Initiation ~ Rebirth ~ Magical Manifesting ?

I feel reborn!! If you’ve been following my blogs I’m sure you will have sensed I’ve been going through an initiation phase in my life ??


The action of beginning something.

A few months back I made the decision to start to become more visible again with my clarity coaching, I’ve been absolutely loving sharing videos and blogs, I feel in flow, I feel magical ? in the background I’ve been doing lots and lots of vibe clearing mainly using shamanic processes.  Drumming and journeying.  Walking in nature.  Connecting with spirit. Spending time with fire, burning away the contrast. Filling up my own cup with self love and acceptance ☕️??

This weekend has felt like a celebration of all the spiritual “work” I’ve done, I feel deeper sense of connection to all that’s around me.  Everything seems even more magical! ?

Friday evenings Ashcroft gig in Manchester was ace! For me it was a big deal as in the past dis…ease has stopped me in my tracks and now I have regained my confidence, cleared up the fears which stem from past experiences and I’m going for it life’s getting really interesting.

I feel it’s during these times in life when we may have held back on doing something because of self imposed limits or stuck patterns and beliefs that the universe lets us know we are on the right path.  Magical manifesting and synchronicity always shows that to me ?

We had 2 spare tickets for the gig on Friday, I didn’t want to have to go early doors and “try” to sell the tickets.  We’d decided we would chill at the hotel, have a few drinks and some nice food then arrive at the gig just as Ashcroft was coming on.  We said how lovely it would be to sell the tickets and have lots of lovely cash for the evening ( it felt like free money ) ?

When we arrived at the hotel another couple was checking in, talking about the gig and how excited they were, so we asked if they knew anyone who would like the 2 tickets…. &&&&& they did!! It turned out their sister had lost hers and wanted to buy our tickets.  Deal done.

How easy was that!!! There was lots of “oooooo it was meant to be!”

Yes it sure was!! Talk about magical manifesting!! ???

We had a really fab evening and I woke up yesterday morning feeling like a new woman, feeling reborn and ready for the growth I’m about to experience in my life.  As we took a stroll out for breakfast we saw another sign! A new star is born ? I simply had to get a picture with it ?

I’ve had so many other signs, synchronicity and divine alignment it’d take me all day to share them here, what I will say is this….

When we accept the initiation periods of live with open arms, clear our vibration of all the outdated stuck old pappy crappy stuff ? we are opening ourselves up to being reborn, to creating new realities of our choice, stepping through new doors, walking along new paths that may once not have been visible in our reality.

Then my lovely ones ~ magic happens ???

I made a little video in the garden, enjoy watching it below once you’ve finished reading…. I have a magical invite for you ?

Are you ready to step through some new doors ?

Start your initiation ?

Set the date for your rebirth ?

In Mayan terms the blue solar storm year is coming to an end on 25th July, it’s been a tumultuous time for many, we’ve had some pretty big shit storms rained upon us and as we move into the yellow crystal seed year starting 27th July life’s going to become a whole lot brighter and shinier ? phew!!

Following this divine alignment the SHINE S.O.S will now start on Magical Monday 31st July ~ 8 weeks ~ 8 places (11 in total 3 have already been booked) ~ the rebirth & magical master plan happening at the end on September 22nd when I will be going on a firewalking weekend doing the final release for the group, I will also invite you to burn away any old contrast which has surfaced during this process.

Ive set it up with affordable monthly payments ~ a private group with support from me and your sistars joining you ~ weekly coaching videos ~ vibe clearing processes including EFT ~ self love ~ creating confidence with videos and blogs ~ live videos & Q&A sessions from me ~ and that’s just the tip of it all…. I’ll be following the energy and creating magic with you all as we go along ????

SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online coaching program is here to support you to clear the crap that holds you back & SHINE SiStar SHINE ~ sign up before 11th July and you will also get a one to one skype session with me so we can start the magical balls rolling 😉 oooo errrrr mrs!  lets get things moving…. if not now ~ when??

it’s time! Are you ready?  Here’s the link ~ oooo yes liz I’d love to learn more

Tomorrow we start a new theme for the week over in the SHINE SiStarhood ~

UNIVERSAL A.A ~ Vibe detox ???
This coming week over in the SHINE Sistarhood ? we are checking ourselves into A.A….
I’m feeling it’s time for a vibe detox!!
Who’s with us?
We will do this with Appreciation & AbunDance ??
The universal A.A
Which makes everything A~Ok
There is always something to appreciate
We are always surrounded by an abundance of magical things to give thanks for ??
Take nature for example ???
There is never any shortage
We only perceive shortage in our lives
It’s a human illusion ?
Everything we require and desire is right here right now
Start to appreciate everything around you
Give thanks for the abundance of magic all around
When we flow in this way anything is possible
& we realise everything is always “working” out for us ??
Heres the link where you can click to join us ~ ????? it’s going to be an amazing week! The intentions set! I’d love to learn more about the SiStarhood it sounds like just what I’m looking for

Thanks for being here and reading along, words are my art, my journey is my story, as it is for you ??

Shine On SiStar ?

& as always if I can support you with one to one Skype or in person coaching I am here for you, I’ve got your back ?

all my love,

Liz ???


ps forgot to say if you would like to experience my 8 part SHINE SiStar shine video program it’s free ~ just pop your details in the sign up box below, confirm subscription on the mail and you’ll get the first video straight away ? enjoy!

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