11:11 Starting a New Phase & Cycle in Your Life Path – Awakening to a New Life

Numerology shows many significant meanings and signs throughout everyone’s lives.  If you are anything like me then you will notice when these number signs show up in your life.   Nearing 11.11 I felt inspired to share a little more about starting a new phase in life and opening up to awakening’s.  They happen all around us each and every day 🙂

11:11’s, 111’s and 11’s indicate that your thoughts are related to the start of a new cycle in your life.  What you are thinking about doing or changing is correct for a new phase to begin for you.

The number 1 can relate to the following ~ Beginnings, new, focused concentration, inspired action, independence, originality, courage, invention, leader, self reliant, ambition, pioneer, will, conscious mind and positivity.

If you are feeling a shift happening in your life, now is the time to move towards the things you truly desire.  Treat this as your time to open up to a new path in life.  Awaken! 

On November 11th all of humanity will have an opportunity to shift up into higher dimensional realms of knowledge…in a sense, being presented with a new door that will lead us home to our Soul’s wisdom and truth.    How exciting is that!  🙂   

I really enjoyed this activation video, I feel you will too ~ enjoy 🙂

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Making the Shift from Ambition to Meaning and Creating a Magnificent Life

Most people live their lives with strong ambition to be, do and have certain things.  I used to be the same, it can be pretty tiring striving to push forward towards your ambitions.    Having a gotta do, do, do, to make things work attitude.

Ambition = An eager or strong desire to achieve something.

Meaning = Something that is conveyed or signified; sense or significance.

I recently watched The Shift – From Ambition to Meaning by Dr Wayne Dyer, my heart opened like a flower when I realized that without knowing I had subconsciously moved my life in this direction.   I felt like my T’s had been crossed and my I’s dotted.   By sharing my thoughts here today I hope to inspire you to open up to a new way of living.

Imagine if everyone around the world came from a place focused on meaning, being of service and giving back.  Rather than worrying about how far up the ladder of life we are all climbing.  Coming from a place of meaning first and foremost, giving back to the world in our own unique way.

I believe each and every person on this earth has their own unique value.  Most of the time these values can be hidden under a cloak of having to live life a certain way.  To struggle and strive to reach our ambitions.  Eek!

How much nicer does it feel to think about living a passionate life doing that which you love.  Maybe for you this is creating beautiful artwork, music, poems, writings, teachings, cakes….  Anything goes…

So long as you come from a place of meaning, giving back, being of service, helping others then you are making the shift to a life of meaning.  I feel this is where true happiness is.  I also know from my own life experience that when you are in this space the ambitions you may once have had fall away and a much more magnificent life starts to form.  This is the magic I often talk about here on my blog.

Doors open, you feel like you are floating through life effortlessly.  The things you need just seem to show up at the right time.  You feel in flow….

Just like we can’t try to force the Law of Attraction work for us (it’s a natural law) we should also move away from trying to force our lives to work, striving and working towards the things we desire.  The ambitions.

Life will naturally take care of itself when we live a life of meaning.

What would you really love to do in life?  What would give you a true sense of meaning?  As I said before anything goes….

You are the creator of your own life experience.  You may be at a point in life where you feel stuck due to previous choices you made, I am here to say you can start to change this.  Take baby steps to start with towards your life of meaning.

Make the Shift 🙂  Go from your life’s ambition to your life’s meaning….

If you feel you are ready I would highly recommend wacthing The Shift – From Ambition to Meaning by Wayne Dyer, you can learn more here – The Shift Movie

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How to Increase the Flow of Money in Your Life – A Simple Shift which Works a Treat

It's OK to accept money from anyone 🙂

There can be so many hidden factors holding back the flow of money into our lives.  Beliefs stay with us from infancy all the way through our lives, our job is to recognize these limiting beliefs and release them.

I would like you to take a moment to think back to when you were a child.  Do you remember being told that you should not accept money from strangers?  Do you remember being told that you should not take money from friends and family?

