Dare to be the Grandest Version of You – Be all you can Be! Truth or Dare….

Be The Grandest Version of YOU!

If someone told you that you could become the grandest version of you, if you only had the guts to move towards that version of you, would you believe them? Do you have an inner longing to do something significant in life but feel something is holding you back?

Do you remember playing the game truth or dare as a child? I sure do and 9 times out of 10 I would opt for truth rather than a dare. It seemed safer this way. What about you, are you a truth or a dare kind of person? I would like to play a similar game here with you today….

Truth or Dare?

Truth – Are you happy with your life right now? I dare you to make some changes….

hummmmm to do or do not that is the question….

How do you feel right now? Be Honest with yourself – we are playing truth or dare. Truth – Do you feel like clicking off this page and moving away from this silly game or maybe you feel like there’s no point to continuing with this as you aren’t in a position or the right mindset to make any changes in life… Maybe you are feeling excited at the idea of making some changes… It matters not, what really matters here is that you have the choice, if you dare!

You can redesign your whole life if you so wish 🙂 It’s true! Now before you start cooking up any reasons why you cant be the grandest version of you let me soften the blow of taking a step outside your comfort zone and daring to BE. You can move as quickly or as slowing as you want. Thats right, there are no rules here, you don’t have to take a giant leap off the building of life hoping your parachute will open somewhere on the way down to save you, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. All you have to do is make the inner commitment to start with… Once you start to feel and think about bring the grandest version of you what do you think will happen? The universe will answer your call – “Your wish is my command” you will start to see the Law of Attraction in action and when open you will be presented with more opportunities to shine 🙂

Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to start to move towards a grander version of you and keep your open sign up. By doing this to start with, you will be in flow and ready for opportunities to arise in your life which will help you move towards being all that you can possibly be. At this stage I recommend writing yourself an affirmation to carry around with you during this transition, write it in your own words, something like this – “I dare to be the Grandest version of me, I will be all I can be from this day forward” 🙂

As you move through the coming days, weeks and months remember your dare, be open to new and exciting opportunities in your life, however small to start with make changes. Feel yourself growing. Also be honest with yourself, start to speak your truth about life, always keep it positive and think about how you really feel on a heart and soul level. Once you have committed to be the grandest version of you and start to embrace the changes ahead life will start to get really exciting, I can promise you that 🙂

At the beginning of this article I talked about someone telling you that you could be the grandest version of you and asked if you would believe them, the only person you need to believe in is yourself.

Dare to dream, Be all that you can Be!

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Liz ♥

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Are You Sick of Living in Difficult World & Ready to Choose Easy World?

I Choose Easy World ~ How About You?

Do you sometimes wonder why life is so hard?  Why things just don’t seem to go your way?  Maybe you are unhappy with your current life situation, your job, career, relationships, family life, life in general….  Been there done that, I understand how life can sometimes feel like a weight pushing down on you, I hope I can help you take a new look at life and start to lift those weights off your shoulders. 

I have just finished reading a super book by Julia Rogers Hamrick called Choosing Easy World.  I experienced many light bulb moments whilst reading this book,  I admit some were like an arrow in my back!  It hurts when you realise how wrong you may have once been about life, but lets not worry about that right now.  I would love to share my take on easy world here with you today, so here goes, from one former difficult world dweller to another, who may also be ready for change….  Only you know….

I was raised to believe you have to work hard at life, get a good education to get a good job then work your way up the ladder if you are going to have any sort of success in life.  I used to believe that you have to prove yourself to get anywhere in life.  Do whatever it takes, go the extra mile, put your heart and soul into everything even if you don’t enjoy it.  Work work work, struggle struggle struggle.  That’s just life….  Well I’m here to say (as is Julia Rogers Hamrick in Choosing Easy World…) change your thoughts… Here’s how I see it now…

Thats just life = thats just a lie.   Life can be EASY!

You and only you make the choice as to how easy or how hard life is for you.   Maybe until now you have been living your life on auto pilot or maybe living it how others told you should, even though deep down inside you knew there was a better way.  An easier way.  There is! It’s as simple as that. 

Ok, I understand you may currently have certain situations in your life which you are tied into, maybe debts you have built up meaning you have to work a job you may not enjoy to earn a certain level of money to keep you sane.  Sometimes it can feel like there is no way out other than to keep going on your current path in difficult world.  I used to feel the same, it wasn’t until I realised that there is a different way, that I awakened to this new way of thinking and living which so many people are understanding right now.

