Dare to be the Grandest Version of You – Be all you can Be! Truth or Dare….

If someone told you that you could become the grandest version of you, if you only had the guts to move towards that version of you, would you believe them? Do you have an inner longing to do something significant … Continue reading

Think Different… Here’s to the Crazy Ones (Thanks Apple!)

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits, The rebels, The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can … Continue reading

Overcoming Negative Stuff ~ Do You Have a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Sometimes in life we get caught up in certain situations which if we were honest we would not have chosen for ourselves.  This could be our work or business situation, it could be our current lifestyle situation, where we live, … Continue reading

Tapping into the Powers that Be to Improve Life – Only You Can Make the Choice

When you want to lighten the load of life you can call upon your inner self and higher powers to help you get through anything and achieve anything you desire in life.  The universe is here to support and guide you, … Continue reading

Do We REALLY Know What’s Brainwashing the World Right Now?

To Brainwash = to indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes….  (This is the definition of one online dictionary) I often find myself guided by what to write and today is … Continue reading

To Do or Not to Do…. That is the Question…..

Do you ever find yourself in situations in life where a choice made one way or the other could either reshape your entire future or not?   Do you ever wonder if you did things differently how your life would pan … Continue reading

A Bunch of Non Conformists…..? “Oops! I Just couldn’t help it!”

So then…. I promised I would check back in and keep you updated on how many people don’t listen to DONT’s NOT’s & NO’s – Lots and lots!  Thats for sure 😉 In the last 3 weeks nearly 3500 people … Continue reading

Lifting Mountains & Doing the Impossible with Guy Cabana

I chose to write this under the section ~ Do or Do NOT’s as I know that if most of us were asked… “Do you want to try to lift a mountain?  Do you want to DO the impossible?”  we would … Continue reading

Whats with all the DONT’s, NOT’s & NO’s Liz Green “Crazy” Law of Attraction Queen……. Ok Ok… I’ll Share More :)

I’ve always been a Little Crazy – Maybe I have now taken that up a notch to Totally Crazy – I am living by Lisa Nichols advise to be the most outrageous version of me… WHoo HOooooo! After entering the … Continue reading