How to Use the Science of Getting Rich in the 21st Century

Have you read the Science of Getting Rich but feel a little stuck with what to do next to bring about the financial changes you would like to see? Maybe you feel you would like a more modern take on this old classic…. This will help… read on….

In the Science of Getting Rich Wallace D Wattles talks about the “creative” way of making money. Rather than going after the money you need to get creative about how you are going to bring it into your life. Sounds pretty simple hey…..

For some maybe, for others maybe not.

When I first read this book I thought about creative ways to make money other than by making money in a job. Using the word creative initially made me think of the arts, writing books and other similar services. I have a different take on this now which I feel will help you, it helped me!

When you think about creative ways of making money and getting rich think about being of service to others. In simple terms creating something which will be of use to others.

Look at your current skill set and the things you are passionate about in life. These are great clues to help you understand what you can do to become rich.

What can you do to be of service to people? How can you make a positive difference in the world? What could you do to make you feel you deserve to be rich?

Once you can pinpoint this you can start to move towards setting things in place to work towards creating true riches in your life.

Notice I say “true riches” here ~ when you are doing something you love and helping others the money will come naturally this is the true meaning of being rich in life.

I speak from personal experience here, it’s true!

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Health & Wellness Inspiration with Personal Development

Do you feel you are ready to start taking better care of yourself? Maybe you feel a little under the weather and are looking for ways to bring about positive changes in your life…. This will help…. read on…

There are many old sayings along the lines of do to yourself what you would expect others to do to you, what goes around comes around and such like.

My take on this is that first and foremost we need to take good care of ourselves.

You are the most important thing in your life. Period!

I work closely with Personal Development a big part of what we teach is to focus on being healthy and fit. I also work with the Law of Attraction which teaches us that what we think about we bring about and also our feelings effect the things which we are drawing into our lives. When you understand this it makes so much sense to focus on your own health and wellbeing prior to bringing about any other positive changes in life.

Your own health and wellness is key to creating a more fulfilled and happy life. Once you have this part of your life in order you can then move onto develop other area’s in your life.

Think of the 3 words Mind, Body, Spirit. Health Body, Healthy Mind = Healthy Spirit….

We always feel better on a whole when we feel healthy. If you are feeling a little under the weather at the moment I would highly recommend reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This is a wonderful introduction to the power of personal development when it comes to health & wellness.

Enjoy 🙂

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Creating Your Days Intentionally Attracting All Your Desires

Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and thought they were lucky to be experiencing so many great things?  Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to glide effortlessly through life achieving everything they desire?   I’m here to say, stop looking and wondering and start living this first hand, all the wonderful things you desire are there already just waiting for you to allow them in…  It really is that simple!  Trust me….

I have just experienced a most magical week, one of those weeks which is just filled with amazing, mind blowing things showing up, as if by magic.  Everything I desired and then some showed up in my life, from the simple small pleasures to the super big desires which I have been focusing upon attracting for some time.  From rainbows, butterflies and feathers flowing, to money, personal possessions and business growing.  I feel extremely abundant in all areas of my life right now, financially and personally.  I truly am in love with life.  YOU can feel the same too!  Anyone can, it’s just personal choice….

Now… in case you are new to my blog and don’t know me or the Law of Attraction that well, then I recommend you take a good look around my blog and familiarize yourself with how life really works.  We are awakening to a new way of life and I am truly grateful I chose the path less travelled.  How about you?  Which path have you chosen?

So, how did I do it…. How did I bring about so many magical moments in my life this week?

As I said it’s simple (anyone can do this – if they are open to doing it that is….)

If you are not currently living life on your own terms (i.e. working a job or feeling a little stuck in life) I would recommend starting to do this during a holiday, a day away from the norm of life or even on a weekend.  If you are caught up in the speed of life the things you want to show up will pass you by, hence I recommend doing this whilst in a happy place.  The key to creating your days intentionally is to be completely in the flow of life, allowing, living in the present moment and being very very grateful for each and every little thing around you.   Be in the I’m so Happy  and so in Love with Life kind of place… you know the one, we’ve all been there before…

I started my week of magical manifestations by pre-seeding what I wanted to show up, I did this with my partner Ian – we took time out  with our journal and wrote out all the things we would love to show up during the following week, I dated the entry.  You can do the same, start it like this –

– I am so happy and grateful now that I am in the process of attracting all the following wonderful things into my life this week / day / weekend (whatever time you choose to do this… date it, be very clear about what you intend to attract)

Then write it out, be free from playing it safe…  Let your pen go and get creative.  What would you love to see show up in your life?   What do you truly desire?

