Be YOU Be Unique – Be YOUnique – To Be or not to Be that is the question….. OUT Yourself!

Embrace ALL of YOU and Shining Like the Star YOU Are….! How does this statement make you feel?  Comfortable of UNcomfortable?  Be honest now….. If you are still feeling comfortable then well done you, I expect you are already on … Continue reading

Re-Birthing & Breath-Work Helping me Play the MuSiC from Within…..

I am ready to share! OMGosh its taken some wrapping my head around (the mind part of my head that is) I know in my heart that I have to share more about what I experienced during the Breath-work and … Continue reading

Reveal Your True Soul – This Spoke to My Heart & INspired Me SO Much! ❤

I found myself watching a very moving and brilliant video of a very powerful (in her personal power powerful) friend of mine talking about getting back in touch with your soul by basically getting back in touch with who you … Continue reading

UniVersal Integration From Where I Came From to NOW…. 33 Years!?! I am Stepping on UP & OUT!

WoW….  I feel very very guided to write this here today, I had a little tugging with my monkey mind chatter – to share or not to share that is the question?  I feel a BIG shift coming on leading … Continue reading

Down Rabbit Holes & UP the ViBes – What the Bleep Do We Know Anyway…..?

I have just finished watching “What the Bleep Do We Know” aKa Down the Rabbit Hole.  I’ve seen it a number of times now and find that each time I watch it something new comes up (or out) for me…. … Continue reading

Wizards Party with Rikka Zimmerman Access Consciousness

Here’s Where the Spoon Bending Started! LoL Watch the Full Wizards Workshop here on TkikLive with Rikka Zimmerman (Thank YOU Rikka!) FANtabulous STUFF 🙂 🙂 🙂 Wizards Party Watch Here Learn More About Access Consciousness Here Thank you for stopping … Continue reading

There is No Spoon…. Or is There?!?!?

If you are familiar with the Matrix movies I am sure you will recognize this quote.  What does it really mean to us in “real life” & what is Real life as we know it…..? I’m not here to wax … Continue reading

Getting in Touch with the Inner You…. Inner Who?

Trust your vibes, trust your gut instinct, trust your inner guidance….  What’s coming up for you?  How do you feel about it?  What do you feel on a Heart and Soul level? I am sure most people will have heard … Continue reading

The ALL NEW S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting for Leading Edge Thinkers – To Do or Not to Do?

I am feeling as we move forward, evolving, growing and flowing around the world that this may be time to release some ALL NEW S.M.A.R.T Goal setting tips…. In case you aren’t familiar with the traditional Smart Goals try this … Continue reading