💓 Orgasmic Magic ~ 6 week Online Program ~ Orgasmic Magic aka OM 💓

What if there was a magical thing you could do, that would sort out all the different areas of your life where you experience contrast?

Like the lack of flow, connection, energy & excitement for yourself & your YOUniverse….

Stuck in the not doing what you are here on earth to do, that which you feel passionate about…..

What if this magical thing could help?
& what if it could feel totally ahhhhhmazing?

It can 🙋🏻

The magical thing is YOU! 🌟
This is your YOUniverse !

& I’m going to welcome you to your Magical Yoniverse via The Orgasmic Magic 6 week online program aka OM…..

Gimme an “Ommmmmmmm”

&  B R E A T H E…..  It’s safe to do this process lovely, I understand I used to feel stuff coming up too….

& I’m not saying it’s all fairy dust & sparkles ✨

I’ll be there to support you every step of the way

& Yes, there’ll always be some shit to work through ~ there always is…. That’s our human conditioning & we are re~conditioning ourselves…..

Re~conditioning our Wombs
Healing our wounding
Releasing that which no longer serves….

Tune in & ponder these questions 🔮

How does your Womb feel right now?

What’s some of the conditioning you would like to clear?

What have you be struggling with?

Where do you feel stuck in your life & in your body?

Maybe you feel like you always fail or can’t manifest the things you desire or do the things you love in life 💕

Life feels hard 😔

Maybe you often find yourself stuck in your head, over thinking, worrying, stressing & doing too much 😬

Trying, wanting & needing without seeing any results…. 🙁

& how does that feel? & how long are you prepared to feel this way?

Sooooo, lovely I’m going to be loud & proud about this & say it how it is….

We simply have to get our juices flowing again….. from within

To empower ourselves from the inside out !

To choose to live orgasmic lives 🔮💃🏻💓

“orgasmic shudders”
(of a person) able to achieve orgasm.
“the responsive, orgasmic woman”
very enjoyable.
“an orgasmic new drink”

An Orgasmic New Life?

When was the last time you felt goosebumps, tingles, excitement, Magic & all those joyful things about your life?

When was the last time you gave yourself an orgasm? & I don’t just mean one of those quick release moments grabbed in the midst of a busy life ( although those are ok too for a certain kind of Magic 🔮 )

When was the last time you really felt it, flowing through your whole body, opening you up to divine, blessing you with healing, love & Magic 🔮

Feeling it clearing your body of blocks, habits, patterns, contrast & whatever those womb wounds be for you….

When did you last give yourself love, self care, quality you time, pleasure, sensuality, desire & all of that fabulous magical stuff?  Yes it’s good to share with our partners too, but this my lovely is about YOU!

&&& I know life can be busy, this doesn’t have to take weeks, days or even hours & you don’t need to book yourself on a retreat somewhere in the middle of no where either….

Bring Orgasmic Magic into everyday manifesting…. 💓🔮💓

Firstly you gotta get your self in flow
Then your Life around you will follow this flow…. life will become more & more magical, passionate, sensual & exciting, your body will start to change, the things you choose to do, your health, your habits, old stuff will fall away💃🏻

& when the contrast comes a knocking & your feeling shocking I will show you how to clear it through Orgasmic Magic practices 🔮💓

We will have a different flow each week starting with the basics right up to manifesting magic through orgasmic energy as well as connected with how the whole of life can be much more pleasurable…. to start with say hello to your Yummy Yoni & open up to the possibilities which lay ahead… As always I will be creating this program intuitively as we go along, following the energy & going with the natural flow. 💓


It’s time for you to give yourself this gift, to receive this magic and RISE UP SiStar!

Feeling the pull?

Here’s the flow for each week…. This program was recorded intuitively over 6 weeks, I share this journey with you & it’s very powerful stuff!