Who does that leave?  Not very many people….

As children we are told not to do many things, this can stick with us.  Now is the time to let these old beliefs go, release them….

If like me you run your own business and feel you may have had this limiting belief surrounding money imprinted in your mind from an early age then you can now breathe a sigh of relief.  Let it go.

Of course it’s ok to accept money from strangers, from friends and family too if it’s granted.  To make you feel more comfortable you can change your mindset to that of giving a great service or product to strangers.  It’s ok for people to pay you 🙂  People want to buy things, let them use their money, open up your willingness to be paid.

You are valuable 🙂  It’s OK to accept money from anyone 🙂

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Riding the Wave of the Economic Tsunami ~ Is Your Head Above Water?

How to Ride the Financial Wave...

WHHHHHHooooooooooSSSShhhhhhh!  That’s all it takes….  Jump up and ride the wave or crash beneath the water.  With the great Bruce Lee in mind I chose to flow like water, jump up high and ride this wave towards my dreams and desires (well, most of the time….)  How about YOU?  Is your head above water right now?

This weekend I had the immense pleasure of attending a seminar with Fredric Lehrman the world renown teacher of prosperity consciousness and Luminary for the personal development company I work with.  What a guy!  Many of the points Fredric shared resonated with me in so many ways.   The right place at the right time.  Oh yes…. Let me share some inspiration with you here….

Now, we all know the saying “Out with the Old, in with the New”.  I feel this is the perfect time to understand this, to know that when we can start to identify limiting beliefs surrounding money and release them, we can start to move into the financial flow we want to experience.  An easy flow.   Over this last 12 months I have been embarking upon my own journey releasing the old and letting the new flow in.  It’s been a rollercoaster ride with up’s and downs, I now see the light from this situation ~ I wasn’t always in flow and riding the wave.

Let me say that again ~ I wasn’t always in flow and riding the wave….

This, I feel is where many are struggling with the up’s and downs, when it comes to the money flowing in.  It’s up, it’s down, it’s up, it’s down…. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..  Ohhhhhhh Nooooooooooooo…..

You know the score.  From paddling just above the water, to bobbing about unstable, from the tide coming and going, to a great big woosh of excitement as the money flows in freely and sticks with us.  How do we keep it flowing freely all the time?

Money is just another form of energy.   I always knew this on a heart and soul level and I am certain you do too.  When we can offer 4 things in return for the energy of money to flow freely into our lives without concern, worry or doubt then we can remain on the top of the wave more than we are below it (which I always say feels like you are on top of the world)  It’s where everyone truly wants to be in life and it really does feel amazing 🙂

If you are currently working a job take a moment to understand the following.  Without having any other channels for money to flow into your life, you are putting a cap on the amount of money coming in.    Please forget lottery madness here too, do you really believe you will win? Be open to other options in your life which may be alongside your existing job to start with, on a small scale.

The 4 things suggested?  Simple…

Information, Product, Service, Entertainment

When you can understand that these 4 things can be provided in return for money from anyone, anywhere at anytime ~ so long as they desire the Information, Product, Service or Entertainment you offer.  Without you having to tell them they need this in their lives  (i.e. SELL SELL SELL).  It’s a natural process of energy and attraction. Like minded people are brought together for the right transaction at the right time.

Simply put you need to find your true passion and purpose in life, what would you really love to do?  Grab hold of it, take inspired action, make your move and see the true value you have in the world 🙂  Then Shine like the twinkling star that you are… Lead by example and show everyone just what’s possible when you are walking down the right prosperity conscious path.

What Information, Product, Service or Form of Entertainment can you offer the world surrounding your passions and what you love and enjoy in life?

Ride the Wave with me….  It’s just a matter of choice 🙂

If you feel you would like to learn more about Fredric Lehrman, Nomad University and the Prosperity Consciousness he teaches follow this link – Nomad University Prosperity Consciousness

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2012 The Path of Purpose: A New Perspective with Fredric Lehrman – Watch this if you are ready….

