A Fresh Bright Shiny Mayan New Year & Excting Updates From Liz~Land


I hope all is well in your world


This is a very special weekend in Mayan terms, it’s the start of a brand new Mayan year tomorrow, today is a day out of time galactic activation portal.  An important time to get really clear about what you would love your life to be like and how you would love to be feeling as well as letting go of that which no longer serves . This next 260 cycle is the year of white planetary wizard, it’s time for magical manifesting


If you don’t yet know your Mayan sign or haven’t had a complimentary reading from me message me back and let me know your birthdate and I will send you one through.  I am a blue lunar night and my “job” here on earth is to help you transform and transmute the shadows moving swiftly into the light.


With this in mind and in heart If we haven’t yet connected I would love to offer you a complimentary 20 minute coaching session via Skype or phone to help you clear your vibes and reconnect with the magic of life  how would you love your life to be ?


lots more about my intuitive energy coaching sessions here http://liz-green.com/one-to-one-coaching-liz-green/


excited to connect with you!


For me the intentions set that this will be the year of my book being born!  I’ve been to see the publisher this afternoon and set the date of 22nd of September for the first draft. It feels big and all new ~ an adventure!  I’ve been having some contrast to clear up to allow things to flow and I’m trusting the process.  I’m half way there with the fund raising which will allow the book birth and first batch to be printed.  I really appreciate your support with this and have a sponsored fire walk arrange for late August by which point I intend to have raised the full amount.  Just £550 left to raise if you would like to support me here’s the go fund me link ~ http://www.gofundme.com/Supportlizsbook

Thanks once again for your support it means soooooo much
& what if you could take the first step in faith too?
what would you be, do & have?
Have a totally fabulous day wherever you are in the world.  Keep smiling, trust the process and know that it’s all in perfect divine order
beaming you lotsa love and big hugs

Book Updates More Exciting News Big Thank Yous & Inspiration To Connect Clear & Empower

It’s so lovely to be sat in the garden enjoying this beautiful sunsheeeeine & sharing the magic with you today We’ve just arrived back from a 3 hour walk around the local countryside and I’m feeling refreshed and energised!  Hope you are having fun too
Lots of magic is continuing to flow in Liz~land with the go fund me ‘help Liz publish her book’ campaign growing each day, within the last week I’m nearly half way there and want to give a BIG HUGE thank you for everyone who’s donated and all your support.  I am soooo excited to be sending you your free signed copy once it’s ready.  If you would like to support me click the button below to visit the page….
It’s called
Connect with your inner truth & the magic of life
I made a video yesterday to share more about other big changes happening in our lives ( connect with the video at the end of this message ) On Thursday my chap finished his job after 23 years service.  He took redundancy and is setting up his own tshirt printing company called ‘Time for Tee’ ( can you guess which tea lover thought of the name lol )  as well as creating his amazing bespoke animal art which until now has just been a hobby.  I will post his magical milo picture below see what you think
When we first found out a few months ago an old part of me who felt insecure wanted to start to worry and rush sorting ideas and fixers so I’ve been doing plenty of vibrational clearing on this and feel really chilled and excited about this new life adventure.  So many syncros and lots of magic is flowing so I’m knowing it’s totally meant to be and all in divine order.  Putting into practice what I know and trusting the process
It’s all good
Other news and fun flow….. I’ve bought myself a snazzy pair of roller skates with cherries and cup cakes on they have sparkly wheels too.  This is to help me with my fitness ( love my new Fitbit!!!) I’ve released 9lbs in the last 3 weeks and intend to be wearing a lovely purple bikini on my Spanish holiday in September
and last but not least me and my dear friend Becca are sharing an afternoon of empowerment at our local holistic wellbeing centre in Shepley on Saturday 18th July it’s called ~ Connect Clear & Empower workshop it feels so wonderful to be sharing this and we would love to invite you along.  All the details are here on the Facebook event….. Click the button below
excited to connect with you at the perfect time & beaming you lotsa love and big hugs
Click Here for more details about Liz & Beccas workshop


