About Liz Green Clarity Coach

Helloooooo lovely ?

I’m so pleased you are here ??

My names Liz Green & I’m a Clarity Coach ??

As I type this here today I’m living the last year of my thirties and preparing for a super magical & maybe a little naughty fourties! ?

I’ve had a really deep life experience so far and have gone through many dark tunnels with many magnificent lights at the end….

I appreciate everything I have gone through thus far as I know in my heart it’s brought me right to where I am supposed to be….. Just like you!  You are now right where you are meant to be ?

I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, they called it “the truth” but it didn’t feel true to me.  That said I had a really lovely upbringing and love my family dearly, from a young age I was taught to share uplifting messages and help anyone I could to feel better about what life was bringing, how ever bad it seemed at the time.  I was always an optimist from a very young age.  My mum used to call me the sunshine girl ☀️ I had a gift of being able to bring light into even the most difficult of circumstances.

I grew up in the north of England, a small terrace house not much space & plenty of lack but I made the best of it and enjoyed the simple things.  Everyday magic ?

I went through all the usual growing pains such as bullying, I didn’t really stand much of a chance being a chubby Jehovah’s Witness now did I! Lol ?

When I reached my teens I rebelled.  My Aquarius self simply couldn’t be contained, I was out of the box and went through a process of doing everything I was once told not to do!  This left me with a lot of spiritual scars ?

At this time I wanted to be an actress but I was told to get a proper job…. eeeeeek!

I had to grow up and get in the real world…. Even though at the time without me even realising I was manifesting some pretty magical things in my life such as a little part on a well known UK TV program last of the summer wine.

Anyway, that dream was squashed and I started as a trainee office bod at a printing company.  I climbed the corporate ladder for the next 13 years finding myself quite near to the top back in 2008 as a senior manager earning more than my age and driving around in a white BMW I called Brenda. From the outside in I looked like I had it all! From the inside out I felt like I was dying ?

I wouldn’t change a thing as it’s made me who I am today and I met my chap during that time too and we’ve had an amazing 14 years together so far ?

It was around this time I started seeking.  Searching for a better way of being.  Looking into spirituality and connecting with angelic guidance.  I had booked myself in for a spa day to “try” and make myself feel better, it included a colonic irrigation ( I know tmi lol ? ) I felt soooo shit I literally wanted said shit sucking out of me!! It was the lady here who told me about the secret and this was my first step on the law of attraction ladder.

I attracted lots more material stuff after learning about LOA.  Manifested a promotion & my own office, more money etc etc and I still felt like I was dying inside! ?

At this time my rebel was coming out more and more, sticking two fingers up to anything corporate ( I’ve now found my own balance with life and business worlds ) for my thirtieth birthday I decided to get a full back piece tattoo, a painful process of thirty hours but well worth it and now my beautiful geisha girl reminds me of this time I went through and also that it’s ok to simply be me and show up, sharing my unique gifts with the world.

I left the “working world” back in 2009, I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I felt like I’d become the lead actress in a film I really wasn’t enjoying, it was super stressful and I was manifesting dis….ease in my body.  I was signed off with stress and exhaustion and started to search for another way to live.  My chap sold his sports car, bless him! I handed back the keys to Brenda BMW and handed my notice in.  They said what are you going to do Liz???? I said I’m going to find myself & do yoga!!!

They thought I’d lost it.

I felt like I’d found it!

I remember that day clearly….. Driving away in my new (old) car not knowing what would happen or how hard it would be, crying happy tears at my new found freedom ??

The month after I left me & my chap were going on a trip to Mexico to attend a personal development event & take part in my very first firewalk! ?

I still love to firewalk and have done it many times since, I have also learnt how to fire tend at events which I love to do in the now.

At the time I was involved with an American company selling personal development products and trips to spiritual places around the world.  I was so innocent at the time & saw this as a kind of non religious religion of people who believed in law of attraction and could manifest their dream life.  I didn’t realise it was network marketing and after investing tens of thousands ( including remortgaging our house) the company went bust!  I was devastated and felt lots and lots of fear surrounding my security and how I would even get by in life….

As well as the Mexico trip another great thing came from this experience, in 2010 we got to go on an amazing and totally life transforming expedition to Peru and spent a week with the Shamans.  To me this was priceless so I was able to let go of the perceived “mistakes” I had made and make peace with this whole process.  ?

I had learnt so many things along the way, at this time in my life I was sharing regular video blogs & inspiration and started to get coaching enquiries coming through naturally.  The universe & the Angels were definitely guiding me.  I created an online show called the pioneers of positive change and interviewed well known spiritual teachers from all over the world.  I was manifesting lots of magic! ?