Within a couple of days most of the things on our list had already shown up, bearing in mind we allowed a full week for our desires to become our reality.  You will be able to sense how much you are allowing with how quickly your desires are showing up – once again this is why I recommend you do this when you are away from your normal routine, this way you are less likely to get “caught up” in life.

It is important to remember to flow and allow the things to come into your life, you also need to get off your butt and do things (as well as your But’s – i.e. “but I cant do that, go there, see that, experience that…. but but but – get rid of the buts, be open!).  Put your attention, energy and focus upon the things you want then go out and play, let go, surrender, have fun, laugh, love and truly live!  When working with the Law of Attraction you take inspired action, move with the flow of life and expect the things to show up.  Keep your eyes wide open, notice the signs and synchronistic moments then as the small things start to show up your beliefs will get stronger and stronger about the things you have asked for.  You will feel that you are in the Vortex of life with the magic moments just pouring in!  Amazing! 🙂

Join me, create your days intentionally…. I am very excited to start my new week tomorrow pre-seeding the next batch of magical manifestations waiting to appear in my life 🙂 whoo hoO!

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Do We REALLY Know What’s Brainwashing the World Right Now?

What's Brainwashing YOU?

To Brainwash = to indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes….  (This is the definition of one online dictionary)

I often find myself guided by what to write and today is one of those days….  On occasion I hear people talk about “Brainwashing” sometimes I feel they have the right attitude when it comes to the media, bad news, being told to believe the world is full of negative circumstances which are out of our control.  I personally choose to avert my attention from the news and the media, as well as negative people whenever possible.  I choose to live my life surrounded by positive vibes, this is my decision, it’s a personal one which not everyone agrees with and thats fine…  No worries, everyone is different…

On the other hand occasionally I hear from people who feel that positive thinking and the Law of Attraction is a form of brainwashing.  I have to admit this makes me smile, actually it makes me feel very happy! 🙂 

Here’s how I see it ~ (and if you are reading this as a person who would rather be brainwashed by negative thinking, maybe I can help you change your thoughts)  Our minds are open and ready to accept all the wonderful, and not so wonderful, things sent to us each and every day.  We are like sponges soaking up the vibes, either negative or positive.  In the world right now we are seeing a global shift into a new paradigm, we are becoming much more conscious about what is going on around us.  Many people want to see positive change around the world as well as in their own lives.  Books like The Secret opened up positive thinking and The Law of Attraction to the world (including me) I was so happy and grateful to have been introduced to this new way of thinking, at a very low point in my life, it helped me to see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, it gave me hope and restored my love for life and all its wonders.  Is this brainwashing?  Maybe so…

I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking and I still learn new things everyday, I am retraining my mind.   I know many other people are doing the same.  I think it’s just wonderful, it fills my heart with such joy, happiness and gratitude for life.  Perfect!

To Brainwash = aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes. (This is the definition of another dictionary)

Clearly there are 2 ways to look at “Brainwashing” This is fine too… There always has to be 2 sides to everything, this is the law of polarity. 

Now here comes my main point and I think most people will agree with me on this and if you dont thats fine too…. 

If we had 2 choices in life, to either focus upon negative things happening in life and in the future, things going from bad to worse, from worse to downright horrendous OR to focus upon positive things happening in life and in the future, things going from ok to great, from great to amazing, from amazing to absolutely perfect.  Which would you choose to focus on?  Which would you embrace as a way of life? 

If you could only ever focus on one or the other for the rest of your life which would it be Positives or Negatives?

I thought so!  Ok, ok I understand that life cant always be a bed of roses, but if we can choose the positive train of thought more than the negative and expect the best possible outcomes in life then we are heading in the right direction 🙂

For me personally I choose positive vibes, happiness, freedom and choice, following my passions, living the dream, laughing, loving and truly living whenever I possibly can…   I choose to spread these vibes to whoever will listen, my mission is clear, to spread them right around the world and back. 

Is this brainwashing ~ who knows… who cares… We are the judges of that.  In all honesty we are the judges of anything in life, it’s all about our own personal viewpoint and how we look at things.   Each to their own 🙂

The purpose of choice is to choose and we can all choose which path we take.  Freewill. 

The purpose of life is to live and we can all choose to live the way we decide.  Freewill.

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Ever Feel Like You Are Going Round in Circles? Put a Positive Spin on Your Life!

Are You Ready for Positive Change?

Sometimes life can be a little like groundhog day, going round in circles from one day to the next.   Monday to Friday work routines, family routines, squeezing in the things you want more of into weekends and holidays.  Sound familiar?  At some point in life I am certain that everyone feels that they need a change, a positive spin on things, a new direction in life….