image Magical milo created by Ian wood

HELP!!… & news about my book being published

Hellooooo lovely ones
You don’t hear from me for ages and then twice in one week !!  Big things are happening and I am reaching out to ask for your support and help
I made a video to share more ( link below ) long story short if you have been following my journey you will know I have been writing my books for some time and it’s coming close for the first one to be birthed
The piece of the jigsaw which always stopped me in my tracks is the practicalities of having it published, I looked into doing it myself but for me at this time that just hasn’t aligned and in some ways stops my juices flowing….
I asked the universe to guide me, to support me and yesterday I manifested a local publishers ( really syncro too ) totally meant to be!
To to be able to do this there are some costs involved so once again I asked for inspiration…. I was reminded of a go fund me campaign I created back in 2013 which supported my healing journey and covered costs for bio resonance, which in turn means I am now fully in balance to be able to write and share this magic….. Big thank yous for this
Sooooo, this led me to creating a new campaign to help me get my first book published and printed….  My books called….
‘Connect with your inner truth & the magic of life’
& it’s going to be magical, I hope  and hopes a good place to be
I am super excited and appreciate all your love and support
When you donate over £25 you will receive a signed copy of the book once published and printed
Here’s the link to donate and the video with more about what happened to lead me to this is below….


Beaming you big hugs, love and thank yous


Liz ( soon to be published author )


thank you thank you thank you

Am I a dreamer….?

imageI had a very vivid dream last night, actually I have a lot of vivid dreams filled with symbolic meaning and have started to tune in more and more since connecting with shamanic dreamscaping.  Plus it helps that I’m a blue lunar night in Mayan terms a big part of which is what comes in the night, or maybe that which goes BUMP in the night.

So last nights bumps couldn’t be ignored and after sharing more with a friend on messenger at 5am this morning I am gaining a LOT of clarity which I felt I wanted to share a little here by way of manifesting even more clarity. Soooo symbolic in so many ways….

So, the dream.  I was in a theatre it was full of people, I was in the crowd and I should have been back stage preparing for the play which was a period drama ( maybe this came from my love of pride and prejudice and a visit to the theatre last month ~ maybe not ) I had a mid sized part in it with a song and would be wearing a lilac crinoline dress.

No one in the audience was supposed to move once the curtains went up but I knew I had to find out what time I was on and get into costume, I’d lost my script was in the wrong place, or so I thought in my dream. There was a familiar guy behind me ( still not sure who this was ) I whispered my problem to him and rushed off to the toilets to wait for him to find me and bring the script…. at this point & I won’t go into too much toilet detail I wasnt feeling too good not that!  Lets just say I was now having my own period drama!!!

I got the script and as I sat on the toilet ( of all places lol ) I could no longer find my name in the script, nothing, nada, gone!

So I went and got a flyer for the play and I was no longer in the picture.  All the other actors and actresses were ther smiling up at me, but no me, no picture, no script, no play.

I remember being really hot and sweaty.  Part of me panicking as I leafed back through the script but it didn’t make any sense it was all gobbledygook

( I’m so impressed that my predictive text knows gobbledygook and finishes it off for me lol )

The dream was hazy after that but what I remembered felt really significant.

Significant as lately I’ve been going to lots of spiritual groups again and reconnecting / connecting with new and old friends having lots of expansive discussions about where were are in a spiritual evolutionary sense.  I haven’t done reiki for ages but was at a local ( and lovely ) reiki share last night, when I came home I continued reading women who run with Wolves which I started after my last shamanic retreat weekend in the forest, defo all connected, and the chapter was about obscene goddesses Something was triggered….


For me, my take, from my own inner truth and knowing.  Considering that I’ve been on the spiritual stage to some extent sharing videos, blogs, doing talks, workshops, seminars.  Whatever you want to call them.  Its spiritual theatre.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing and when I’m in the right mood I love a bit of theatre myself, and yes we are all actors within our lives.  Acting out the parts we pick in each given moment.

