How Disappointment & Frustration Blocks Magic

It’s so easy to feel disappointed & frustrated when the magic doesn’t appear to be flowing & get stuck!​​​​​​​

The thing is, without sounding like a really annoying Pollyanna, it IS always flowing….

It just doesn’t always feel good if we stay stuck in the lower level feelings…

It’s from within the disappointment of things not happening how we wished hoped & dreamed & the frustration of stuckness that the desires for transformation are born!!

We can use it as fuel to fan the flames of our bright shiny life fires 🔥 We can let it inspire us into action!

We can understand it deeper….

See the gifts in it…. ( I know that can be hard when life feels such a struggle 😒 )

But this is the MOST important time to make changes…

They can be small baby steps or they can be huge leaps…

They can be FUCK IT!! NO MORE!! Declarations of change…

They can be somethings gotta give or I GIVE UP!!! Calls to angels 😇

They can be brought in a flurry of tears and release of tensions bringing relief in the letting go….

Letting go of clinging on




To make the fucking magic work lol 😆🔮

Been there done that, as I’m sure we all have with various methods over the years…

For me now it’s a daily journey of clearing, Healing, releasing, forgiveness, love and all of that good stuff….

It’s a journey of emptying out the buckets of frustration & disappointments from the past & also washing up the daily triggers of icky feelings brought up in the now…

The stuff that sticks to our vibes & makes us feel shit as we move through our daily lives

For me that’s where vibe clearing with tapping, Drumming, magical baths, nature nurture and most of all support comes in…


If it wasn’t for the vibe clearing I’d be filled up to the brink with vibrational gunk right now, in the past this used to manifest as dis…ease & I would literally projectile vomit it all out until I felt renewed and balanced again….

Now I understand the process

Daily clearing

Daily support


Magical vibe clearing methods ( & who cares if they are placebo effect they bloody well work ! )

I’ve been talking about this very thing over in our SiStarhood private group & also over in Shine School

How frustration & disappointment block our magic and how we can still experience these feelings yet manifesting wonderful things 🔮

So if you’ve ever felt like you don’t even want to ask the universe for magic anymore

Or that you are broken in some way

Or pissed off with things never really deeply seeming to change

Then what I’ve been sharing is for you….
Shine School is completely free ( hahaaa money doesn’t have to be the block 😉 )

So why wouldn’t you join us lovely?  Here’s the link or click my drum on the pic below….

& if you are already part of Shine School ( or have just joined ) & we haven’t yet connected directly for coaching or over in our Shine SiStarhood I would love to offer you 2 magical gifts!

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I share powerful coaching sessions about these kind of topics and how they keep us stuck, we tap, heal, clear, cleanse, release, accept & forgive, freeing us up to live full flourishing shiny lives!  Ready?  Go for it!

I’m SO excited to connect!  🔮 💖

Make the most of these wonderful gifts I am offering, I’m here for you lovely!

Big Love

Liz 💖

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