Helloo WHOLE NEW World! I am ready to enter my next life level… Are YOU?

Shared from Magical YOUniverse Community ~ New Season of the 21 days of magic… From my ♥ to yours 🙂  enjoy!  & if you would like to join the magical YOUniverse Community can continue this journey with me and the … Continue reading

Creating Balance & Finding Hope…..

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh lovely lovely lovely’s !  thank YOU ALL for being here…. It feels so great to come and share here today….  I have had a few days of BIGGIE health contrast with dis…ease coming back into my life…. Let me … Continue reading

You Had the Power All Along My Dear….

Love how this magical YOUniverse brings me the perfect way to look at things bringing lightness and brightness even in to the most GRRRRRR of situations… Just been blogging over in the Magical YOUniverse community letting off some vibrational steam … Continue reading

BIG Miracles ~ House Sales ~ Letters to the Universe & Trusting the Process….

Hellooooooo!  🙂  I hesitated completing this blog post at this particular moment as I have just had a call from our Estate Agents saying  our buyers and A~OK and all is confirmed so long as we are ready to go … Continue reading

Rampage of Wellness & Clarity ~ Calling in Healthy Body Mind & Spirit

I shared this rampage first thing today ~ focusing on how I DO want to feel ~ How I would LOVE to feel 🙂  felt well enough to go for a wonderful walk in the snow and a bit of … Continue reading

Remembering & Entering the New Earth ~ Creating the Platinum Age Magic!

I received a magical package in the post today ~ a beautiful calender created by my friend Jill Renee Feeler with gorgeous pictures from SeaAngeL12 and inspirational words for each and everyone month of this beautiful new year 🙂  I … Continue reading

How to be OK with the Negative Contrasty Crap of Life….. & Our Next Best Steps to Take…..

Its a beautiful life and everything is in perfect divine order ~ I know it may not always seem that way and it certainly hasn’t for me this week ~ that said it really is all about the way we … Continue reading

Releasing Resistance and Getting in Flow ~ Awakening & Remembering YOUr Life……..

I hope you are having a FAB day and hope to make it ever fabber (is that even a word.?! lol) I am fresh back from the Yorkshire dales and V excited to be sharing lots of high vibes with … Continue reading

Can Life Get Better Than This??? Here’s How…… I Believe ~ Do You?

A belief is a thought that we keep thinking ~ our beliefs create our reality ~ So why on earth would we keep thinking thought that no longer serve us?  Whats that all about…. lol 😉 Its been an energetic … Continue reading