It is what it is, and it’s neither right or wrong.  It’s all good ( my get out clause cause I do it too! Lol )

Taking from the dreamings, I’m strongly feeling it’s time to start to ditch the scripts if we can, to let go of the need to do things a certain way, maybe the way we’ve been told or taught to do it, and this goes for anything in life, not just the spiritual side of things.  And considering the period drama involved in the dream we should also be tuning into both our cycles and the natural cycles of pacha mama. Urpichay!

I also keep getting the analogy of the wizard behind the curtain in th emerald city ( & I know I’ve used this before as I’ve experienced it many times both before and after waking up to it )

Sooooo it’s time to wake up to another level, wether we are in the audience or on the stage vibrationally speaking.  It’s time to wake up to our own unscripted truths which flow so magically and wonderfully each and every moment of every day as well as knowing when we are scripting, planning, stage lighting and putting on our make up and costume ready for the stage of life, cause that’s ok too, it’s life.  This is balance.  We are human and we all have an ego as well as our spirit , time to accept it as it be. Warts and all

I feel its connected with identifying when we are the players and  when we are not.  Rather than being reliant on the script and someone else telling us what to do and how to be and act, we are the ones running the show…. Writing our own scripts, creating our own theatre, acting out our own dreams via our own inner truths and knowing….. And yes we may feel support and commaradery along the way helps us too and that’s cool.

This feels like truth for me in this now moment anyway. And it may change in the next moment. Or not.

I love people and I love sharing, meeting up, hugs, chats, cups of tea, sharing stories, walks with friends, healing circles, yoga, social stuff…. Yes & the pub too

& long may it continue, with a new energy.  That there is no need ( in a neediness way ) for it.  It’s a choice because it’s fun rather than doing it to fill something, fix something or make right.  That’s the magic that comes from within.  We are the ones who can make right.

What I used to teach was a way to do things, much like religion.  Do AB&C and get XY&Zee.  A fixer approach.

It feels great to let this go and allow the new to flow.  Boll***x to the 3 Steps to success and the 4,5,6,7 steps too.  Been there done that bought the tshirt and the hat lol

big love to you & welcoming all insights and comments ( nice ones only please unless genuine juicy shadow healing shit heehee )

oh and heres the songs which were playing in my head to theme thus whole dreamy thing….

am I a dreamer – what memories this one brings up lol

& a classic from a fellow white witch Stevie nicks via fleetwood mac

Listen to the words ~ fab syncros flowing…..

Expecting miracles even when you can’t be arsed & going with the universal flow



I hope all is well in your world, wherever you are and whatever’s coming up just know that it’s all in divine order this magical universe has got our back

Its been a while since I felt the pull to share here in this manner, it’s not through lack of things to share and get excited about quite the contrary, lots has been happening and BIG changes are flowing…. I feel it’s the same for many of us at this time on our planet.

I’ve simply been accepting and allowing that CBA ( Can’t Be Arsed ) part of me to chillax and just be

I have been flowing with a few new flows and its felt really grounding to be involved and some magical new spiritual groups locally to me here in the north of England, as well as continuing with one to one coaching, yoga, healthy eating and lovely walks with friends and doggys supporting me to feel balanced and grounded

I will share more about the big changes for me and my chap in a couple of weeks when it’s all official for now you will just have to keep guessing & nope I’m not pregnant or getting married it’s a biggie tho and a scary one for many for us it’s going to be an exciting adventure!!!

So with all that said the messages I’m receiving loud and clear from my inner spirit truths right now are to be ok with whatever is coming up in our lives, to remember that it’s not what we are experiencing that matters but how we feeeeel about it. To be grateful for all that exists in each now moment, the air we breath, the beauty of nature ( as I type this the birds are singing sweetly all around me in the garden ), the love of our friends and family and the love our loved ones share.