Ancient Wisdom.....

As we approach 2012 I feel many of us can sense the global shift which is taking place.  We are awakening to new ways of living as well as new ways of thinking.  During this time of transition many people are hungry to learn more ~  Let me share some of Fredric’s Inspiration with you here today….

Join Fredric Lehrman in the ancient Mayan city of Coba as he brings together old secrets and new revelations that illuminate your path of purpose, a new perspective ~ Click Here to View

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From No Way to New Ways – Discovering a Whole New World of Freedom & Happiness

A Whole New World Awaits YOU! 🙂

Sometimes in life we can find ourselves in situations we wouldn’t have chosen in hindsight.   It can sometimes feel like there is no way to move away from the things we aren’t fulfilled with.  This can leave you feeling pretty frustrated and down on life if you don’t start to understand that from no way a way can be found, I am here to share that way with you today….

As we continue to awaken to a new way of living around the world things are shaping up in a great way.  Now, in case you are about to click off my page thinking this new way of living is all about living in tipi’s out in the forest eating berries and leaves then stick with me.  All the best to those who have chosen this lifestyle but the new way of living and the whole new world I am talking about is much more 21st century.  We are an ever evolving world we should be moving forwards, onwards and upwards.   I understand it is sometimes hard to see the brighter side of life when you are caught up in the No Ways, I used to be the same.

It got to such a low point in life all I could do was open my mind and start to look for new ways of thinking and living.  What I discovered blew my mind!

Lets start with the new way of thinking first (this is the easier one) Personal development, The Law of Attraction, Spirituality, quantum physics – Personal Growth is the place to start.  When you can start to understand how we are actually creating our own lives each day then it is much easier to understand and accept the fact that we do all have choices.  Now for many when first starting out on any personal development journey, be it just a simple book to start with or for the more seasoned amongst us an singing all dancing seminar this is when we realize that our lives are in our own hands.  No-ones else has control. We all take it at our own pace but we get it eventually 🙂

Now when it comes to the freedom and happiness we all desire this is where most start to chicken out.  When we start to talk about living our true passion and purpose.  Usually at this point a big fat NO WAY sign pops into our head and that little voice in your head starts to say NO WAY, get your head out of the clouds!  You must be kidding… Happiness and freedom!  Blaaahhhh blah blah….!

This is where your new way of thinking comes in, first of all retrain your way of thinking to that of being open to new ways of living and hey presto you can start to take a fresh look at things.   This is what I did, first the mindset then the lifestyle.

Let me be your shining example to give you the proof evidence that burning your bridges and jumping feet first into your dreams and passions will eventually get you where you want to be in life (or somewhere closer to start with).  Remember to throw yourself headfirst into your personal development and growth as priority number one. Also remember that you can make your transition as quickly or as slowly as you choose, so long as you start to move forward and make waves surrounding the new world you want to live in 🙂

To re-cap jump in feet first to your new world of freedom and happiness (whatever that means to you) and head first into your self growth then keep on keeping on no matter what….

Take a good look around my website here, understanding how the universe works is key to reaching your new world and if you feel you are interested to learn more about my whole new world of freedom and happiness through personal development click on partner with Liz.  I love to help like minded people follow in my footsteps everyday, it’s my passion and purpose alongside Law of Attraction coaching and speaking 🙂  It’s a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view 🙂

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A Whole New World with Internal Guidance System Zen DeBrucke – Smart Soul Academy

♥ Open Your Heart to Your Internal Guidance System ♥

If you are anything like me, when you think about having your own Internal Guidance System, something which can help you create a whole new and positive life, you can just feel the excitment bubbling up inside….  Let me share more…

I have always believed that we should trust our vibes since being a child, this was just something I knew on a heart and soul level I guess.  Zen Debrucke has brought about a whole new level to the old saying trust your vibes…  Our Internal Guidance System which we can use each and every moment of our day to guide us through life moving towards that which we desire rather than that which we don’t.   I also feel it is a perfect compliment to using the Law of Attraction.  Zen discovered her IGS via Abraham Hicks in the 90’s, I am sure you will agree when we are coming from a place of feeling great about going something we are always going to attract a great outcome.

