? Everything is possible when we allow it to be so…. ?

The message on the tea says “to be calm is the highest achievement of self” & I wholeheartedly agree ?

It’s been an amazing week of ease and flow as I have cleansed and cleared those parts of me who held myself back from sharing my gifts and talents and tended to focus upon serving and support before I “allowed” myself to open doors to the magical stuff I offer as part of SHINE School ?

I truly feel that everything is possible, I feel a new level of trust, faith, peace and most of all allowing….?

After receiving the perfect words and flow for the SHINE S.O.S, I decided to make a video to share more, part of me feeling uncomfortable as I didn’t want to be like a saleswoman or be too much in my masculine energy ? not that that’s a bad thing but for me I prefer things to happen naturally, but then without me sharing information how would people even know what magical support I am offering….. Hummmmm

its an interesting paradox…..

So share I did! Β Within one hour 2 lovely ladies signed up so we have 5 now including me and just 7 places left, if you book before 11th July you also get a one to one Skype sesh with me before we get stated so we can get lots and lots of magic flowing and get you glowing! ?

I’ve updated the page for the SHINE S.O.S with all the magical information and rundown of what each week involves, I’ve also added the video on there too ??

Aint no stopping me now…. I’m in the groove!! Whoohoooo ??

heres a link so you can have a nosy and see if you feel you would like to join us ~ it’s going to be a VERY POWerful 8 weeks that’s for sure ? ooooo yes liz I’d love to read more and watch your information video about shine SOS

heres a little video of my excitement and words of encouragement for you to do the same….

Share your gifts SiStar! You are unique and beautiful and what you offer is amazing, never doubt that, always believe in yourself ? the shine sistarhood will also support you with this click here to learn more about this magical sistarhood

& if you like my baby blue nails on the picture above I made a little video about self care the other day too ~ it’s below the one below… Lol ?

Beaming you soooo much love
Liz ???

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