Innocent Focus is SO Powerful – When you can master this you can attract anything!

Do you ever have one of those days where all the little things you thought about happened but the bigger and more important desires you have seem stuck, like they will never show up in your life?  When it comes … Continue reading

Law of Attraction Gratitude Quotes ~ Attitude of Gratitude

A Great Selection of Gratitude Quotes, have an attitude of gratitude, give thanks, this is the most powerful force when working with the Law of Attraction. Special Thanks to Great Teachers New and Old for Sharing these Amazing and uplifting quotes…. … Continue reading

Getting Results Using the Law of Attraction – Take Inspired Action

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Notice the Synchronicities in Your Life – They Happen for a Reason!

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Law of Attraction ~ Be Careful What You Wish For

The law of attraction is the most powerful force in the universe, our energy vibrations truly do effect what we draw into our lives. A great quote to consider here ~ “Be Careful What You Wish For” Now this probably … Continue reading

Record your positive affirmations and quotes ~ Supercharge your desires!

Liz shares her positive vibes and inspiration about super charging your desires by recording your positive quotes and affirmations ~ retrain your brain and imprint on your subconcious mind…. This works like magic! enjoy ♥••*´¨`*•.☆• Help me spread the positive … Continue reading

Law of Attraction Evidence ~ You will know it’s real when you do this!

Sharing my positive inspiration and vibes about keeping a log of evidence and proof of the Law of Attraction working in your life…. This can change the way you look at things and help you keep the faith…. enjoy! ♥••*´¨`*•.☆• … Continue reading

Positive Affirmations & Positive Quotes ~ How to Retrain Your Brain and Supercharge Your Desires!

When you are looking to bring about positive change in life or are just starting out with the Law of Attraction many recommend using daily affirmations and quotes to keep you on track and help you move towards your desires … Continue reading

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne ~ The Best Place to Start with the Law of Attraction!

Liz shares her inspiration & excitement about The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, this book really does change the way you look at life and brings about amazing positive transformations ♥••*´¨`*•.☆• enjoy! Be inspired and get your copy today! If you … Continue reading

The Optimists Creed by Christian Larson

Spring has sprung, a new energy arrives ♥ The Optimists Creed is a great way to super charge the Law of Attraction ~ I have this printed out and stuck next to my vision board…. 😉 enjoy ~ •☆.•*´¨`*••♥ The … Continue reading