Delve into the Darkness? The Shadow Side & My Take on Allowing the Light

Its bright and early here in England, just enjoyed a delicious bowl of porridge and a cup of ginger tea in the garden, appreciating life, nature and my newly planted purple and yellow pansies 🙂  delish! I am on a … Continue reading

Letting go of resistance & being OK with it all ~ Emptying Our Vibrational Vessels

I started today meditating in the garden ~ new for me!  I quietened down the mental chatter and stuck with it…  i phone at the ready with the timer set to let me know once 15 minutes was UP….  Lots … Continue reading

Many little things can create powerful positive change…. & Manifesting my dream country cottage

We have moved in!  and check out the views from within and nearby…. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I really do feel like dreams DO come true…. Where we are living is what I have been “asking” for for years! … Continue reading

Helloo WHOLE NEW World! I am ready to enter my next life level… Are YOU?

Shared from Magical YOUniverse Community ~ New Season of the 21 days of magic… From my ♥ to yours 🙂  enjoy!  & if you would like to join the magical YOUniverse Community can continue this journey with me and the … Continue reading

Creating Balance & Finding Hope…..

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh lovely lovely lovely’s !  thank YOU ALL for being here…. It feels so great to come and share here today….  I have had a few days of BIGGIE health contrast with dis…ease coming back into my life…. Let me … Continue reading

You Had the Power All Along My Dear….

Love how this magical YOUniverse brings me the perfect way to look at things bringing lightness and brightness even in to the most GRRRRRR of situations… Just been blogging over in the Magical YOUniverse community letting off some vibrational steam … Continue reading

BIG Miracles ~ House Sales ~ Letters to the Universe & Trusting the Process….

Hellooooooo!  🙂  I hesitated completing this blog post at this particular moment as I have just had a call from our Estate Agents saying  our buyers and A~OK and all is confirmed so long as we are ready to go … Continue reading