Think about how you would like your life to look right now…  What would you love to be doing?  What are you really passionate about?  What gives you the feelings of excitement, joy, happiness?  What gives you the goosebumps?

At this point I am sure you are cautiously thinking of some great things you would love to be doing but a nagging voice in the back of your mind is telling you to get real, get a grip on life and just get on with it, thats just life…. (remember ~ thats a lie!)  You can change anything you want in your life.  Even if you can only make small changes and small adjustments right now it matters not.   Changing something by only one millimeter each day will make a huge impact over time, even if you are only changing your thoughts to start with.  Maybe now is your time to start moving into your life changes, rather than feeling sorry for yourself about how your current life situation is, feeling that you are stuck, change your mindset, embrace the easy life one day at a time.  Baby Steps….

Thats what I did when I was starting my new life, moving away from the standard way of living, with a weekday job cramming enjoyment and rest into weekends and holidays.  I didn’t know much about easy world at the time, so I admit I sometimes did it the hard way, but still continued through the ups and downs as I knew about the Law of Attraction.  I also feel that Easy World is the perfect partner when working with the Law of Attraction, I am seeing magical results in my manifestation powers, choosing easy world and working with the Law of Attraction ~ amazing! 

I continue to walk this path today and always will on my journey of personal growth, I am very grateful I am now walking this path with the knowledge of Easy World and send my heartfelt gratitude to Julie Rogers Hamrick for sharing this everyone….

“I choose to live in easy world where everything is easy”  Ahhhhhhhhhh, Yes!  Just what this planet needs!

If you feel you are drawn towards choosing easy world you can learn more here, Julia is a wonderful lady helping to make this world a better place 🙂  Live in Easy World

If you feel you are ready to follow in my footsteps creating your life by design with your own personal development lifestyle business get in touch, my door is always open to like minded positive thinkers excited about change and personal growth ~ Here’s a link to my main business website Live Your Dream Mentoring ~ Learn how to create the life of your dreams…. Then live it!  Choose Easy World Today! 🙂

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Think Different… Here’s to the Crazy Ones (Thanks Apple!)

Are You One of the Crazies?

Here’s to the crazy ones.

The misfits, The rebels, The troublemakers.

The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently.

They’re not fond of rules.

And they have no respect for the status quo.

You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them,

disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them.

About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.

Because they change things.

They invent. They imagine. They heal.

They explore. They create. They inspire.

They push the human race forward.

Maybe they have to be crazy.

How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art?

Or sit in silence and hear a song that’s never been written?

Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels?

While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

What do you think?

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Are You Stuck Chewing on a Bone?

Stop Chewing.... Start Doing!

Stuck, Stranded, Not Moving anywhere soon?  Chewing on a bone thinking about something intently but taking no movement (inspired action) towards that which we are thinking about doing can be a pretty frustrating situation to be in.  I know I have been there…. 

It’s an easy situation to get into, both in everyday life and when it comes to the Law of Attraction.  Let’s cover off everyday life first of all…

You want to change something, maybe your job, career, business, relationship, lifestyle, fitness levels, anything at all, it matters not, what does matter is what YOU are doing right now about this situation you want to change.  If you are anything like me you will feel almost overwhelmed by your thoughts when it comes to this certain situation, as if they are consuming you.  Chewing it over in your mind again and again, what to do?  Which way to go?  Can I do it?  Can I be bothered?  Do I have the confidence, commitment, determination, belief, trust… the list goes on and on.  What springs to your mind right now regarding your stuck situation?

Will you carry on chewing the bone until you do something about it and move forward with some inspired action?  and possibly see some great results in your life…..  Or will you throw it away, try to forget it and carry on with life just the way it is?  Ouch!