To know that all is well and that by changing our vibes and clearing out the crap, recycling it to Mother Earth then focusing on that powerful golden light within us, and it’s in us all….. Then life supports us in magical ways we may never have expected. Now is the time to expect miracles ~ big or small it matters not ~ the miracle of life is all around us in each and every moment….. Trust me….. This is the truth it’s what I feel deep from my core

Beaming you big love, hugs and healing where needed breathe let go relax and allow all is well we are perfect in our imperfection ( imperfection = I’m~perfection )

& as always if I can support you in any way along your life journey my doors always open, holding a warm loving space for clarity and ahhh haaaaa’s

& if all else fails my labradoodle magical milo told me to share the quote below with you all

Chat soon Liz


Death ~ Rebirth ~ Nomadic Nature Retreats ~ Sweat Lodges & Emotional Freedom

nomadicHelloooooo lovely ones
I hope that all is well in your world and if you are in England like me that you are enjoying the spring which has sprung and the sunshine which is shining brightly for us ☀️
Lots has been happening here in Liz land with a full few weeks and lots of clarity ~ I decided to go to another sweat lodge last week after attending a full weekend nomadic retreat out in nature the weekend before ~ back to basics with no electricity or creature comforts we have at home but many other kinds of creature comforts sent by Mother Earth ~ Urpichay pacha mama !  it was so wonderful to go back to basics in this way ~ very grounding and also very clearing
I continued my vibe clearing with an eft day doing rebirthing and ancestors / past life clearings which was really powerful ! Excited to pass this on and share in my one to one and group coaching sessions
I’ve made a video to share these magical updates and show you my staff and the nomadic prayer…. Hope you enjoy it  I made some other videos whilst I was there if you have a nosy on my youtube channel you will see the crazy chickens and raging fires lol
thanks for sharing this magical journey with me 🙂 beaming you big love 🙂

My Experience at the Full Moon Purification Sweat Lodge Ceremony….

Helloooo lovely ones ❤
I hope all is well in your world and send you love and good vibes, whatever you are experiencing know that its all just as its meant to be…. ❤

I’ve had a big old week of clearing after deciding I was going to attend a full moon purification sweat lodge ceremony which was last night.

I absolutely love the ancient vibe clearing techniques, after doing many firewalks I have always felt the pull to do a sweat lodge, felt a similar vibe but different process.  Firewalking being the outward masculine energy of going for it and believing you can do it and be ok.  The sweat lodge, going within feminine goddess energy, the dark hot heat and feeling of being back in the womb, death and rebirth, clearing the way, clearing the shadows and that which is ready to release…
This ceremony was women only and specifically on the full moon, the setting was absolutely magical and when I emerged from the lodge the brightness of the moon and the overwhelming feeling of pure universal support touched my heart on another level….. I also have to give a loving shout out to my friend who came along with me, she is pregnant with twins and due on the next full moon in April so this just added to the moon sisterhood magic!  WoW… what a blessing! 🙂
I made a video to share more….. thanks for sharing this magical journey with me… 🙂
This evening we are going to see Noel Gallagher in Nottingham (he’s my chaps fave!) I’m more of a Liam girl 😉 Then I’m back down in Leicester tomorrow for the 3rd part of my EFT clearing journey where we are focusing on how to support the inner child, its all flowing with fabulous synchronicity and along the way I’m now tapping into anything which doesn’t feel aligned with my truth ~ feeling it healing it… Allowing it to be heard… to be healed 🙂
This coming Saturday I am sharing a magical meet up workshop in person at High Flatts friends meeting house I will also be sharing this workshop as an online version with an ebook and a one to one skype or phone session with me ~ if you feel the pull all the details are here Magical Meet Ups
Beaming you big LOVE and big HUGS
Liz ❤❤❤

New Moon New Energy New Flow & Dealing with Death & The Gritty Magic of Life

Hellooooo Lovely Ones ❤

11:11am as I start to type this mail… No coincidences here….  (Coincidence = incidence that perfectly coincides lol) 🙂

I hope all is well in your world and that you have powerfully connected with the energy of the New Moon which was the middle of this week.  New moon is an amazing time to set your intentions of what’s ready to release and what you would love to show up moving towards the Full Moon on March 5th.

