💸 1 Month Magical Money Shine Overhaul 💸

Let’s be honest ladies, sometimes money can be a right pain in the arse!!

We have things we’d love to do, experience & take part in then we can’t afford it or it feels out of our reach 😣

Maybe you create & produce magical things but can’t seem to create money from it, feel you have to work hard for it or have a job you don’t enjoy….. 😞

I know I’ve been there lovely, money is a BIG one for many of us.

The key is this

We can be both spiritual & material girls

Just as Madonna said we are material girls living in a material world!

Bless her reminding us of this all those years ago…. Before we came here to rise!

To rise up & say we can be spiritual, amazing, gorgeous goddesses & we can also have money too! 💸

How does that feel to you?

Does your money situation feel shiny right now?

Or maybe you would like it be to even more shiny….

The definition of abundance is to be able to do that which you choose to do when you choose to do it…..

The definition of abundance is not
I can’t afford
I really wanna do that but I have no money

The lack of money can manifest as a way of keeping ourselves small and not very shiny ~

What do you feel about this?

Then we either stay stuck or stand up tall, rise up & say NO MORE!

That’s the best time to clear your vibes including whatever created the money messes….

It’s time for a Money Overhaul!

It’s time to clear these crappy Money vibes & not so magical Money manifesting ( or lack of it as the case may be 😳 )

How would you feel if you could start to feel better about money?

How would it feel to start receiving more money?

How would it feel to be unstuck & back in flow with money in a more magical way….?

Maybe you have already taken part in some of the Magical Money Shine Classes & loved results you got & how differently you can feel about money 💰

Maybe you’ve simply made the decision that it’s time for big change to happen!

Along with big change comes big magic!

Not just pocket change, big notes & lots of digital money too!

& it isn’t just about the money…. it’s about YOU! 

We create that which we vibrate…

How’s your vibration surrounding Money right now?

The meaning of Overhaul is to take apart in order to examine & repair where necessary

Money is a big one! It’s time to take our old money stories apart, to examine, feel it heal it, clear it, cleanse it & most importantly repair, refine & realign our Money shine 🌟💰💸

& B R E A T H E

I’m here for you & I have just what you are looking for lovely 😊

🔮 The 1 Month Magical Money Shine Overhaul🔮

A little taster of the flow….. As always this process will be intuitively guided, following the energy & tuning into the sacred circle of sistars who join 🌟

Week 1 ~ How do you REALLY feel about money? Uncovering & unravelling your money story, it’s time to start a brand new flow…

Week 2 ~ Delving deeper & shining a light into the Money shadows…. Dancing with the darkness of Money to bring forth the light!

Week 3 ~ Welcoming Money into your life, doing what you love, loving what you do & receiving all of life’s goodness including Money….

Week 4 ~ Your New Money Story for life
Your Magical Money Masterplan for 2018
& Your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 🌈

This is going to be ahhhhhmazing!

& Remember…. Shine stands for ~ Support ~ Healing ~ Inspiration & Natural Empowerment

Supporting you & your Money manifesting
Healing your money blocks
& Natural Empowerment to Take Inspired action….

It’s time for you to take inspired action & make the choice to join us!

How would you feel if nothing changed? 

If 2018 brought the same old money struggles & worries as before….

We can do this lovely ❤️

I can feel a powerful shift happening 🔮💃

We will tune in, do magical processes, tap, clear, set intentions, do the practical magic & most of all show up & say I’m here to clear & I’m ready to change my money stories……


We start on Magical Monday 8th January ( the perfect time to create an amazing abundant flowing 2018)

This is an early bird deal where you get to take part in this process with me via live & recorded videos with full interaction in our private group, including other lovely ladies to interact with and get support from, including lots of support from me as well… You can take part at whatever level feels good to you, privately via email is cool too, all videos will also be sent direct to your inbox & are recorded too….

The full month of magical Money Shine Overhaul is only £99 x 2 monthly instalments & it includes full support via private group, live & recorded videos, emails and much more… it’s ahhhhmazing value lovely one at only £198 total!

&&& This is going to be a very powerful, magical & shiny process 🌟

Please book below using the PayPal Instalment plan…

Just 2 easy monthly instalments of only £99 which will support you to manifest way more than you invest ( so long as you do the process & take inspired action that is! )

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Once I get your booking confirmation I’ll send you the full details and add you to the private group…. exciting stuff!

Any questions let me know, I’m here for you lovely

Big Love
Liz ❤️