What Happens When We Just LET GO & Surrender ~ I did & it was magical!

I have had a BIG FAT LIGHTBULB Moment today!  It was one of those WHOOAAAHHH!  Yes ok I am listening I promise I AM Moments….. This morning I had my 5th Breathing and Rebirthing session (Thank YOU Reina = AMAZING) … Continue reading

Can Life REALLY be the Fabulous Ride of Your Life?

Feeling REALLY inspired ~ in~spirit ~ to share with you here today….. I attracted a new bike at the weekend and its got me all gushing about trusting your vibes, listening to your inner guidance and following your heart ~ … Continue reading

There is no set path just follow your heart ~ From My ♥ to Yours

Just done a VERY high vibed Fabbie interview ~ I absolutely LOVE being interviewed ~ so many high vibes to share 🙂 What would it take for more of this fun? 4 Questions ~ lots of inspiration flowing a snippet … Continue reading

Cleaning UP Your Vibes & Moving on UP ~ LETTING OFF Vibrational STEAM….. AHHHHHHHHH

(take from Liz’s Magical Mailer  August 2012) ~ I have said it before and I will say it again ~ cleaning your vibes is like brushing your teeth ~ do it everyday in whatever way best suits you! Open your … Continue reading

I am realistic ~ I EXPECT Miracles….. Hows about you?

Hello there my lovely’s ~ I was just about to pen a mailer to everyone when I had an inspired thought to share more here for the world to see….. You see its been a miraculous few weeks for me … Continue reading

Every Morning for 30 days, I will Intentionally Intend……

What are the infinite possibilities magical universe? Everything is changing and we are being called ~ MORE NOW THAN EVER ~ to follow our inner guidance ~ I sent this out to my mailing list yesterday ~  I trust all … Continue reading

Turning Un~Happy UP~Side~UP ~ Happiness is a Way of Being…..

After being crowned as the Queen of Happiness in the newspapers this month and interviewed on BBC Radio as one of the happiest people you will ever meet I felt inspired to share a little more here today…. My vibes … Continue reading

Simple ~ Powerful & ANYone Can Share This……

I am SOOOOO excited to share the vibes with you today! Yesterday was FREE Hugs day in Wakefield nearby to where I live and it was absolutely AMAZING ~ a single HUG can change a life ~ I really GOT … Continue reading