From my own experience I know like I know if I chose the latter answer I would be feeling very frustrated with a lot of situations in my life right now, I am certain the negative mental chatter would be taking over in a big way right now.   I’ll be honest it took me a while to pluck up the courage to start my new life away from the corporate world running my lifestyle business ~ I also came up against a lot of criticism from colleagues and friends as it was so out of the norm, in turn this gave me even more bone to chew!  I still made sure I moved forward, I knew the regret of not doing so would be too great, to never know would be harder in my book than a few bumps and crashes along the way 🙂

Chew the bone for a while, thats ok…  Then at least choose to take some action on the things you really want in life, as the old saying goes we only get one shot at it 🙂

Now, onto the Law of Attraction (what we think about we bring about in our lives).  Thinking is good, chewing on the bone of our dreams and desires.  Our thoughts along with our feelings are the transmitter sending out the pulses of our desires.  Mixing this with visualizing, feeling and knowing that our dreams and desires are our reality, alongside the Law of Action and we’re getting there.  Also take into account the other universal laws of life which all count either towards or away from the things we truly want.    More to follow about these shortly, stay tuned in to my blog 🙂

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Liz ♥

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Are You Wishing Your Life Away? Slaving & Saving…. Work Work Work….

Is Your J.O.B. Taking Your Freedom?

Are you building a career rather than building a life?  Slaving and saving for your retirement?  Are you working for what you think you want rather than what you truly want? 

In case you haven’t had your wake up call yet I wanted to share some awesome inspiration with you.  I have just watched a superb video by Vishen Lakhiani which brought me a great sense of relief.  I felt very grateful to be on the same page as Vishen (don’t worry I will share his video at the end of this post, keep reading….)

Like many others I pushed my dreams to one side to build a career for 14 years, thats what we are supposed to do right?  WRONG!

It’s said SO many times ~ Get a good education, then a good job, work work work and then some more work, invest and save for retirement then one day far away in the future you can actually relax and enjoy life… hummmm…. I’m not buying this anymore!  Ok… ok… there are such things as holidays and breaks in between the work but most people only see about 4 weeks of these a year in addition to the national holidays here and there, which most people now have to work anyway…  Something is missing…..

Vishen hit the nail on the head and I concur 110% careers are damaging.  We are being pigeon-holed into a certain path in life, in turn forgetting the dreams and aspirations we had as young children.  When we reach a certain age our mindset is swiftly changed to believe that we have to work hard to enjoy life and have the “good stuff”.   Get a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) stretch yourself to the limits, hopefully you will still have your health when you retire so that you can finally enjoy life…

We need to chose to change our mindsets to start with, this is what I did and am still doing it right now, mindset shifts are an ongoing journey into what some would call the unknown (or Mumbo Jumbo as my Ex Director in corporate called it 😉 ).  Granted, it’s hard work but well worth it and nothing compared to the hard work of 8-12 hour days and weekends on call whilst working a J.O.B.

If you know me you will know I believe in the Law of Attraction, our thoughts become things in our lives, what we are thinking about we are bringing about ~ into our reality ~ so, the more we work, worry and wear ourselves out the more work, worry and wear we will get in our lives and on our bodies.  It’s all about choice and choosing to take a new outlook and view on life.

We need to start asking What and Why… Not How & When…  You know, the How do I get from A to B & when will I arrive at B?  Like arriving at a local train station and taking a trip to a place we don’t really want to go to just because everyone else is doing it and it seems like the right thing to do….

Think about your What and Why ~ I see the What and Why as asking ourselves what do we truly want to do in life?  What is our passion?  What sets our heart on fire?  What is our life mission?  Why do we feel we want to do this?  Why do we want to change? Why do we want to make a positive difference in life? (take a moment answer these questions for yourself)  ~ The How and the When come through inspiration when you take the action and move in the direction of your What & Why.  Trust me, when I started working on my new life, all I had was the answers to my What & Why, and a vague idea of how to put things in motion with inspired action and my (very new at the time) personal development business 🙂

Can you feel your mindset starting to shift?  It may feel uncomfortable, and some people may not have even got to the end of reading this, I understand…  It’s not easy to reprogram stale old beliefs we’ve been carrying around for years.  Some people look at what I am doing and think I am doing something wrong, it’s so out of the ordinary and far about from most peoples comfort zones. Once you chose to change your life there is NO stopping you.  It’s like you become some unstoppable force out there in the universe on show for everyone to see, but you dont care, nothing else matters other than that of your dreams and passions.  Your What & Why for making this brave and bold new move in life.

“FREEEEDDOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!”  (Shouted in Braveheart Style 😉  WHoo hoO! )

Thanks to Vishen for inspiring me this morning, it’s only 8am and I am buzz buzz buzzing!  Finer Minds keep on rockin’ 🙂

How can I be so high at this time on a morning?  Watch Vishens video, then if you feel like following in my footsteps get in touch here on my blog, I mentor like minded people to go against the grain and follow their true dreams and passions with our personal development lifestyle business ~ Click here Partner with Liz ~ Take Inspired Action

Be Inspired to Join me in Shouting FREEEEDDDOOOMMMMMMM

Watch Vishen’s Video here ~ enjoy! ~ Finer Minds Vishen Lakhiani

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Liz ♥

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Are You Looking for Harmonic Wealth? There’s more to it than just money….

The Secret to Attracting the Life You Want 🙂

Money, cash, riches, wealth…. Most people want it but don’t really know how to get it or understand true wealth ~ harmonic wealth.  Do you have a future vision of yourself living the dream, everything in perfect order with a nice full bank account?  Do you strive to make more money and create wealth in your life?   Maybe you just want to be happy and enjoy life….?

First and foremost you have to understand there’s more to living a wealthy life than just the green stuff.  I knew this this in my heart and have learnt a lot about abundance and wealth during my personal development journey.  I always knew from a young age that true happiness in life doesn’t just boil down to money, I guess this came from seeing wealthy people who were miserable when I was younger and wondering how they could be so miserable when my family was SO happy without hardly any money.

I have just finished reading Harmonic Wealth, The Secret to Attracting the Life You Want by James Arthur Ray and just had to share more about it and pass on my inspiration and recommendation…

I read a lot of books but, sometimes in life you are led to a certain book for a reason.  A great friend of mine recommended I read Harmonic Wealth some time ago, at the time I didn’t get around to ordering it.  When I eventually did and it popped through my letterbox I realised I had seen it before, maybe whilst browsing at my local book store.  Anyhows, this book caught my eye and I knew it had shown up for a reason.  When the student is ready ~ the teacher will come 🙂

James Arthur Ray also featured in The Secret (in case you don’t already know The Secret was the book which started me on this personal development life journey) for me The Secret was a great introduction to a new way of thinking but it missed a lot out and left people feeling a little stranded when their desires just didn’t seem to be materializing…

In Harmonic Wealth James Arthur Ray doesn’t just talk about money and acquiring riches or the “ask, believe, receive” method, far from it.  He comes from a much deeper level as well as much easier level to understand, which is that everything in life is part of our Harmonic Wealth, and we can all work towards it using this guided process.  James shares the five pillars we have to work on to move towards what we desire in life ~  financially, relationally, mentally, physically and spiritually…..  Yes some of the teachings are obvious ~ healthy body, healthy mind ~ taking action ~ committing to our goals and working towards our dreams.

I feel that a lot of the points made triggered something inside me, a shift, to help me take more action when it comes to me as a person both on the outside and on the inside.

I am a person of action when it comes to helping others and spreading the positive vibes, if I am honest I haven’t been enough of a person of action when it comes to me and keeping healthy through food and exercise.  For me this book really helped me understand exactly what I need to be doing to ensure my continued success in all area’s of my life.  I feel this book will carry a different meaning and have hidden gems for everyone as there is so much in there.

I am very grateful to have read this book and wanted to share my positive vibes about it.

Thank you James for putting this together and I look forward to meeting you one day at a Harmonic Wealth Workshop 🙂

To learn more about James visit ~ JamesRay.Com

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Natural Herbal Treatments & Remedies for Meniere’s Disease – What works for me :)

This is the first “official” post I am sharing about my journey so far with Meniere’s Disease, after receiving a number of e-mails and comments asking more about what works for me I chose to look upon my Meniere’s as another gift I have been given to help others create a better life.   Don’t worry I’m not just going to talk about positive thinking here I also have some great practical things to share with you.

First of all let me tell you a little about my background with Meniere’s Disease.  I remember my dad being diagnosed when I was a child, it was a pretty scary time for me as I was and always will be a daddy’s girl.  Saturdays spent together at the football match (Soccer for you guys in the US 🙂 ) turned into a little more of a challenge as I remember people thinking my dad was boozy drunk and in charge of a child, whilst suffering some pretty bad vertigo attacks with the sickness and dizziness.   I get a lot of my positive vibes from my dad (thanks dad!) many of which came to light when dealing with his Meniere’s.  That said it was a big memory for me growing up, as a child I always suffered with my own ear infections and problems with balance.  In a way I guess I expected Meniere’s to show up for me one day…

It did…… It was only during the early part of 2010 when I was diagnosed, to be honest it came as no shock.  So, I’m a newbie to this on a personal level but an old hat when it comes to what works thanks to my dad already having lived through the topsy turvy times before I arrived there (thanks again dad).  I choose not to take any prescribed medicine, this is my choice and it’s not for everyone but here’s what works for me….