💓Week 1 ~ Reconnecting to your Yoni~verse, grounding & opening up to your SHINE from within & clearing any surface level blocks to Orgasmic Magic flowing in your life & Meeting your Yoni Masseuse spirit guide

💓Week 2 ~ Wonderful Womb Magic, Breathing, Healing & bringing love back to your core.  Healing Womb Wounding & Orgasmic Magic Shadow Dancing.  Clearing the way for a brand new YOU!

💓Week 3 ~ Self Love, sensuality, beautiful breasts, beautiful body.  Clearing self judgements & anything stopping or blocking this magic.  Its’ time to let go & trust your Womb Wisdom with Orgasmic Magic & angelic support

💓Week 4 ~ Being true to yourself, honouring everything you have experienced until this point, connecting & speaking your Womb Truth, mirror mirror off the wall. Share your magical gifts here on earth & empower yourself from within.

💓Week 5 ~ Bringing Orgasmic Magic into Everyday Manifesting, setting intentions & using Yoni Massage to clear the tensions along with Orgasmic Magic to connect with receiving & how wonderful it can all feel

💓Week 6 ~ Welcome to Your Magical YONI~Verse ~ embodying everything you have experienced & living it day to day, final clearing for anything else which is holding you back, stopping or blocking your magic

How amazing does all that sound?

Over the course of the 6 weeks you will receive 2 videos per week, sent at regular intervals, direct to you inbox.  Guidance, support & other lovely stuff to help keep you on track.  I pride myself on giving way more than you would expect at such a low price to offer everyday woman the chance to be EXTRAordinary!

I am super excited to be sharing this & very much looking forward to welcoming you to Orgasmic Magic  💃🏻💓🙋🏻🌟

What qualifies me to share this?

This process has completely changed my whole life! I’ve been practising Orgasmic Magic for some time now, its helped me heal deep seated personal issues which I simply couldn’t clear no matter what I did.. I’ve been a Coach for the last 9 years, teaching all kinds of things including EFT Tapping (which we will use in the sessions to clear the crap), I am also known as a Shamanic Witch, In mayan terms I am a blue lunar night, here to help you dance the shadows & step into your light. If you follow me online I hope you’ve witnessed that first hand from everything I am sharing via my videos & groups, this my job here on earth to shine a light & say over here lovely ones this shit works !!! Lol 😂 & sometimes I might be like your old school friend who egged you on to do stuff that felt a little naughty or cheeky or even a little wild & crazy 😜

It’s all ok 👌 & my ohhhh my let me tell you this…… dot dot dot ….. heehee & an lol 😂

THE FULL BODY ORGASMIC MAGIC & the love, light & healing it brings is ahhhhhhmazing!!

& the orgasmic shadow dancing is magical too! If you allow it to be that is…..

All this as well as being able to manifest things into our reality via this beautiful practice 💫 ping! 💡

As you can already see I will bring in lots of humour too, laughter really is the best medicine & it relaxes us so we can work our magic…… Welcome home Wise Witchy Woman, dear SiStar, Divine Goddess, YOU are right where you are meant to be!  The Angels led you here…. Trust this dear one…

We knew this stuff years ago, maybe in past lives, maybe just hidden below the surface because of how we’ve been trained in society how its been, until now that is…. Divine Feminine Rising!  Goddesses Glowing!


This will be a full 6 Weeks of Self Love, Sensuality & SHINE ~ btw SHINE stands for….

Inspiration &

Tune into your Womb……  Is she saying Yes, YeS YES be super shiny fast, that’s coming from your Womb Wisdom🌟🔮

It’s only £444 for the full 6 week program, I have also created a monthly payment plan so you can pay in 3 instalments of £155 if easier.

Time investment is around 2-3 hours per week or more if you choose, the more time you spend playing the more Orgasmic Magic you will experience.

I am sooooooo excited for you lovely!  To be able to share this magic is an absolute gift & without my own Yoni Shine practice I definitely wouldn’t have had to confidence.

Ready?  If not now then when?

YOU are the MOST important person in YOUR LIFE!  Just saying….

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Big love
Liz ❤️