I had become known as Liz Green the Law of Attraction Queen & had lots of lovely people from all over the world following my magical manifesting.  I was feature in the newspapers, interviewed on BBC radio, invited to do lots of talks and being pushed to show up and shine.  It was a really exciting time but also a really scary time. Outwardly everything looked magical, inwardly I was really scared for my security in life as I’d got so many debts from my previous investments it all felt so overwhelming and ungrounded.  My health was also starting to show signs of my inner struggle as the dis…..ease I manifested started to show up more and more.

Once again I found myself living that double life, like an actress in a film I still didn’t like!  I felt I had to wear a happy mask and be positive all the time.  I was off balance & so was my body.

During a big Law of Attraction event in London I was totally floored as I experienced the worst episode of Menieres “attack” I’d ever had.  There was no hiding it now! My shit was out there for the world to see, I couldn’t hide the shadow side anymore.

Over the next 3 years I was up and down, I kept going, kept sharing, kept coaching as and when I could but life simply couldn’t carry on like this.  I was doing a lot of vibrational clearing and cleaning, learning lots of new techniques and taking lots of certifications and courses.  EFT, Reiki, access consciousness, breath work & rebirthing, ho oponopono, shamanism, contrast to clarity and the list goes on.

I’d set the intention to heal myself and along the way started to support others to heal from the inside out too.

It was a magical yet difficult journey.  During this time we also had lots of money worries and fears coming up which just added to the weight of the world I was carrying around.  It’s hard to be smiley when there’s this much shit ??

My sunshine girl served me well, bless her.  We kept going and trusted the process.  I was journalling, praying, tapping, clearing, purging and getting out into nature whenever I could.  Yoga, swimming and mountain biking helped!

Our house was up for sale during this time and that felt stuck too.  We couldn’t keep up to the financial chains we’d created from when I used to have my old job.  We had decided to downsize.  The estate agents said we were downsizing our property I kept saying I was upsizing my life. I knew something amazing was on its way!

We didn’t know where we would go or what we would do.  All I knew was it had to happen, the house had to sell to free us up and allow the next stages of my life journey to unfold.  After lots and lots of clearing surrounding the stuckness of the house it sold! Full asking price and two offers within one day, after two years of nothing ! Talk about divine alignment.  ?

Anyway, long story short ( as you can read more about this in my first book ‘Connect with your inner truth & everyday magic’ ) we moved to a delicious little holiday style cottage in the country which is where I birthed the aforementioned book.  That’s where I am typing this here from today.  Sat in my lovely little attic room listening to the wild winds outside.  It’s a totally magical place to live and I have a whole community of friends and support around me.  Including lots of animals too!  Our neighbour has alpacas, chickens and sheep in the field next to our garden, it feels like my very own little piece of Peru~Yorkshire ?

I spent the first few years here focusing on my healing journey and regaining my inner and outer balance.  We magically manifested our first dog, magical milo the labradoodle, a bargain basement doodle from the adoption centre in the next village. Our fur family felt complete with Levi & Lloyd our cats as well ?

& so began a phase of my life I like to call nature nurture.  Urpichay pacha mama! Thank you for your healing vibes Mother Earth ?

As I’m an inspired action taker I couldn’t sit and not do anything so decided to volunteer for a local radio station which was great fun and I learnt so much.  I also started walking dogs for other people in the village as well as continuing with my coaching and writing.

Life felt a lot more simple and much easier even in the midst of a scary dis….ease.  I felt really supported and things started to ease.

That said this last few years has still been a roller coaster ride as my chap took redundancy in 2015 bringing up all my insecurities to the surface.  Once again I tuned in each day, cleared the crap and trusted the process.

I have such a huge vibrational backpack filled with so many vibes clearing techniques as well as all the ones which come naturally, it’s a daily process which I am totally committed to.  This is what I encourage my clients to do too.

We can do this SiStars ?

So here in the now moment I find myself relaunching my coaching business, refining my shine ? I’ve launched the SHINE SiStarhood, Clarity Coaching packages, recorded SHINE SiStar SHINE free video program and intend to share lots lots more.  I am being called to create more online programs as well as balancing my offline life with women’s meet ups and plenty of shamanic drumming and attending retreats that I love and know nurture me and fill up my cup so I can serve from my saucer.  I am also in the midst of writing my second book which is called ‘Shitology’ ~ when life throws you shit turn it into manure and grow something beautiful! ??

Angels I am open to this magical flow and I am ready! ?

Are you?


 Btw I LOVE Yogi tea too!