Herbal Pill Popping….. (BTW….. This has worked for my dad for over 30 years)

Ginko Biloba – What I like to call my magic pills, which may I say not only help me stay “attack” free most of the time but also increase the blood flowing through my brain, helping my mental skills plus lots of other benefits ~ win/win!  In case you don’t know too much about Ginko Biloba or haven’t heard of it before there are lots of sites out there which give you more info.  I’m not a specialist I just know that it works REALLY well and wanted to share it with as many people as I can.   You know you just cant help it when something works, I mean really works to make a difference in your life you feel that everyone should know…   I’m really pleased you are here 🙂 🙂 🙂

Something Alternative I’m working with….

Healing Treatments & Self Healing – Stay with me on this one!  I know this isn’t another magic pill you can pop but if you really do want to feel better then you should know the effects Healing can have.   I now make sure I have energy healing at least once a month, I also see my current situation as my own self healing journey too, I believe we are all in control of what happens to our bodies and what disease shows up as well as what we can say goodbye to .  I find that healing sessions and keeping a strong mindset about healing helps me.  This is a heart and soul thing which may not work for everyone but it sure works for me which is cool!   My last note about healing ~ I mentioned a book called You can heal your life by Louise Hay in one of my other posts – read this book 🙂

Lifestyle & Mindset for me this is KEY….

Taking a Relaxed Attitude to Life (or at least a more relaxed attitude than you have now) – Feel free to take a look around my blog, watch my videos, take in a few of my vibes.  Positive thinking and the power of our thoughts (including The Law of Attraction) has been a big part of my life for the last five years or so.  Prior to getting the “official” verdict on my health I knew in my heart that my stress levels in life were just too high.  I was always on the move rushing around here and there, flying around, no time to stop and smell the roses.  It gets to the best of us.   I just couldn’t seem to get or feel grounded in life.  Last year I made a lifestyle change and released my stressful job in senior management replacing it with my own lifestyle business –

“Whoaaaa there Liz!, owning your own business…. that cant be stress free???”

For me it is Stress Free  ~ but that’s another story, the main point I want to get across here is that I work with personal development, positive thinking and the Law of Attraction.  What I do isn’t a standard brick and mortar, working all hours god sends kind of business,  it’s a lifestyle and for the most part is all about my mindset, I feel that a healthy mind = healthy body as well as visa versa… On a personal level the main thing for me is I live life on my own terms.  This is a very important part of feeling well and in control in my life…  It’s different for everyone but from my own experience I would always say relax and slow down.  When you can start to do this you will feel the waves wash over you, you will start to feel better… Trust me!    Look at your life and see what positive changes you can make to help you do this ~ You and your health is the number one priority here, without you and your health there is no priority any more… simple!

In case you haven’t yet heard of or read the Secret by Rhonda Byrne this is the book which started me on my personal development journey, it was a great introduction to the law of attraction which I feel also helps me on SO many levels 🙂  This is something else I always recommend…. enjoy!

I hope this helped and will be dropping by to he health & wellness section here on my blog to share more of the things which are working for me, I am just starting out with daily healing yoga and a new food regime so keep in touch and connect with me on facebook too!

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With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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Choosing the Path Less Travelled – One Year On & Going Strong

The Choice is Yours....

“But… What are you going to do?”  “How could you just throw away 14 years of building a career?”  “What if things don’t work out?” “Are you really sure you want to do this?”

It was one year ago this month I made the choice to create a new lifestyle for myself, I chose to follow the path less travelled.  I felt the fear and I did it anyway….  I burnt my bridges!  In case you don’t know me that well yet, the best way to look at what I chose to do, is that which many people wish they could do but feel they just can’t rock the boat of life that much.  I chose to follow my dreams and passions in life, I chose to start my own lifestyle business working with personal development and the law of attraction.  What I like to call ~ Changing the world one person at a time ~ Spreading the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back ~ Proving that there is a better way to live if you so chose….   Showing that it really is possible to love your life 🙂