I have empathy with you…  It was just 11 short months ago I burnt my bridges and chose to leave behind the old life I had created to pursue my passions and dreams in life.  I knew about The Secret, Personal Development & The Law of Attraction, I knew by taking inspired action with the right opportunity everything would fall perfectly into place.   I am leading by example and proving just what’s possible when you set your heart on achieving something in life….

So, with the summer holiday season drawing to a close and everyone starting to settle back into the daily routine I am pleased to announce that I am opening up 11 mentorship spots for 11 like minded people who are ready to change direction, jump out of the existing circle of life and put a positive spin on things.

I always like to make sure that people are in the right place at the right time, so I ask you the following questions before you get in touch –

Are you serious about making a positive change in your life?

Do you feel there is no better investment than one in yourself?

Are you passionate about personal development & helping others?

Do you want to change the world 1 person at a time?

If you answer “Yes Yes Yes!” and you are ready to own your own lifestyle business just like me then get in touch I would love to be of service and help you break free from the norm…

You are invited to complete your details here on my blog, or for more information about our company click here – Live Your Dream Mentoring

I also invite you to watch the videos and meet the people I work with in our Global Leadership Team here – My Mirror Image Blueprint

I wish you a wonderful day and look forward to speaking with you soon 🙂

With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  – Walt Disney

Defying the Odds with Jason Crigler – Life Support & Music

Jason Crigler ~ Defying the Odds

Yesterday I attended an interview with Jason Crigler which blew my mind!  This guy truly did defy all the odds which were stacked up against him.   Jason is one of New York’s most sought-after guitarists, he suffered an AVM brain hemorrhage whilst playing a gig in Manhattan, at the time his wife (who was also 2 months pregnant) was there with him.  During the interview Jason shared how this challenge struck his life, he said he felt lucky that his wife was with him at the gig and that he was not alone otherwise the outcome may have been very different. 

I saw this as Jasons support from the universal powers, he was somehow protected, rather than just lucky.  The universe orchestrated it so that, even during the most traumatic of times in his life, Jason was not alone.

This continued throughout his recovery, his family support him and even when everything appeared too negative to deal with, including what the doctors were saying, his family expected a positive outcome and knew they could all get through it….  Jason clearly had a passion for life, his family, his daughter, his music which spurred him on and continues to spur him onto great things.

The key points which Jason talked about which inspired and moved me were about taking steps to move forward everyday, even if they are only small steps.  Noticing the gifts in your challenges rather than focusing on the hardships to make everyday better.  Realising the ability we all have to choose how we want to see things.  Choice is something we can all do…

He is choosing to see the gifts rather than focus on the hardships making everyday better and better….

I always say that everything in life comes down to our mindset, the energy we have surrounding situations and also the energy around us.  I have to give a BIG shout out to Jason here for backing this up and showing that anyone truly can defy all the odds and create miracles in each and every day.   Thank you Jason, you are an inspiration to the nation and I am so very grateful I got to listen to your interview with Patrick Combs.  Wonderful!

In January this year I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Dis…ease, I was told that my hearing, balance and health would not improve, that it would only get worse.  I know different to this and I get better and better everyday, all I see is improvements, I believe this to be true and look for the best in each and everyday.    Jason, you have given me so much strength to continue on my path, you have also inspired me to share more about my health situation, it is a gift and a way to help others bring about positive change.  ♥  Thank you thank you thank you!

If you would like to learn more about Jason’s story I highly recommend checking out the following links.  I have also added Jasons Music Video below this post… Very beautiful & moving 🙂

Life. Support. Music The Film

Defying The Odds Jason Crigler

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To Do or Not to Do…. That is the Question…..

Decisions Decisions.....

Do you ever find yourself in situations in life where a choice made one way or the other could either reshape your entire future or not?   Do you ever wonder if you did things differently how your life would pan out but get caught up in the to Do or Not to Do?

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda……..

Sound familiar….?  I have passed many things by in my life, sometimes just feeling too caught up like I couldn’t make any dramatic changes otherwise I might “rock the boat” just a little too much.   I look back on these times and I now realise that all I needed was a little more faith and trust, both in myself, and also in that which my heart and soul was trying to tell me at the time.  It wasn’t until I reached a point in life where something just had to give and changes just had to be made that I chose to Do rather than Not to Do. 

This was it, no going back, bridges burnt, feeling the fear but doing it anyway!  In case you don’t know me too well yet let me share a little more…. Long story made short I used be the “Corporate girl” holding back my true self, conforming to the norm and just working my way through life good or bad, thats how I thought it was supposed to be.   Knowing what I know now about the support each and everyone of us has from the universe, the powers that be, the one the all, the law of attraction in action enabled me to say Yes and Do the things I truly wanted to do in life. 