This is what your IGS can do for you….  Rather than taking action (maybe even inspired action) to try and fix-fix-fix & do-do-do to work towards what you think you want you can take a whole new outlook and create a whole new world for yourself… 

My IGS tells me this! 😉 

Take a listen to this free audio and see if you “feel” the same about IGS…. Internal Guidance System FREE Audio

Ahhhhh, Yes!  This is it…  Easy World, The Law of Attraction & Our Internal Guidance System.  Breath, Relax, enjoy life.  Thats what we are here to do afterall… 🙂

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Simple Pleasures – Sometimes it’s the Little Things in Life which Shape Your Day

I am sure you have heard the old saying ~ Wake up and smell the roses ~  Sometimes in life this is what we need to do and these simple pleasures can improve our days.  At the time it may not seem like much but if you continue to rush around at light speed you will miss these little gems.  They are around us each and everyday, at every moment there will be something we can pick out to put a smile on our faces.

By stopping here today and taking a little time to read this I can only assume that you are open to taking a breather, or maybe you just needed something to help you get through the day.  I understand we all have those days where time seems to slip away and we feel caught up in what must be done today.  These are the best times to stop and take stock, to take a deep breath, look around and appreciate what we may have missed if we didn’t take a little time out.

It may be a simple smile from a stranger passing by, a nice view from a window, a bird flying by, a twinkle from the sunlight, a beautiful flower.  It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is how it makes you feel.  It’s in these moments when we wake up to what great things are happening around us all the time that we can fill up our own positive energy and appreciate life all around us. 

When you are feeling a sense of appreciation for life this really can shape your whole day as you put yourself in a place of gratitude and can just feel your spirits lifting as you start to notice more and more wonderful things around you.  Without doing this we can sometimes find ourselves closed off to life and caught up in a bubble of our own life getting busy doing what we need to do without taking the time to enjoy it!  Life is for enjoying, it’s what we make it….

It was two small things (possibly insignificant things to some people) which inspired me to share this with you today.  During a brisk walk yesterday we chose to stop and take in the surroundings, sometimes a brisk walk can just be for exercise but I feel it’s good to stop every now and again (even if just for a rest 😉 ) We sat on a bench appreciating the sunlight shining through the tree’s, time seemed to be standing still for that precious moment.  A Robin redbreast came and sat right next to me, it was almost like he brought me a message (which I know he did).  I felt filled with a sense of calmness and appreciation for life.  Beautiful!

This morning I watched my kittens Levi and Lloyd innocently playing with the water trickling out of the kitchen tap, the were trying to catch it as it disappeared down the plug hole.  As they put their heads down to see where it had gone the water ran onto their heads, so funny and so cute!  All I could do was watch and smile, my heart was open with appreciation, so simple but so nice.

I also think we can take a leaf out of Levi & Lloyds book ~ as well as taking in the simple pleasures in life, looking around and appreciating what is going off around us we also need to take part in simple pleasures yourself.   Stop, switch off, go out and play.  Get in touch with your inner child and do something small but significant in your day today 🙂

Let me get you started for today, take a minute to smile and watch this video 😉

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Do You Feel Like You Have Taken a Wrong Turn on the Journey of Life?

Which Way to Happiness & Freedom?

Fear Not….. You are not alone!  Life is a series of twists and turns right from the moment we start to stand on our own two feet.  We can be influenced in so many ways by which choices to make and steps to take.  I feel everyone comes to a point in life where they feel changes must be made if life is going to get any better.  It’s at times like this when people look for “more” in life, sometimes unsure what the “more” may actually be until the pathway starts to clear.   Maybe this is why you ended up here today?

