Hard “work” ? verses E A S E & F L O W ?

 Why does life have to be hard work? Because we were told so?

Why can’t we do what we love? Because we were told so?

Why can’t what we love be our work? Because we were told so?

What a load of S H I T ? lol ?

I know it’s not a load of shit as I used to believe this too and sometimes still do.  I start to feel really free living each day as it comes and following this magical energy, then part of me stops myself and says “surely it can’t be this easy liz?” ?

Ever felt like that?

Maybe a glimps of it whilst you were lost in doing something you love. Maybe a taste of ease and flow when something magical happened.?

It’s a wonderful feeling and that my lovely is what we are here to feel and experience more and more.

Im not saying there won’t be ups and downs or round and arounds, the roller coaster of life, that’s life as we know it!

What I am saying is this…..?

The more we find balance here on earth the better. Balance between action ( hopefully inspired ) and non – action ( as inspired to )

Tuning in , listening to our bodies, our inner guidance, the signs and synchronicity we are sent to let us know the next best steps to take.  If that’s inspired action and lots of it then so be it! Remember to honour the part of you who craves for a rest, the part of you who says “C H I L L  O U T ~ G O  W I T H  T H E  F L O W” ?


& let go

You were led here for a reason ~ you were meant to read this today ?

I made a little chilled out video on my stroll with magical milo enjoy watching it below, I didn’t put any links on the video cause I was too chilled to type lol ? that said, I’m doing my work with ease by sharing what I love here today ???~  if I can support you in anyway or you would love to take part in the SHINE School ~ SHINE SOS or the SiStarhood here’s the links…. See what you feel drawn to, I’ll be teaching lots more ways like this to help you feel the magical flow ?
SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online coaching program
SHINE SiStarhood ~ support love spiritual sisters

After my day of chilling I will also be back to one to one clarity coaching tomorrow, I’m here for you, to support you, it’s what I’m here on earth to do ????
One to ones ~ support healing inspiration & natural empowerment

thanks for reading and sharing in this magic with me, big huge chilled hugs to you ???

liz ???

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