If you find yourself at a crossroads in life then let me help you here, to Do the things you really, truly want to Do, yes you may need some guts… and Yes people around you may not agree with your choices but stick fast… have faith… believe in your choices and know that you are supported and everything will work out ok.   You may have some up’s and downs along the way, bumps in the road appear on every journey, this will only strengthen you.  Just make sure that you choose to do the things you love, that which sets your heart alight like flames dancing around a campfire…  Most importantly keep going no matter what!

Then you will truly know you have arrived, life will take on a whole new meaning…. Trust me!

Life is amazing 🙂

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How to Achieve TOTAL Success in ALL Area’s of your Life

Are you ready for success in all area's of your life?

Anthony Robins famously quoted –

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

Are you looking to have success in all area’s of your life?  Are you sick of settling for second best and want to take things to the next level?  I have empathy with you, less than 1 year ago I felt the same… I hope I can help you today 🙂

Take a moment to think about what your ideal successful life will look like (notice I say will ~ better to speak in present tense, this gives a clear message that you expect your ideal life to arrive) So think about it… Your ideal life…  Success in YOUR life

What does it look like?  Maybe you are traveling the world, seeing the sights, appreciating life.  Maybe you are spending more time at home with your family, enjoying the time together, quality time.  Maybe you are just happy to be celebrating freedom and choice, no more work,  no more job you are unhappy about.  You have the success you feel you deserve 🙂

Feels SO Great doesn’t it!  Now stay in that feeling place, understand that the more you can feel it happening the more likely it is to come true.  Now onto the next step….

You have your dreams nice and clear in your minds eye.  What inspired action are you taking to move towards these dreams, this success in life?

I am filled with gratitude for the choices I made in my life, for the mentors footsteps I chose to follow in to have success in my life and my business.  I would love to share this with you my fellow positive thinkers 🙂

You can Be, Do & Have anything you desire in life, you just need to chose to move towards the success.  Simple!

I have to give a shout out to my friends and mentors Rhonda & Brian Swan for their inspiration in my business and in my life ~ You can watch their video by clicking on the following link:

Learn more here and feel free to get in touch if it floats your boat 😉  Click here ~ My BluePrint for Success

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How to Attract Success – Live a Successful and Rewarding Life

Success can be yours!

There are only two rules for being successful and living a rewarding life:

1 ~ Figure out exactly what you want to do

2 ~ Just do it!

Lets address point number 1 to start with…. Figuring out exactly what you want to do.

A great question to ponder is where do you see yourself in 5, 10 or even 20 years time as a success? What would make you really happy? Let your imagination run wild, if you were living your dream life where would you be, what would you be doing, who would you be with, how would this make you feel? Now keep that in mind and think about what you enjoy in life, what you are passionate about, what is it that fills you with joy an happiness?

When you do something you love in life success comes naturally so once you have answered the above questions you are on track to figuring out what you should be doing in life to be successful.

Now lets move onto point number 2, go back to the earlier question, where do you see yourself in 5, 10 or even 20 years time if nothing change in your life? How does this make you feel, do you feel you are going to be successful? If you stay where you are right now in life do you feel success will come your way?

If you answer yes to the above questions then congratulations you are on your way to success.

On the other hand if these questions make you feel a little uncomfortable or unhappy about your present and possibly future situation, feeling that success may not come for you then I would recommend spending some time going over your answers to point one, take some action and look to make a change in your life to bring it in line with your passions.

Remember life is a journey as is success in life, success comes overnight for some people but for most it should be viewed as a the seed of success which first of all needs to be planted then should be nurtured, watered and cared for every single day.

You can attract the success you desire in life!

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How to Manifest Money Using the Law of Attraction – Kindness is Key

Be Kind & the Money will Flow

Would you like to super charge the money coming into your life? Have you been using the Law of Attraction but feel you just cant seem to attract the money you desire? This will help… read on….

I am sure you will have already heard that to have an attitude of gratitude to key to manifesting all your desire in life, including the money you want to attract. Now, one thing which people sometimes overlook here is Kindness.

Kindness is Key when it comes to the law of attraction!

When you add Kindness to Gratitude you really can super charge your desires. In particular when it comes to the money you want to manifest.

When you offer kindness at every opportunity including being kind with the money you already have you are sending out such a powerful signal to the universe. You are saying “hey, I am kind with the money I already have, send me more”

Do a good deed a day, even something as simple as buying your friends a coffee and a cupcake. Maybe just a little donation in a charity box. When you express this sort of kindness not only will you feel good, you will also give out great vibes about your kindness surrounding money.

If you don’t have much of the green stuff to give away right now look at other ways you can offer kindness and help others. Look at way you can make a positive difference in the world. However small you will be heading in the right direction.

Make Kindness a big part of your day and just watch the magic happen in your life 🙂

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