Its time to clear our vibes and feel better!  As it always is 🙂   Like brushing our teeth vibes should be cleared every day to support connecting with the magic of life…

I’ve been having fun connecting with the magic of life this week and made a few videos along the way… Love to share them with you here today 🙂


The fault in our stars ~ the gritty magic of life 


The stars and planets are lining up ~ its New Moon Energy


Today is the 12th anniversary of the death of a dear friend who was like a sister to me, I’ve been getting messages all week and was inspired to make a video this morning about how to feel better about death…. This can be heavy stuff, or not, depends how we look at it… I particularly loved that the universe made me spit all over the place about 2/3s through this video (so too far into it to re-record) this was defo to re connect me with humour and that laughter really is the best medicine

(oops just realized I havent uploaded the video to youtube yet… gimme 10!  off for a cuppa whilst it finishes off, maybe I will end up posting this at 12:12 lol) 🙂 ❤

Here it is!

I’m beaming you loadsa love and hugs, my doors always open if I can support you in anyway… & if you are feeling drawn to this years magical meet ups and online one to one workshops all the info’s on here ~ with more to follow as they evolve 🙂 http://liz-green.com/magical-meet-ups/

with love

Liz ❤

Its Time to Choose Our Own Way In Life ❤


I’ve been looking into and reading about Camino de Santiago this last week or so ~ it’s a pilgrimage many people go to do….  I saw the film, The Way a few years back and intend to revisit since its popping back into my experience.

I’ve also had a cute little synchronicity connected with it too….  About a month ago I found a little scallop shell earring on my bedroom floor ~ I think it must have come from one of my ebay hauls but wasn’t sure where or when and only had one so I decided to wear it.  The symbol of the Camino de Santiago is this very shell…

How interesting….. ❤ 🙂

I also felt I should be sharing this here today as lots of clarity flowed on my dark walk with Magical Milo this morning.  (Santa brought me a head lamp for Christmas meaning my morning walks are back to early ones as its still dark here in the UK as we are in the winter time 😉 )

The clarity flowed as some heavy tight emotions bubbled up.  I felt a lot of frustration and anger coming up about manipulation and the “smoke screen and mirrors” of life ~ the Wizard of Oz analogy springs up…

Do this to get that.

Go to ‘A’ first then you can get to ‘B’.

Follow what ‘he’ or ‘she’ is saying.

‘They’ know best.

Also the paths that have been set out before us that are supposed to heal, cure or make well again.  When I say this I am talking about that which society depicts in a practical sense as well as in a spiritual sense.

A big part of us has been brain washed into believing that we have to do certain things a certain way ~ that way or this way ~ to live better lives.

I feel more than ever I am connecting with the energy of there is no SET way ~ we only choose that SETting….

Its time to choose a new setting ~ the one of our own personal truth.  Our own path. Our own way.

I quickly realized that the hours I walk in my local countryside with my lovely doggy friends ( and sometimes human ones too 😉 ) gives me my own pilgrimage ~ the pilgrimage of life so to speak.   In all its natural depth and wonder.

As I walk I clear. Naturally.  No wizardry involved.  Just straightforward walking and talking it out with myself, the Universe, spirit, my higher self, mother earth, the plants, flowers, grass, air, moon, sun ~ whatever I connect with at each given moment… Breathing deeply as the air clears and the energy in motion ~ emotions ~ flow 🙂

That reminds me I made a few videos last month I never shared here ~ this was before I got my headlamp which is much easier but all good ~ lots of symbolic meaning here lol 🙂  I’m also feeling much more confident about the darkness now (& darker times of life too WHOOHOO 🙂 )

With that said I know Wizardry has its time and place too and if you know me you know I love a little (or a lot of) magic 😉  Magical vibe clearing with techniques and practices as well as practical things too ~

&&&&& I would love to walk the Camino de Santiago one day hopefully with my chap and milo too 🙂 Doing it coming from a place of expansion and fun rather than trying to get to a certain place of clarity and “make” things happen.  Although I did do things this way when I went to Machu Picchu and that was as it was meant to be. It is what it is and we are each exactly where we are supposed to be at each given moment (great get out clause lol 😉 Its all in perfect divine order in the imperfection (i’m~perfection) of life 😉 heehee

I also have a few other practical things happening this week with Bio Resonance clearing session tomorrow and the start of an EFT masterclass journey on Saturday.  I think these are some of the things which are bringing this all up and out.  I know in my heart all of this is just bravado…. Doing something to clear something that we have created and allowed into our being ~ something that we have resonated with….. Not always through choice though might I add!

