To Do or Not to Do…. That is the Question…..

Do you ever find yourself in situations in life where a choice made one way or the other could either reshape your entire future or not?   Do you ever wonder if you did things differently how your life would pan … Continue reading

A Bunch of Non Conformists…..? “Oops! I Just couldn’t help it!”

So then…. I promised I would check back in and keep you updated on how many people don’t listen to DONT’s NOT’s & NO’s – Lots and lots!  Thats for sure 😉 In the last 3 weeks nearly 3500 people … Continue reading

Lifting Mountains & Doing the Impossible with Guy Cabana

I chose to write this under the section ~ Do or Do NOT’s as I know that if most of us were asked… “Do you want to try to lift a mountain?  Do you want to DO the impossible?”  we would … Continue reading

Whats with all the DONT’s, NOT’s & NO’s Liz Green “Crazy” Law of Attraction Queen……. Ok Ok… I’ll Share More :)

I’ve always been a Little Crazy – Maybe I have now taken that up a notch to Totally Crazy – I am living by Lisa Nichols advise to be the most outrageous version of me… WHoo HOooooo! After entering the … Continue reading