Law of Attraction SEMINAR….. LONDON….. Michael Losier! What Else is Possible?

I remember someone asking me WHY? I am SO Excited about Mr Michael Losier coming to London when I first started sharing this magical manifestation with everyONE.  I knew the answer immediately, I would LOVE to share it with you … Continue reading

Abraham Hicks Shares More About the HIGHs V LOWs – VERY Sync’d VERY Cool!

I LOVE how the UniVerse sends us the puuuuurfect message at the puuuurfect time….. After my recent blog shares about contrast and clarity feeling the extreme highs and lows I feel this covers it ALL off….. MaGiCaL! 🙂  I am … Continue reading

Soaking Up The MoonBeams of Life & Enjoying the Light…..

There are lots and lots of synchronicities surrounding the moon today, unbeknown to me there was an eclipse of the moon last night….. I was SO EXcited to realize that tonight the full moon will shine brightly – this is … Continue reading

Perchance to Dream with Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen – MaGiCaL MAnifestations!

I Manifested the Perfect Dream to Discuss with the Wonderful Freeman Michaels & Michael Lennox from Perchance to Dream.  One of My Mantras is “Live the Dream!” so it was great fun to attract this wonderful dream interpretation…. The wedding … Continue reading

★ Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen LOAinAction Workshops ★

You heard it right! I am aligning offline (as well as online 🙂 ) Recently I have been speaking about Being True to Yourself SO I just have to lead by example and be TRUE to ME too…. SO, I … Continue reading

It Snowballs – Strings of Energy & Getting the Ball Rolling in the Right Direction….

About 3 weeks ago I wrote  a post about the Pow Pow Power of Positive feelings after I had a slight electric shock back into a new dimension of my life.   Looking back at the picture I used on … Continue reading

Go From What You Don’t Want to What You DO Want with Michael Losier Law of Attraction in Action!

Are you a Don’t, Not & NO Person?  Do you need to press your re-set button? Enjoy this brilliant interview with Michael Losier and feel the Clarity!  Thank YoU’s to Michael & Lilou this is FaBulous 🙂 If you are … Continue reading

★ Campaign to Manifest Michael Losier Law of Attraction Seminar Live In London ★

Have YoU Heard the NEWS? Michael Losier, Author of Law of Attraction – The science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you dont, has aligned with Me (YaY!) (AkA – Liz Green AkA The Law … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…. Do I Really Attract it All?

What comes to you always matches YoU….  The UniVerse mirrors YoU.  It’s True!  Your thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions, energy, ViBes…. Like attracts like.  What you put out there you get back.  Thoughts become things.  It’s the Law of Attraction in … Continue reading