Like the Bio Resonance machine clears my vibrational waves ~ my frequency where it may have been sent off balance with over indulgence, addictions and technology ~ EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) more in more to clear ~ plug into a machine and let it do the work.   Why not just cut out all of the crap which creates it in the first place a part of me asks….

Then the EFT the tapping ~ along with any other “permission slips” I choose to use…. Working to clear my vibes.  Making a point of doing it.  Setting intentions.   Stuff created by others to help me feel better.  Or even stuff created by me to help me feel better….

I think the frustrations and anger lay here for me today. This constant cycle of stuff to do….. to get….. to be….. to have.

Time to stop and be clear about our own path…. To have balance with it all ❤  Be Do Have….. First of all Be & maybe not even bother with the Do and Have bit 😉

I’m not saying don’t join other paths and see what feels good, its wonderful that these paths are here for us and we have so many people to share them with us.  So many maps to follow to lead us to that inner light….

& I love sharing the maps here too 😉

The the paradox of life ~ We feel one thing ~ we are doing another ~ we see the mirrors of us in everyone around shining back at us…. all those different faces we have….

and its all good (or maybe it isn’t) thats the depth of life too

There is no wizard out there, behind some curtain.

the magic is within 🙂 within us all

& I guess thats what we discover when we are walking.  Whether it be a set pilgrimage or one we create every day ourselves.  At home or the other side of the world. Walking on grass or fire.  With animals or people.  Alone or with spirit.   We choose each and every day and each and every step of the way 🙂

ahhhhh yes!  felt fab to share this here today 🙂  thanks for taking this journey with me and have a totally wonderful time walking your magical path

all my love ❤

Liz & Milo too of course!









A couple of songs have already been playing in my head this morning

We apologise for nothing ~ Fightstar (going to see the reunion of these guys this year! WHOOHOO! )

& Good old Oasis

I’m Freeeeee to be whatever I like


(laughing to myself as I see my word count is 1111 ~ no co-incidences here…. Coincidence ~ an incidence that perfectly coincides 😉 )

Oh now the word counts 1133 lol 😉

over and out 🙂 lol

Let it go! Let it go! Its time for a new fantastic point of view….. & New Energy Updates for 2015


