🌟 Empowering Women to SHINE Inside & Out 🌟

It’s a new day it’s a new dawn & I’m feeling good 💃🏻 Sooooo much has been happening in the background since I shared here about 3 weeks ago.  I feel like my whole life has been transformed……. & it has!  It’s wonderful to be honouring my new day & my new dawn here with you all 😀

The transformtions I’ve made took courage, they took me to break through some glass ceilings of stuck cycles, break down some dams of limitation and bust through some barriers of not good enough ?

&&&& I DID IT !! Whooohoooooo 💃🏻

I have liberated myself from so many old outdated parts of me that were keeping me small & stuck, that got me putting out an SOS call to my angels all those months ago when I thought that nothing ever really worked out easily for me and life felt hard. 😐

Have you ever felt like this ?

Let me Shine a light for you ?

Since then I have continued to powerfully tune in & trust the guidance I am being given even if it felt scary, weird, unsafe or maybe even a little crazy 😎

I’ve been doing things I never imagined and it feels sooooo good!  Everything is flowing soooooo easily including M A G I C 🔮

& I wanted to celebrate here with you today 💃🏻

“Soooo Liz….. What have you been up to” I hear you ask

Sooooo Much!  Too much to type here today, but I  have been & will be opening up much more over the coming days, weeks & months over in my private ladies only groups, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s for the SiStars only 🌟

Ok, I’ll share a little smidgen of the secrets here today, if you promise to really take it in…. Breathe it in….. Trust this can happen for you too 🙏🏼

The key for me was realising what I am here on earth to do, I mean really understand it deeply, know it in my core, my womb & to fully embrace it and empower myself to be true to be me & more importantly FREE to be me ?

To clear the deep wounds held within my womb & my body, to clear the deep tensions and old cellular crap that was hanging around… What helped me do this ?  Yoni SHINE, yes I said it…. Yoni SHINE 🌟

& it’s all good!!  Its completly transformed my life & I would love for you to do the same you bright shiny beautiful lady ??

I am here on earth to support women to empower theirselves.  To be a lighthouse & illuminate the way for the lovely ladies out there ( ( yes you ! ) )

To support SiStars to SHINE ⭐️

Goddesses to Glow 🔥

Ladies to Luminate 🌞

& all of that lovely good stuff that comes along with SHINING

Sooooooo, Yoni SHINE website is coming soon but I didn’t want to block the flow of this lady magic so I’ve created a page for you to visit today…. Yoni Shine click here

I’ve also just updated my website with my new header, Liz Green Clarity Coach ~ Supporting Women to SHINE from the Inside Out 🌻

I hope you like it

Do you know what SHINE stands for?

Support Healing Inspiration & Natural Empowerment

Drumroll please….. Here’s Yoni SHINE ~ ooooo YeS I wanna know more about Yoni SHINE ?

I can’t say too much on here right now but if you would like to share in this journey & be part of Liz~Land I would love to invite you to join SHINE School for FREE where you can watch my videos and share in the excitement ?

YES ~ SHINE School is FREE yipeeeee! It’s your gateway to magic & miracles ~ join & watch my big announcement of liberation I shared yesterday ~ Yes liz I’d love to be part of SHINE School

Or maybe it’s time to delve deeper into your personal emPOWerment ? take part in some of the clarity classes on offer, they empower on different levels, from monthly Moon SHINE groups to 7 day Chakra SHINE to 5 days of Magical Meditation & of course the Shine SOS which opens again in 5 weeks ?? Yes liz I’d love to be part of the SiStarhood

Later this year things are going to be hotting up going super magical & bringing out the brightest shiniest diamonds held deep within our hearts 💗

We have the 5 days of Yoni SHINE 🌟

& the  O R G A S M I C  M A G I C  🔮 6 week online coaching program, I am sooooo excited !

Announcements will be made over in SHINE School & most of my videos are shared live in there now too ~ here’s the link again lovely ~ Join SHINE School here for FREE 

This weeks theme over in the SHINE SiStarhood is all about connecting with our inner truth, I shared a very POWerful video about my liberation on Monday, it was pretty wild !!! & it involved fire ?  & yesterday we eft tapped on truth & letting go of anything blocking our deep truths from with.  Each week we have a new theme & you also get coaching & support from me in a secret private group ~ here’s the lovely link to join ~ SHINE SiStarhood Join Here 


⭐️Its time!  Time to SHINE ⭐️

Big Love

Liz ❤️

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