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, up’s and down’s, round and rounds.  To start with many feelings of doubt, being overwhelmed, fear, worry, uncertainty.  Moving onto feeling’s of happiness, joy, elation, excitement, love for life, gratitude, appreciation.   I’m going to be very honest here, thats me an open book.  It’s hasn’t been an easy ride all the way this past year, that said, any negatives I have experienced have been completely overshadowed by the positives.   I feel by choosing something I am very passionate about and also having a very strong “Why” (reason) for doing this that I am now seeing huge leaps forward and a shift into the next level of my life and my business for which I am super excited and super grateful! 🙂

Over this past year I have spoken to many people who would like to follow in my footsteps to work towards living their true dream.  To start with it surprised me how many people talk the talk, then when it comes to the most important part, taking the inspired action and actually making a move and committing 110% most stumble and fall.  It took me a while to get my head around this until I reasoned with myself and remembered how uncomfortable I felt whilst making my initial transition from employee to business owner.  If everything in life was easy then life would be pretty boring hey 😉 

On a lighter note it’s great to see so many people out there showing what’s possible.  Inspiring others and leading by example.  This is what I chose to do in my own unique way.  When you can be of service and help as many people as possible what do you think happens?  It comes back to you 10 fold ~ The Law of Karma.  There are many Laws in the universe in addition to the Law of Attraction which is key for me.  I will be talking more about the other universal Laws over the coming weeks but for now let me get to todays point…..

As I just mentioned I chose to inspire and lead by example and would like to take this opportunity today to invite you to join me on this journey, if you feel you are ready that is!  I feel out of the billions of people here on earth there is a high percentage who have a passion to help others and want to make the world and brighter place, just like me.   So here’s your chance…. 

Maybe you feel like I once did, like you just can’t manage to live the life you desire whilst having to stay committed to a job or career you are just not passionate about.  Thinking back I used to feel like I was living a double life, like the real Liz just had to surface but my existing lifestyle just wasn’t the place for this to happen.  I wanted to play the game of life, to have fun, to use the Law of Attraction each and everyday to be able to live life on my own terms.  So… I did something about it…

Are you ready? 

Maybe?  Not sure?  Yes, but how?

Only you can chose which path you take in life, only you can be the change you wish to see in the world, only you can be the greatest, grandest most magnificent version of you.  As we continue through this global shift with many people awakening to a new way of living I am here to say my door is wide open and I am happy to help in anyway I can. 

If you feel you are ready to start to spread your wings and fly towards your true dreams and passions, get in touch, take a look at the Work with Liz Take Inspired Action section here on my Blog, fill in your details and we can have a chat.  Learn more on my business website Click here ~ Live Your Dream Mentoring

Just like you I am an everyday person with a big dream, taking inspired action and making it happen in a big way with my personal development lifestyle business as the vehicle to propel me.   What I have learnt this past year has given me the courage, strength and inner confidence to flow forward and understand both myself and the universe more fully expecting the best possible outcome each and every single day… I truly am loving life and living my dreams, my free and happy life, life on my own terms 🙂 

With all said and done, perfection in a year!  The most enlightening year of my life 🙂 

I look forward to hearing from you my friend, thanks for reading 🙂  Help me spread the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back ~ Share & Re-tweet ~ I appreciate you ♥

With Positive Vibes & Love,

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Overcoming Negative Stuff ~ Do You Have a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Give Yourself a Light at the End of the Tunnel 🙂

Sometimes in life we get caught up in certain situations which if we were honest we would not have chosen for ourselves.  This could be our work or business situation, it could be our current lifestyle situation, where we live, or even how we live.  When it comes to life we all have to deal with the downs as well as the ups, thats just how it goes for most of us, as this is what we are conditioned to expect from life (go through the rough to get to the smooth mentality).   Here’s a great way to look at brightening the darker times with a shining light at the end of your tunnel….

I am sure from your current lifestyle situation, and some of the things you have in life right now, you will have a very good idea of what you don’t want any more.   I know this sounds a little negative coming from the positive thinking queen but just hang on here with me for a moment. We are going to talk about the negatives to start with…

What are you unhappy about right now in your life?  What don’t you like?  What’s creating the negative feelings and situations for you?