Helloooooo , ❤

I hope that you have had a totally fabulous festive time & happiest of new years 😉   I am flowing with some film analogies today as I have watched lots of them whilst eating lots of cheese & biscuits (lizzy mouse ;)) and drinking lots of wine (Drunk lizzy mouse lol :)) Its all good!
As well as having a truly magical time I have also embraced this time of overindulgence and letting go to stopping or holding myself back ~ saying yes to my wantings needings and cravings ~ how about you ? Have you had your christmas cake and eaten it?
How do you feel about that now?
The flow of this conscious collective energy can be strong as well as our needs which are ingrained within our vibrational make up to be a certain way…..
I know too well that the feelings which can come up after this time of overindulgence can be a little like we are Veruca Salt, after all her “I wants” have been met and she gets the golden ticket she’s thrown into the rubbish shoot only to pop out the other end expecting to feel great after a trip to the choccy factory when actually she feels pretty blooming rubbish.  And probably smells too!
Covered in the old rubbish.
Much like we can be with vibrational rubbish…. Judging ourselves because of our choices or maybe stuff coming up which has been triggered by close connections with family and friends we may not always choose to be with in such close proximity.  Maybe things coming up to do with our health and body. Money stuff if we’ve spent too much.  Addiction stuff…. Yes lots of addiction stuff….. Whats coming up to clear for you?
unikittyHave you seen the lego movie yet?  Its fabulously symbolic! I saw me in the characters… Singing “everything is awesome” at the top of my voice even tho really deep down its simply NOT always awesome…. Its time to connect with whats NOT awesome….
Trying to “stay positive” can feel so heavy contrasty and contracting ~ it can lead to imbalance and dis….ease when somethings gotta come up and out its gotta come up and out!
Its time to connect with that which is being triggered right now, its the prima materia coming up ready to clear the way so we can experience a different view point.  Its time to “let it go” in another way 🙂   To move along from where we have been ~ that was then this is now ~ to set the intention to clear whats been triggered and what buttons are being pushed using whatever techniques work for us (I love EFT, walking in nature, writing it out, asking the angels, fire ceremonies, energy coaching ~ there are so many amazing vibe clearing techniques we can do…. We can make it up as we go along or choose whats already created)
Accept it.   Face it.  Say hello to it.  Release resistance.
Accept Ourselves.  Take the masks off.  Give ourselves a hug.  Be ok with who we are in the now 🙂
Remember its not about what we are experiencing its how we feel about it.  Everything is in divine order, trust this process ~ when we can let things simply flow in as they are flowing in, whatever the weather/ Be them heavy or light, good or bad, negative or positive… However we choose to label it all…. it is what it is, the depth of life… We can then be ok with what is and clear as we go along transforming the world around us.
newviewA whole new world!
A new fantastic point of view!
and not just because of the new year by the Gregorian Calendar standards ~ its also the start of a brand new Mayan 13 day wavespell today too (& we get to celebrate the mayan new year in july), as well as the full moon coming up tomorrow and Monday…..  How cool this all is….
It means this is the ideal time to set our intentions of what we would love to transform, transmute and let go of over the next coming 13 days as well as having the energy of the moon to support us being out there in the world ~ rather than retreating (as the energies do when the moon is beginning a new) its FULLNESS time.  Time to be the fullest expressions of ourselves 🙂  Letting go of self judgements which may hold us back.  To be out there singing our magical song 🙂
I feel more than ever its time for us to start tuning into these energies as our ancestors once did. Connecting with synchronicity and the magic of the universe as well as the magic of our YOUniverse from within 🙂
In Mayan terms White Magnetic Dog is the new 13 day wavespell starting today so its also time for us to recognize our companions of destiny ~ those whom we feel a familiar connection with and know should be part of our lives even if just for a chosen season ~ its time to connect with our guides, totems and allies ~ those who will support us on our journeys….  Those who will support our growth and expansion rather than shrinking and contraction!
& Just like we have cleared up the rubbish after the Christmas and new years celebrations its time to clear up our vibes…. Clear up our human selves 🙂
Let go of that which we may have been holding onto last year….
Release that which no longer serves our spirit…..
Drop the weighty bag of heavy stuff….
We know what it is and what we should do ~ its just that we sometimes resist doing it 🙂 I know this too in my life…. Thats when its good to call in our companions of destiny ~ our spiritual team and our earthy support.  However they show up they are here for us 111% of the time 🙂
With that said I am here to support you, if you are interested in the Mayan magic click reply send me your birthday and I can do your Mayan Birth chart reading which gives some wonderful insights to start with 🙂 ( I will be doing these next week )
I am also continuing my own personal EFT journey by completing a 6 month training course starting next weekend so I can clear my vibes further and support you to clear yours too with one to one intuitive energy coaching ~ Lots more here ~ http://liz-green.com/one-to-one-coaching-liz-green/ If you feel drawn and we haven’t yet connect directly I offer a complimentary 20 minute connection on skype 🙂  just reach out let me know how I can support you 🙂
All of this as well as the daily magic of life ~ living it, loving it (or not as the case may be 😉 ) being with it, sharing it, daring it and doing it….
Life is for living…. & we are here living it at SUCH an ahhhhmazing time 🙂
thank you thank you thank you
all my love beaming to you now and always
(& magical milo says hi too! )  ❤