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I am SOOOOO Excited to announce the launch of my very own universally guided hands on and remote healing technique ~ H♥E♥A♥R♥T

HEART stands for Healing Energy Alignment & Release Technique ♥  This Magical Universe / YOUniverse guided me to create this soft gentle loving process to allow us to heal from the inside out and release the things which no longer serve us without all the long painful “peeling of the onion layers” processes and “permission slips” to allow ourselves to be who we truly are.

We came here to be who we truly are ~ to shine our lights and shine them bright ~ we didn’t come here to play small or by anyone elses “rules” ~ somewhere along the line we just forgot this and built up our vibrational suits of amour, holding in our true selves along with lots of vibrational yukkies, thoughts, feelings, habits and patterns that no longer serve us or our higher good….  HEART connects on a deep inner level and supports you to clear away the vibrational gunk and junk, as much as you are ready to allow….

We align together in the now moment with the intention set that the Universe is on our side allowing the release to be as light filled as possible.  Whatever comes up and out know its all good, we are all in this together.  I see us all as reflections of each other so this is a process and journey we embark upon together, that said I always hold you in the highest light seeing you aligned with divine to support the changes and healing process….

I have been divinely guided to offer this process so I am flowing with it experientially, open to divine guidance and trusting the process.  I am certain it will evolve as we flow and I am excited to experience this magic 🙂

Sessions can be done in person or remotely online via skype or telephone.  Sessions start with a 15 or 30 minute chat (dependant upon the length of session).  In person healing takes place whilst you sit and relax with soothing music and deep breathing to give you the space and place to be nurtured and allow the changes to settle in.   Via Skype & Phone I will direct you to place your hands where your body feels drawn as well as using a heart centered meditation for both in person and online sessions.  We will follow the energy in the now moment together to create powerful positive shifts…. Allowing it all to come up and out, whatever it be, in a loving and relaxed environment ~ this is your time to heal…. ♥

We are in the midst of huge energetic shifts where we are each finding our individual balance to live life in the most nourishing heart centered way possible for each of us.  We are all at different points and in different places with different emotions and feelings coming up and we all share this magical place called Mother Earth ~ Pacha Mama!  URPICHAY!  ~ I am doing my best so that you may receive it, do you best and give this to others.

I do my energy healing in person at my countryside cottage in the UK (I am in the North of England in Upper Denby Last of the Summer Wine Country ~ near to Penistone and the East Peak District, a beautiful countryside spot to come and visit, there are lots of delicious places to stay) Remote sessions can be done over the phone ~ skype ~ viber ~ whatever’s best for you ~ so wherever you are in the world we can help you get clarity on a new level ~ My skype is LizGreen111, you can call me on 07834 363897 or mail me direct Liz@liz-green.com.   I also do one to one coaching,VIP Days, half days and retreats if you feel you would like to create something bespoke to suit your energy flow…. Just ask, my doors always open to support you 🙂

Investment for HEART Sessions start @ £50 (if you are having healing with me for the first time I recommend a FULL session of 1 hour 30 minutes) ~ you can choose to book using the options below on paypal….


To learn more about One to Ones and VIP packages click the link below ~ lets play! 🙂

Click here for more about One to One Countryside coaching in person or online + VIP days and lots lots more…. What are the infinite positive possibilities?  How great can this all be?

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beaming you lotsa love and thank yous 🙂