💫🌈⭐️The 7 Day Chakra SHINE ⭐️🌈💫

The Chakras are the 7 spiritual centres of the body, when blocked or closed off we can experience difficuties and contrast in relation to what they each represent.  When our Chakras are balanced and flowing, each giving off their vibrant energetic rainbow glow then we glow too as do our worlds around us

Sooooo lovely, if you’ve been feeling blocked or stuck in certain areas of your life it’s likely there’s some grime to transform into SHINE

Maybe you have been feeling insecure surrounding life level stuff like money, security, safety and feel you can’t trust the flow of life, this relates to your Root. ❤️

Or it could be a feeling of being blocked creatively or not experiencing sexual and sensual pleasures of life, this relates to your Sacral. 🔥

You may have been feeling powerless in certain situations of your life, feeling you don’t have the wisdom to move forward, this relates to your Solar Plexus. 💛

Maybe you feel a lack of love or are struggling to heal your life in some way, this relates to the Heart.  💚

Or it could be communication issues and struggles speaking your truth or voicing who you really are, or maybe you find life hard to swallow, this relates to the Throat. 💙

Would you like to have more spiritual awareness, feel more connected and de~calcify your third eye? 💜

Maybe you would love to have a new found sense of spiritual connection and support from your spirit guides, your crowning glory.😇

We will be covering all of this and then some, I know how it feels to hold blocks like this from within your body, I’ve been there too lovely, it can lead to frustration, fears, sadness, tensions, lack of enthusiasm, stuckness, feeling blocked and never seeming to be able to get past the cycles which keep you feeling shit 💩 small and not good enough 😢

Are you feeling it’s time to change?

I’ve got just the thing your inner spirit has been calling for!  The Angels led you here 😇

💫⭐️🌈The 7 Day Chakra SHINE 🌈⭐️💫

Here’s what’s included:

1 dedicated Chakra SHINE video per day delivered direct to your inbox.  Each session relating your different levels, starting base Chakra upwards, balancing your whole system.  We will use visualisation alongside Emotional Freedom Technique and lots and lots of magic along the way 🔮


Affordable 1 off payment of £77 or 2 part Installment plan, payable via PayPal using the best option for you 🌟


Its as easy as that!  This is an online video program which will be delivered direct to your inbox as soon as you sign up, you can start right away & go through each of the 7 chakra’s at your leisure, that said I do recommend finishing all 7 videos though, your Chakra’s will be shining like never before, in fact I bet you can hear them singing right now!


💫⭐️🌈Chakra SHINE here we come !! 🌈⭐️Time investment ~ 30 minutes per day, per Chakra, or as much as you feel.  All videos will be sent to you direct via email so you can watch and clear when the timing is right for you

Financial investment ~ £77 total ( Only £11 per Chakra ) or 2 monthly payments of £42

Energy investment ~ Intend to connect with your Chakras, clear the grime and SHINE, you can do this SiStar 🙋🏻

Value?  Priceless!  This process could completely change your life, if you are open to it.  At the worst you are going to feel a whole heap better & start to see magic & flow in your life and yourself.

This 7 day process is ready & waiting for you.

Be super shiny fast lovely ladies! Yes this ones for the ladies only….  This magic simply has to happen to support our evolution of divine feminine here on earth, as Elvis would say it’s now or never 💃🏻

Can you hear your Chakra’s singing?


if not now when? if we keep doing the same things with the same vibration nothing will change…. It’s time to change from the inside out…..

Yes Liz I’m ready!  As soon as you confirm payment check your inbox (spam too just in case) You will be sent your welcome mail & then your first day shortly after…..  Enjoy!

Pay in full £77 ( SAVE £7 ) click the image below

Pay in 2 instalments of £42 ~ click the paypal button below

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I am super excited to welcome you!

Big hugs

Liz ❤❤❤