Connect With Your Inner Truth & Everyday Magic Liz’s Life Changing First Book

magicI am so excited to share my very first book with you 🙂 ‘Connect With Your Inner Truth & Everyday Magic’ ❤

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❤ Connect With Your Inner Truth & Everyday Magic ❤


Truth /truːθ/


The quality or state of being true.

A belief that is accepted as true.



Believe /bɪˈliːv/


accept that (something) is true, even without proof.

Magic /madʒɪk/


the power of influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.


What we believe creates our reality around us.


What you believe to be true for you will most probably become your reality.   Until now this is simply a world you have created from the inside out.  A world we have created together both consciously and unconsciously.  I am inviting you to take a fresh approach to how your YOUniverse is created.  (btw as you have already noticed I like to create new words.  Its ok not to follow what already exists and create something new)


Your YOUniverse can be ahhhhmazing when you start to connect with your inner truth and believe that magical living is possible.  Re-connecting and plugging in to the divine universal energy that is all around us each and every moment of each and everyday.  Sometimes we just forget this and cut ourselves off.  Its part of our human being-ness, with our sometimes limited patterns, thoughts and behaviours.

Bless us ❤

Life can be tough at times and we all go through a lot of shit, thats the truth.  This can no longer be ignored and stuffed down or it will pop up in other places and keep manifesting in our lives. Throughout this book I will support you to connect with that which is ready to clear and plug back into who you really are and your light within.  We will go through the ups and downs, the rounds and rounds and the rollercoaster of life together on this journey and hopefully reconnect with your lightness and brightness which is always within you.  Like the sun behind the clouds, like the rainbow on a stormy day, truth always shines through.


It is the knowing we have deep within us.  Call it instinct, vibes, feelings, hunches, intuition, knowing, maybe even god, angels, great spirit or universal power and that’s us too!  We are the light.  We are the creators and co-creators.  I’m not saying we are it all, for me, my truth says we are part of it all as the oneness of it all.


Connect with your own YOUniqueness (yes another one of those words).  Connect with your own YOUnique truth and magical ways and let go of anything which doesn’t feel right to you.  Trust these feelings that come from within.


The truth and natural magic of life feels connected, its feels tuned in, turned on and tapped in to something far greater than just us in our human form.  Trust this, only you know what the infinite possibilities are!


Remember no one else can tell you.  They can only advise, as can I.


So I guess this is my get out clause.  You can read this book and it may change your whole outlook on life, as well as the world around you or it may not and the last bits up to you.  Connecting with your inner truth, believing anything is possible and the magic of life.  This is just the beginning and I’m sooooo excited to be sharing this with you!

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