What are you choosing?

Its a Choice…. Its all a Choice…… Choose to go one way ~ Choose to go the other Choose happy path ~ Choose sad path Choose empowered path ~ Choose victim path Choose high vibed path ~ Choose low vibed … Continue reading

Heart Opening Guided Meditation to Give you Support to Shine

This heart opening guided mediation introduces you to your SHINE and a who new way of being in your magical YOUniverse… You will be taken through a magical journey where you are loved, guided and supported to allow yourself to … Continue reading

Guidance for the best way forward ~ Layer by Layer we become that which we are ~ I am that I AM

Guidance flowing……… You are doing an amazing job uncovering and releasing all things which no longer serve you or the highest good….  keep going! This vibrational cleaning and clearing you have been undertaking for so long is now bringing you … Continue reading

What Would It Take for Life to Get Better???????

What would it take for you to be the brightest shiniest most magnificent you in your life from this moment on? What would it take for you to realize how amazing you actually are? What would it take for you … Continue reading

Happiness is a State of Mind & Fun is a Way of Life ♥

Guidance flowing………. The choice is yours ~ be Happy be Sad ~ Have Fun or Don’t….  Whatever your current state of mind you have created it and you can un~create and recreate it at any point you choose.  Limiting beliefs, … Continue reading

Intuitive Guidance ~ Life Solutions in the Universal Flow ~ Intuitive Reading

Do you ever feel stuck in life?  Ever wonder what the next best step to take is?  Maybe you have a life situation which you want some guidance on…..  Do you want to get in the universal flow, get direction … Continue reading

How to Let Go of Habits and Limits Which Hold You Back……

As you start to FEEL better the circumstances around you will start to mirror your feelings ~ you always see a reflection of  you and your vibes so once you turn it around and focus upon how you do want … Continue reading

What to do when things feel Bad, Uncomfortable and Kinda Wrong……

Without knowing the things which you no longer want how would you know what you do want? Without having the negative feelings how would you know how great it feels to feel that delicious positive happy energy? Sometimes it can … Continue reading

Guidance Flowing Next Best Steps in 2012 & Allowing Abundance to Flow…..

Extract from my April 2012 Super Sunday Gathering ~ What are the next best steps to take in 2012 & how can we allow abundance in every area of our lives? Breathe, Relax, Allow Stop ~ Just Stop Breathe, Relax, … Continue reading