About Liz Green

Liz Green ~ Clarity Coach Supporting you to clear the crap that holds you back and SHINE SiStar SHINE!

Find Your Inner Strength & Power ~ Be in your element ♥

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen playing with the universe and the power of positive thinking shares inspiration about finding your inner power and strength 🙂 enjoy ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•  If you find this useful help to spread the positive vibes around … Continue reading

Day 10 ~ Unleash Your Spirit Within ~ Follow your Heart & Soul ♥

Boy oh boy!!  day 10 already! Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen talks about going within and taking time to understand what your spirit really wants and enjoys in life… enjoy ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•  If you like this help to spread the … Continue reading

Day 9 ~ Face your fears and have courage to follow your dreams :)

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen continues to play with the universe on her Personal Development Journey Take 2, letting go of fear and having courage playing life full out helps you manifest your dream life.  Law of attraction evidence, … Continue reading

Day 8 ~ A Super way to look at your dont wants – setting positive goals

Personal Development Journey day 8 ~ Playing with the universe 🙂   Liz learns that it is ok to focus on your “dont wants” for a short period of time when goal setting this way you can find your contrast and … Continue reading

Day 7 ~ Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Release Limiting Beliefs

Liz continues her personal development journey and experiences the uncomfortable feeling of stepping outside her comfort zone and releasing limiting beliefs. enjoy ♥••*´¨`*•.☆• help to spread the positive vibes, share and re-tweet if you enjoy 🙂 … Continue reading

Day 6 ~ Follow Your Passions Live Your Dream Life ♥

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen shares her inspiration about realizing your own passions in life, there is no such thing as luck we create our own destiny when we follow our passions 🙂 When you follow your passions doors … Continue reading

Day 5 ~ Gratitude & Appreciation in the Malvern Hills :)

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen shares her inspiration about showing appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful things you experience in life. Expect a wonderful and fantastic week ahead 🙂 enjoy ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•  and if you do share and re-tweet ~ … Continue reading

Day 4 ~ Appreciate the Passions of Others :)

Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen shares her inspiration about sharing and appreciating other peoples passions. Excitement at the Lotus Show in the Malvern Hills 🙂 enjoy ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•  and if you do share and re-tweet ~ Karma ♥ … Continue reading

Day 3 ~ Meditation & The Power of Now

Playing with the universe on day 3 of the personal development journey ~ putting the universal power of the Law of Attraction to test. Liz shares her positive vibes about meditation and the Power of Now…. There’s a nice little synchronistic suprise at the … Continue reading