🌝 Magical mOOn SHINE Clarity Classes 🌚

Have you been feeling the intensity ( in~tense~city ) of the moons lately?

Maybe you are tuning into the energies which each moon brings and finding it difficult to ride the waves of ever changing energies…. Feeling off balance, fuzzy or simply not yourself…. 😮

I’ve been there lovely and I know how much topsy turvey stuff it can bring 🙀 There’s an easier way and I’m here to share that with you today, the Angels led you here, they heard your call ! 😇💗

Vibrational clearing using EFT Tapping on or around full and new moons can support you to clear what’s coming up in a healthy and balanced way, I’ve done it for years and supported many others through in~tense ( in~tension ) times, brining relief, release and relaxation 😌

How would you like to connect with the magic of the New & Full mOOns just like our ancestors ( or maybe us in past lives ) used to do 🌚🌝

To feel confident, balanced and in tune with the MOON 🌚🌝

I have just what you are looking for lovely 💞🙋🏻

🌝 Magical mOOn SHINE Clarity Classes 🌚

A one hour online clarity coaching video including information about the moon energy at the time, held twice monthly on or around the new and full moons, we will also be using emotional freedom technique to clear anything which is blocking or stopping the magic surrounding said moon 🌟😇💃🏻

How does that sound to you?

It’s only £22 per class and will be shared live online via a private Facebook group, it will also be available recorded and you have me and other lovely ladies in the group for support too, the video I will share will support you lovely one 💗


The next one is on Magical Monday 21st August new moon partial eclipse ~ don’t worry about exact times on the day the video will be recorded too, it’s for the Ladies AkA SiStars only though as we also tune our cycles into the Magic of the Moon too!  WHOOHOO! More will be revealed when you join us….

click the PayPal button below to secure your spot, once I get confirmation I will invite you to the group &&&& the moon will hear you and know you are ready for balanced magic ~

&  B R E A T H E 💜🌚🌝💜 it’s all good 😇

See you over there,
Big Hugs
Liz 💜💜💜