If you feel you are currently in a Wrong Turn zone remember you can start to make gradual shifts to get yourself back on course in life or you can also choose to make one huge leap back to the right track for you…  A step in the right direction. Which ever you choose remember that you can make changes, you are the master of your own life  (say the following and see how it feels to you – “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me”). Sometimes you may not feel you can change things, in particular if you feel your current life situation controls you therefore life is a little out of control.  This is the most important time when you should stop and refocus.  Take stock of where you are now and where you want to be.  Which direction do you want to be heading in?

Once you know the right direction you can start to course correct however slowly or quickly you feel is appropriate for you.

Many people stay on the wrong life path due to worries, concerns and fear that making changes will rock the boat and may be difficult, uncomfortable, stressful and lots of other negatives which I could list here…  You get the picture.   Again this is all about choice and the way you look at things.  Start to focus on the positive outcome these changes will bring in your life, look for the silver lining.  Choose to seek out the best possible outcome and expect an easy or at least easier transition.  If the blows come your way or you just know that things are going to get difficult, then thats how it will be.  It’s a times like this when you need to think about your why for doing it as well as the place and space you are moving towards, this will soften the blows….

Also, During these times of change you can keep yourself  on the right track and moving in the right direction with help and guidance.  If you can trust the process and open up to the right people, situations, support and guidance coming into your life in any way shape or form it will be there for you.   This may sound a little pie in the sky to you right now but I have experienced this on a first hand basis.  Make your first move, then watch as things unfold for you.  Be aware.  Go with the flow.  Trust the process.

If you feel it will help learn more about the Law of Attraction & the other Universal Laws which are discussed here on my website.  This way you will have a deeper understanding of both your journey so far, how things happened this way and also how you want to move forward towards the happy and free life you truly desire.

Freedom & Happiness awaits, now is your moment to travel your journey of life in the right direction 🙂  Embrace it and enjoy it 🙂

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FREDRIC LEHRMAN Intensive Workshop Surfing the Economic Tsunami

Fredric Lehrman ‘Prosperity Consciousness’

We live in uncertain and challenging economic times. Our daily lives and business environment are directly affected by what is happening on a global level. In order to surf these economic waves we need practical strategies….

In this Powerful One Day Workshop you’ll learn:-

· How you can prosper even in difficult economic times.

· How we got into this global financial predicament.
· Techniques to alter unconscious habits affecting your finances.

· Discover new ways of thinking about value, exchange and money itself.

· Develop new economic strategies to keep your finances straight & your family safe.

· How to co-ordinate your personal growth with your financial practices to benefit the largest number of people.
Fredric Lehrman is the founder of Nomad University and Author of the best-selling Nightingale-Conant CD series ‘Prosperity Consciousness’ which has sold over 50,000 copies. His clients have included Microsoft, 3M Corporation, Celestial Seasonings Tea Company, Centre for Soviet American Dialogue, and Banana Republic.
Until now, Fredric has only presented ’Surfing the Economic Tsunami’ to audiences in the USA, and the only way to access his teachings has been through his best-selling CD series: ‘Prosperity Consciousness’.

This will be the only time this year to see Fredric live on this side of the Atlantic, so don’t miss this one-time opportunity,

You’re going to learn the secrets of programming your subconscious mind for prosperity, how to adjust and re-pattern the old habits that no longer serve you, and develop new ways of thinking about and managing your finances, which keep money flowing into your life, time after time. What is that worth to you?

Please reserve my place NOW at Fredric’s One-Day Workshop:
“Surfing the Economic Tsunami”
Book here – www.heroes4change.com

Fredric Lehrman is also one of our luminaries and coaches within the community I work with, if you would like to learn more about working with Fredric get in touch with Liz 🙂 In the meantime visit Discover Your True Purpose

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