How to clear the crap ? & SHINE like the amazing star that you are ?

Shit happens! ? that’s life! The key is what we do with said shit….

“When life throws you shit turn it into manure and grow something beautiful” ???

Life is a beautiful paradox of dark and light, shadows and shine, we are here to play this game, to transform and transmute it into the foundations from which we grow and evolve.

In the darkest of rooms even just a little light can illuminate the whole room! How amazing is that….

We can do the same…. From the inside out….

Clear up on the crap feelings, emotions, let go of the fears, frustrations, disappointments and self judgements. ?

This is a process and when commit to it with the powerful intention of positive change then magic happens ?

Are you ready for some magic in your life?

Are you ready to clear the crap that holds you back?

If not now when?

It’s time SiStars ?

Time to SHINE ???

& SHINE Brigthly we will ??

The doors are now open to the SHINE School , it’s completely FREE and I welcome you with open arms and an open heart ?

SHINE School is a private group for SiStars only where I share regular upliftment, inspiration and support. It’s only been open a day and we already have nearly 40 lovely ladies in there… My intention is 222 in the next 2 weeks, then let’s see where the magic takes us ?

Excited to welcome you over there lovely one ? this afternoon I made a video about been afraid of our power and our light and read my favourite passage

Enjoy the little video I made earlier and here’s the link to join ~ YES Liz I’d love I join shine school for free

if you’d like to delve deeper come along and join the shine sistarhood or the shine SOS you are soooo welcome lovely, just message me direct and let’s have a chat ??

big hugs and lotsa shiny love ??

liz ???

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