this part of your life in order you can then move onto develop other area’s in your life.

Think of the 3 words Mind, Body, Spirit. Health Body, Healthy Mind = Healthy Spirit….

We always feel better on a whole when we feel healthy. If you are feeling a little under the weather at the moment I would highly recommend reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This is a wonderful introduction to the power of personal development when it comes to health & wellness.

Enjoy 🙂

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Creating Your Days Intentionally Attracting All Your Desires

Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and thought they were lucky to be experiencing so many great things?  Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to glide effortlessly through life achieving everything they desire?   I’m here to say, stop looking and wondering and start living this first hand, all the wonderful things you desire are there already just waiting for you to allow them in…  It really is that simple!  Trust me….

I have just experienced a most magical week, one of those weeks which is just filled with amazing, mind blowing things showing up, as if by magic.  Everything I desired and then some showed up in my life, from the simple small pleasures to the super big desires which I have been focusing upon attracting for some time.  From rainbows, butterflies and feathers flowing, to money, personal possessions and business growing.  I feel extremely abundant in all areas of my life right now, financially and personally.  I truly am in love with life.  YOU can feel the same too!  Anyone can, it’s just personal choice….

Now… in case you are new to my blog and don’t know me or the Law of Attraction that well, then I recommend you take a good look around my blog and familiarize yourself with how life really works.  We are awakening to a new way of life and I am truly grateful I chose the path less travelled.  How about you?  Which path have you chosen?

So, how did I do it…. How did I bring about so many magical moments in my life this week?

As I said it’s simple (anyone can do this – if they are open to doing it that is….)

If you are not currently living life on your own terms (i.e. working a job or feeling a little stuck in life) I would recommend starting to do this during a holiday, a day away from the norm of life or even on a weekend.  If you are caught up in the speed of life the things you want to show up will pass you by, hence I recommend doing this whilst in a happy place.  The key to creating your days intentionally is to be completely in the flow of life, allowing, living in the present moment and being very very grateful for each and every little thing around you.   Be in the I’m so Happy  and so in Love with Life kind of place… you know the one, we’ve all been there before…

I started my week of magical manifestations by pre-seeding what I wanted to show up, I did this with my partner Ian – we took time out  with our journal and wrote out all the things we would love to show up during the following week, I dated the entry.  You can do the same, start it like this –

– I am so happy and grateful now that I am in the process of attracting all the following wonderful things into my life this week / day / weekend (whatever time you choose to do this… date it, be very clear about what you intend to attract)

Then write it out, be free from playing it safe…  Let your pen go and get creative.  What would you love to see show up in your life?   What do you truly desire?

Within a couple of days most of the things on our list had already shown up, bearing in mind we allowed a full week for our desires to become our reality.  You will be able to sense how much you are allowing with how quickly your desires are showing up – once again this is why I recommend you do this when you are away from your normal routine, this way you are less likely to get “caught up” in life.

It is important to remember to flow and allow the things to come into your life, you also need to get off your butt and do things (as well as your But’s – i.e. “but I cant do that, go there, see that, experience that…. but but but – get rid of the buts, be open!).  Put your attention, energy and focus upon the things you want then go out and play, let go, surrender, have fun, laugh, love and truly live!  When working with the Law of Attraction you take inspired action, move with the flow of life and expect the things to show up.  Keep your eyes wide open, notice the signs and synchronistic moments then as the small things start to show up your beliefs will get stronger and stronger about the things you have asked for.  You will feel that you are in the Vortex of life with the magic moments just pouring in!  Amazing! 🙂

Join me, create your days intentionally…. I am very excited to start my new week tomorrow pre-seeding the next batch of magical manifestations waiting to appear in my life 🙂 whoo hoO!

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Do We REALLY Know What’s Brainwashing the World Right Now?

What's Brainwashing YOU?