I expect you will have a whole heap of don’t likes and don’t wants running through your mind right now…

Thats ok, you want to be able to identify the negatives so that you can work towards what you do want in life and how you want things to take shape from today.  Remember that everyday is a new day, a blank canvas upon which you are the artist of your life.  You have the free will to paint any picture you desire.  Ok, I understand you may have existing commitments, meaning you can’t just throw the hat in, jump on a plane and go tripping off to some exotic location to sip on coconut cocktails for the rest of your life……  I understand, I am the same.  Until about a year ago I lived my life in a very different way so I am still playing catch up working towards my dreams and desires.  Thats how it goes, life is a journey.

You can start the journey today, it’s simple, you just have to make the choice.  From the things you have right now which you want to change you can identify what you would prefer to have in life, working towards what you really really want in life.  The dreams, the big stuff, the desires which you may not even feel you can tell your closest friend as they would think you were way out of your league.  This is your light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s something to work towards.  Something you can move your thoughts towards when life feels like it’s sucking you in.  If you can only manage to set some small positive goals and changes this is still ok, it’s better than nothing.

Lets look at the questions I asked you earlier…  Now look at them this way ~  What would you be really happy with in your life?  What do you like?  What do you love? What kind of things create positive feelings for you?

The things which are going through your mind right now are clues to your happiness in the future.  These are the things you should take note of.

One thing I also need to mention which people often forget is to start to take the steps towards these changes you want to bring about by taking inspired action.  Look for things you can do to move you down the tunnel and towards the light.   Go within, look into your heart and trust your gut instincts on this one.  I believe we all have the answers we need in our hearts.   Ask yourself ~ “what inspired action should I take to move towards the light at the end of my tunnel?” then be guided by the feelings which come up and the things you notice happening around you.  It’s all for a reason.

~ Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars ~  Brian Littrell

Next time you feel caught up in life, feeling down about your current situation shift your thoughts and move to the light at the end of the tunnel.

The choice is yours… I always say I would rather focus on the good things coming into my life rather than the things I am not that happy about. Always focus upon your light at the end of the tunnel, even during the darkest of times it will keep you moving along your journey of life 🙂

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You Can Heal Your Life ~ Choosing the Self Healing Journey

You Can Heal Your Life 🙂

We all have illness at some point in our lives, it may only be a short-term illness we need to get rid of or a more serious disease.  Whatever it is, whilst it is happening in our lives, it can be a big upheaval for anyone.  By sharing my journey I hope I can help inspire you to health and wellness in your life.

Early 2010 I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease which is a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance to a varying degree.  I look at this first and foremost as dis….ease ~  being out of balance in certain area’s in my life has led to my body reacting with dis…ease.   This is the first step to healing yourself to realise the cause behind the health issues you may have attracted into your life.    I will share my own tips and advise about healing Meniere’s in later posts but for now I would like to help you heal your life from where you are right now.

The first book I was guided to read when starting my self healing was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, this was the prefect starting point as it ties in the Law of Attraction with healing in such a wonderful way.  It help me to identify why I had attracted this situation in my life.

“We are each responsible for all of our experiences.” — Louise L. Hay  My heart tells me this statement is true when is comes to illness and disease.

I took full responsibility for my life situation and chose to take full responsibility for my own self healing journey from this point onwards.  If you can make the personal choice to do this I feel you can overcome anything in life.

I found myself thinking back to times when I had come down with the flu or got sick with a stomach bug prior to knowing about the Law of Attraction.  I have always been a generally happy and positive person but like we all do used to feel sorry for myself if I was poorly.  Wallowing about, feeling down on life and just letting the sickness take is course with help from medicines from the local pharmacy as well as a few possibles which may work from the health food shop.   My outlook on this has been completely transformed, thanks to my understanding of the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction.   We can heal ourselves!  For this I am SO grateful. 

If you find yourself facing health issues or you are unwell make a positive shift in your mind to deal with what is happening in the best possible way.  Come from a place of trust and faith that all will be well, say to yourself “I get better and better everyday”.  Rather than looking outside to what other people’s experiences may be or what other people think your experience may be go within.  Start to look within yourself and feel what is best for you.  I prefer to use holistic treatments and homeopathic remedies to help me on my self healing journey, this may not be for everyone but I feel it works for me.  What do you feel will work for you?  Think outside the box, you can heal yourself, your intuition and your body will guide you to whats needed.

In case you don’t yet know much about the Law of Attraction maybe this is something which will help you, maybe you were led here for a reason.  Take a look around my blog, soak up some positive vibes and know that all is well, very well. 

You can heal your life ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•

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PS ~ If I can help you in anyway get in touch… My door is always open