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Do you feel it’s your time to SHINE?

We all have beautiful unique gifts, talents & abilities, that said, sometimes we can hold ourselves back, I know I’ve been there too!

Do you feel you are ready for change? Are you ready to take inspired action to move towards the things you desire in life but not sure what the next best steps to take would be?

Are you looking for Support, Healing, Inspiration & Natural Empowerment?

Supporting you to SHINE ~ Cheering you along every step of the way!  I’ve got your back SiStar!

Healing the crap which holds you back, clearing limiting beliefs, programs and patterns which keep you stuck in small~ville!

Inspiring you to connect with your SHINE and take inspired action steps and go for it! To know that you are enough!

Naturally connecting with your truth and what you are here on earth to do, your divine plan!

Empowering you to share you unique gifts, talents and abilities with the world!



It’s time for you to SHINE SiStar!


You may not have always believed this but I am here to support you, you ended up here for a reason… Everything is in divine order 🙂

“Just finished an ahhhmaaazing skype coaching session with Liz. Wow it was really powerful felt so connected. Liz you are a beautiful lady with an incredible ability to really see people and help them heal in your own natural way. Massive breakthroughs here. Thank you for sharing your gifts and allowing me to be me and for helping me to shine. I honestly cannot recommend Liz enough her coaching is so loving fun and transformational whether in person or on Skype. Feel honoured to have had the opportunity to have you as my coachXxx Liza”

I am an award winning intuitive energy coach and author.  As well as my own techniques & guidance for clearing I am also fully qualified in Law of Attraction, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono & EFT.  I love to share what has worked for me on my own personal healing journey to support you to connect with your clarity. Clearing up on that which dulls your sparkle and shine 🙂

“Liz is so uplifting and inspirational, she has amazing energy, she has helped me so much, her sessions are fun and fabulous, at times she has helped lift me out of darkness into light, and always helps me get back onto the right track, after her sessions i always feel so much better, so much more positive and energised and mentally stronger. She is so naturally warm, loving and giving, i am always so impressed with the things she takes time to send me after sessions, she is one very special lady.
Dee Whitley Bay”

I offer 3 & 6 month One to One coaching packages via phone or skype from anywhere in the world or in person from the beautiful countryside of Upper Denby (Yorkshire in the North of England).

“Thankyouuuu Liz Green!!! such an amazing session with you… wowww there are no words to describe how powerful that was and I’m still feeling it!!! Feel so so happy :)))) you are an angel with big golden wings that reach out and cuddle everyone you meet” ~ Rosa

During your sessions my energies and attention are fully focused on you holding a sacred space supporting you to clear that which stops your SHINE.  We will start by clearing up any negative contrast which maybe holding you back from the present moment as well as past habits, patterns and belief systems….. Moving onto what you would love your life to be like, how you would love to feel and who you would really love to be.  Whatever comes UP and OUT its all good you are given a safe environment to allow yourself to be free to open up and share.  To allow space and place for blocks to fall away easily…  This is a journey over the course of 3 or 6 months with the intention and purpose to bring about significant changes in you and your life 🙂

This is a journey of self acceptance and self discovery.

Your sessions are about you and whatever works best for you ~ this is your time to SHINE and realize how powerful you truly are 🙂

Do you feel its time for you to step into the lime light and shine like the star you are?  Are you ready to release whatever may have been holding you back?

If we are connecting for the first time I offer a complimentary  20 minute consultation –  message me direct to arrange an appointment 🙂 


If you feel you are ready to go ahead and book here are the package options including instalment plans if this is easier for you (for in person I also offer VIP days) I believe our own personal development is the best investment we can make and I have personally invested over £30,000 in my own development over the years:

3 Month Package ~ 10 x 75 minute one to one sessions, plus 3 months membership in the SHINE SiStarhood (worth £132) & a signed copy of my book

Payment in full  @ £1110 please click below to buy now:

Or if its easier for you please sign up for the instalment plan below ~ £370 instalments split into 3 payments:

Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £370.00 GBP
Every 4 weeks (x 2) £370.00 GBP
Total £1,110.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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6 Month Package (Saving £120) ~ 20 x 75 minute one to one sessions, plus 6 months membership in the SHINE SiStarhood (worth £264), a signed copy of my book & The 1 month SHINE Video program (worth £111)

Payment in full  @ £2100 please click below to buy now:

Or if its easier for you please sign up for the instalment plan below ~ £525 instalments split into 4 payments:

SHINE 6 Month Coaching Instalments Every 6 Weeks
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £525.00 GBP
Every 6 weeks (x 3) £525.00 GBP
Total £2,100.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Although I prefer to coach for 3 or 6 months at a time, as I know from experience this brings about huge shifts and big life changes, if you feel you have something which requires a one off session or would like to experience a one off to start with I offer 90 minutes via skype, phone or in person for £155.  Please book via the paypal button below:

If you would like to come and spend a life changing VIP day with my here in the countryside booking details are below:

VIP Day with Liz @ £700

“The best thing about Liz Green is her infectious enthusiasm for life. You come away from any conversation with her feeling so much happier and full of verve, ready to make your life better than ever! She is jubilant in her joy for life. Just being in her presence raises your vibrational energy to the purple area. I personally have experienced a major shift in my life since receiving coaching from Liz. My attitude about life, money flowing into my business and looking at things in a more positive manner in my personal life have all created a new flow of positive things my way. Serendipity, messages from the Universe and coincidences that seem planned have happened and continue to happen when working with Liz. She truly is the Queen of Happiness and I’m happy to talk with her and work with her any chance I get. It’s all good! What else can the Universe bring to you? Infinite possibilities!” ~April

“Dearest Liz, you have been a tremendous support during some heavy weeks. Thanks for being such a wonderful person, it was true magic that led me to you.I wish I could just drop by with an enormous bunch of roses.Love from Svanhild”

I LOVE coaching! ♥

“Liz you are amazing!! I can highly recommend coaching with Liz :)” Melissa from Bristol

I only take 6 clients at a time as I value my time here in the countryside ~ places fill up fast ~ be sure to get in touch if you would like to book your package.  I am available during late morning, early afternoons and early evenings UK time, weekends on request.



Liz ❤