To Brainwash = to indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes….  (This is the definition of one online dictionary)

I often find myself guided by what to write and today is one of those days….  On occasion I hear people talk about “Brainwashing” sometimes I feel they have the right attitude when it comes to the media, bad news, being told to believe the world is full of negative circumstances which are out of our control.  I personally choose to avert my attention from the news and the media, as well as negative people whenever possible.  I choose to live my life surrounded by positive vibes, this is my decision, it’s a personal one which not everyone agrees with and thats fine…  No worries, everyone is different…

On the other hand occasionally I hear from people who feel that positive thinking and the Law of Attraction is a form of brainwashing.  I have to admit this makes me smile, actually it makes me feel very happy! 🙂 

Here’s how I see it ~ (and if you are reading this as a person who would rather be brainwashed by negative thinking, maybe I can help you change your thoughts)  Our minds are open and ready to accept all the wonderful, and not so wonderful, things sent to us each and every day.  We are like sponges soaking up the vibes, either negative or positive.  In the world right now we are seeing a global shift into a new paradigm, we are becoming much more conscious about what is going on around us.  Many people want to see positive change around the world as well as in their own lives.  Books like The Secret opened up positive thinking and The Law of Attraction to the world (including me) I was so happy and grateful to have been introduced to this new way of thinking, at a very low point in my life, it helped me to see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, it gave me hope and restored my love for life and all its wonders.  Is this brainwashing?  Maybe so…

I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking and I still learn new things everyday, I am retraining my mind.   I know many other people are doing the same.  I think it’s just wonderful, it fills my heart with such joy, happiness and gratitude for life.  Perfect!

To Brainwash = aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes. (This is the definition of another dictionary)

Clearly there are 2 ways to look at “Brainwashing” This is fine too… There always has to be 2 sides to everything, this is the law of polarity. 

Now here comes my main point and I think most people will agree with me on this and if you dont thats fine too…. 

If we had 2 choices in life, to either focus upon negative things happening in life and in the future, things going from bad to worse, from worse to downright horrendous OR to focus upon positive things happening in life and in the future, things going from ok to great, from great to amazing, from amazing to absolutely perfect.  Which would you choose to focus on?  Which would you embrace as a way of life? 

If you could only ever focus on one or the other for the rest of your life which would it be Positives or Negatives?

I thought so!  Ok, ok I understand that life cant always be a bed of roses, but if we can choose the positive train of thought more than the negative and expect the best possible outcomes in life then we are heading in the right direction 🙂

For me personally I choose positive vibes, happiness, freedom and choice, following my passions, living the dream, laughing, loving and truly living whenever I possibly can…   I choose to spread these vibes to whoever will listen, my mission is clear, to spread them right around the world and back. 

Is this brainwashing ~ who knows… who cares… We are the judges of that.  In all honesty we are the judges of anything in life, it’s all about our own personal viewpoint and how we look at things.   Each to their own 🙂

The purpose of choice is to choose and we can all choose which path we take.  Freewill. 

The purpose of life is to live and we can all choose to live the way we decide.  Freewill.

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Ever Feel Like You Are Going Round in Circles? Put a Positive Spin on Your Life!

Are You Ready for Positive Change?

Sometimes life can be a little like groundhog day, going round in circles from one day to the next.   Monday to Friday work routines, family routines, squeezing in the things you want more of into weekends and holidays.  Sound familiar?  At some point in life I am certain that everyone feels that they need a change, a positive spin on things, a new direction in life….

I have empathy with you…  It was just 11 short months ago I burnt my bridges and chose to leave behind the old life I had created to pursue my passions and dreams in life.  I knew about The Secret, Personal Development & The Law of Attraction, I knew by taking inspired action with the right opportunity everything would fall perfectly into place.   I am leading by example and proving just what’s possible when you set your heart on achieving something in life….

So, with the summer holiday season drawing to a close and everyone starting to settle back into the daily routine I am pleased to announce that I am opening up 11 mentorship spots for 11 like minded people who are ready to change direction, jump out of the existing circle of life and put a positive spin on things.

I always like to make sure that people are in the right place at the right time, so I ask you the following questions before you get in touch –

Are you serious about making a positive change in your life?

Do you feel there is no better investment than one in yourself?

Are you passionate about personal development & helping others?

Do you want to change the world 1 person at a time?

If you answer “Yes Yes Yes!” and you are ready to own your own lifestyle business just like me then get in touch I would love to be of service and help you break free from the norm…

You are invited to complete your details here on my blog, or for more information about our company click here – Live Your Dream Mentoring

I also invite you to watch the videos and meet the people I work with in our Global Leadership Team here – My Mirror Image Blueprint

I wish you a wonderful day and look forward to speaking with you soon 🙂

With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  – Walt Disney